Oxygen saturation level!!!

Oxygen saturation level!!!

Does oxygen saturation vary in lying and sitting position? I find my oxygen saturation 97% to 98% while Standing or seating. but while in bed or lying position it goes to 94 to 96%. is this normal? anyone have this experience. I have shortness of breath, & treating with seretide accuhaler & some other medicine. as my bronco provocation test came positive with 61% lung capacity. though x-ray & other test were normal.

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Unless your blood oxygen levels fall to below 89% at rest then there is no problem. Even then it is not a worry but just worth making a note. If it drops that low regularly your Doctor's will recommend you are assessed for oxygen treatment. Regards Rib

Your sats sound very good to me sharifularch, and also your other results, just follow all the good advice given on the site re keeping fit and exercising etc. and you should be OK

My upright is 57% and my flat is 45% lung function I have RLD and a paralysed Diaphragm. I was given Seretide before they found RLD and then consultant told me it would not work now?

Lying flat is going to affect the way the lung function as they rely on negative pressure.

Inhalation is created by the dome shaped muscle, the diaphragm, flattening out. The diaphragm also seals the bottom of the cavity (the plural cavity) that contains the lungs.

As the diaphragm flattens out, it increases the volume of the pleural cavity. As the cavity increases in size, the same amount of gas that was in your lungs/cavity a moment ago does not increase and you have the same amount of gas filling a larger cavity which decreases the pressure as compared to barometric pressure.

As a result, you don't pull air in, air is actually pushed into lower (negative) pressure inside of your lungs by the area of greater pressure that is outside of your lungs.

So when your organs are sloshing about when flat it will affect results.

Be Well

Hi Offcut, I was really impressed by the knowledge you have in your reply you really get the problem, wish you could explain what is happening to me as non of my medics seem to know !!

(you have probably seen a few of my posts) gallons of clear or white mucus on a daily basis, I seem to drag it from my diaphragm and the back of my nose, it is ruining my life, the next step medically is I am being sent by ent to have a recorder up my nose into my stomach I think to record acid levels ?? yet I have been told by gastro I dont have much reflux, I am totally confused and miserable, this site is brilliant for answering so many unanswered worries but this one is a joke ( not) thanks , stay well xx

I used to suffer terrible white clear slime in the morning which would be bought up after a coughing bout. In my case it was cured with Peptic liquid. I do have Reflux a long with lots of different problems. I find my nose runs while eating too. I used to suffer terrible sinus problems but not in the same way now so not 100% sure if I have just got used to it.

I may well be wrong as I am an avid reader of medical thesis. I do not fully understand all the techi jargon but one thing I am sure of is they do not all agree. Sometimes it is because they do know better but sometimes they will not look in another direction? My GP would not acknowledge I had a lung problem and blamed it all on my heart conditions. Even though I had told them I had a history of lung problems most of my life?

I would say though from your stats they are not a thing I would worry about they are more like a smoker or maybe someone from central London or a major inner city living, or a crop farmer?

Be Well

Hi Offcut, You are so right, I was a heavy smoker hence the COPD , Im not a crop farmer lol , and the docs dont look beyond the COPD sometimes its like "serves you right you should never have smoked" !! it infuriates me I have a small lung cancer that has been treated with ST radiotherapy and so far so good, he actually once said to me it wont be the cancer that kills you it will be the COPD I was horrified and terrified , but hey Im so determined I will somehow get shut of this mucus plaque or at least lessen it, just keep on looking,

Stay Well xx

That is interesting that you're 57% upright and only 45 flat as I am better lying down than sitting up.

That is mainly because of the paralysed Diaphragm. I lose the help of gravity pulling my lungs down.

Many many thanks, All my friend here, Though my oxygen saturation is normal..so why i fell always a shortness of breath even taking after all the medication? is it possible a shortness of breath with normal oxygen saturation?


This has some useful info and it does mention not breathing to your potently better breathing pattern.

Hi Offcut, Thanks for the link.

You are very very active in this group.& respond to all very quickly....Again thanks..

Your sats are very good and you must be doing something right. I shouldn't worry about the very small differences. It's when they drop into the 80's it's time to worry. x

I agree with coughalot. Your sats are very good. Put away your oximiter and stop worrying.

Interestingly, my sats go UP when I lie down! No one can tell me why. Am on oxygen 24/7.

If I had your sats I would be dancing the night away with joy!

Maybe it is opening the airway a little more bringing in more O2?

thank you all for many reply!!!

with those readings of 97%&98% sates your more than healthy. oxygen wise . If I had those readings I'd be dancing the night away with Happyfeet59 ....\o/ \0/ \0/ woohoo no worries

94% and above for oxygen levels is absolutely nomal.

Many many thanks, All my friend here, Though my oxygen saturation is normal..so why i fell always a shortness of breath even taking after all the medication? is it possible a shortness of breath with normal oxygen saturation?

I want to know the oxygen level that's acceptable for my organs saturation at rest and activity.

Both during in & rest it is fine if the oxygen saturation is within 95% to 99%. What is yours? it is acceptable till 90 %.

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