Benefits of zinc

I have bought some supplements: vitamin C and zinc.

I wasn't very clear on the benefits of zinc, so I looked it up. it's seems quite a good booster for the immune system. As we are in autumn, and people will start to cough shortly (!), I wanted to make sure that I don't suffer this autumn and will avoid hospital.

Here's an article about zinc

this particular bit interests me, because I have a low white blood cells count. If I see my haematologist, I shall ask about it.

"Zinc deficiency profoundly affects the immune system because low zinc produces a direct and rapid decline in T cell function. T cells elevate the body’s immune system when viruses, bacteria, or challenges to health arise. Older people are at greater risk of zinc deficiency, which is not thought to be solely due to poor dietary intake. There’s evidence that a need for more zinc may increase with age to counter inflammation, support the immune system, and ensure healthy cell function."

It looks good!

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  • That's it I'll have to go shopping!!! I think zinc comes in strawberries too, and plenty of vit C in the cooking apples and Blackberries I'm going to bake a crumble! :) huff xxxx

  • I thought heat destroys Vit c. No? Anyone know?

  • True, I think some is left, though; don't know which quantity.

    Mind you, I'll be there for the crumble!

  • And me I'm off to buy some if it helps. I'm not very up on what's in what we eat a lot of oranges and grapes in my house.

    Kim xxx

  • Yeah, Kimmy, oranges and grapes are full of Vitamins, not just C. I can eat oranges in small doses; I find them difficult to digest. But I love grapes in all colours, red, black or green.

    In the morning, I put in my cornflakes some raisins- I saw it contains boron, but I can't remember what boron is for!!! I also add unsalted cashew nuts; they are less marked in taste than the bug nuts and full of proteins. All that in whole milk not semi skimmed.

  • Yep. I'm feeling dodgy at the moment. Sore throat, sneezing, tight chest. Time to get to Boots or Tesco for my effervesant Vit C with Zinc.

    In the meantime, echinacea drops & ordinary Vit C as well as my daily multi Vit & mineral. Lots of fluid too.

  • I suppose there must be zinc in your mutli minerals, and vits; check the bottle! (Don't die of an overdose!!!)

  • Ha, I've got my vitamin bible Michael. It tells me the pros, cons and the RDAs xx

  • oh my goodness! Take the vits, wish l knew when my hubby here.

    Any one remember thread over flu jabs?

    cos l am so low with grief, was adviced, as l keep going on public transport and getting colds, take Vit C and Zinc. I was a carer so l no lm not in the places of most of those on this site but when hubby still here you helped and still are!! Night everyone, my hope is you all get some rest. xxxxxx

  • Poor Rocket. I wish you well. I hope the zinc can help. I've heard it from a member here ... last year. It took me that long to realize I should act on it. I did act on Vit D; that seems to do me good.

    Yeah, if you you go on public transport, you get thise who sit behind you who cough in your neck! I've done it once, the fellow in front not pleased at all!

    Wrap yourself with love. Take care, Mic.

  • Yes, take anything extra you can Mrs Rockett. You'll be very vulnerable to catching stuff while you're feeling low. A good vitamin & mineral, Vit C+zinc for a boost when you feel lousy! Vit D for this winter at least..... I get all my Vits from Healthspan, free postage.

    All the very best to you xx

  • Thanks Peeg and Helingmic, will do! Of to bed now, in hope of 3rd night of sleep in 3 months. Funny thing is lm more tired for 2 nights sleep.

    Good night and both take care xx

  • Hi guys - don't forget it is buy one get one half price on everything in Holland & Barratt. The cost of these beneficial supplements can soon add up!

    Kindness to all

  • Holland & Barratt are very expensive, even their special offers aren't cheap. I use Simply Supplements who are slightly cheaper than Healthspan but offer an equally wide range of different vitamins. Saves £s on high-street prices.

  • I usually buy firm Chemist Direct. Compare prices if you like.

    I bought some cod liver oil with Vit D for £2.45

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