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I have copd and they found a mass on my lung so waiting for a biopsy and terribly frightened ,

I am new to this site and have mild copd but a few months ago my breathing got so much worst and just have been coughing all the time for the last 2 months . Has Anyone had the same thing as me with a mass growing on the right lung ? Vey scared about the biopsy and outcome of this . Please someone answere me.

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Hello and welcome.

I'm not an expert and haven't any experience of this, but I do know how frightened you can get. So ring the BLF help line they are brilliant and experts and can help you.

Good luck

Kim xx

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Hi there Otto, I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I cannot really help you, but it may be helpful for you to you to speak to the nurses at the British Lung Foundation to find out about the biopsy procedure, what your findings mean etc. You will find the number by clicking the red ballon above. They will call you back. Good luck and welcome to the site: you will find lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people here. I wish you all the best, take carexxx

Welcome Otto. Please do as others have advised, and call the BLF nurses. It's the unknown that adds to the uncertainty and that increases our worry. The nurses will be able to talk you through things.

Good advice from everyone so far otto so please take that advice and ring the BLF help line. They have experts on there who can and will do their very best to reassure you and try and allay any fears you may have. God bless you. xxxx

Good Afternoon Otto - I cant offer you any more advice that you have been given. Try not to worry - though I imagine that is almost impossible. Sending you lots of love and hoping that the helpline will be able to help you xxx

Hello otto, good advice from everyone, the BLF help line is 03000 030 555 with very friendly nurses who will talk things through with you. The biopsy will not last long and should not be too uncomfortable, try not to worry, I had half my left lung removed 42 years ago and I am still here !.. and actually in better health now with better treatment these days.

Coughing and feeling unwell is usually a sign of infection, I hope you have your biopsy soon so you are not worrying unduly and get the right treatment for the cough.

best wishes,


Hi otto, I can't say anymore than everyone else apart from U'll get great support on here, keep in touch and take care x Sonia x

I had this happen to me in February this year and had the lump removed. Until they did a test they did not know what it was. It turned out to be Aspergillas which I know caused a great deal of interest from the staff as it is not known how on earth I had got it. Anyway I am doing fine now. my Breathing is still rubbish but I don't seem to be getting as many infections as I was before and my weight which I lost seems to be going back on at last.

I know it is scary when they say lump or mass but 9/10 times it turns out to be something they can do something about.

Why not try and contact your consultant who can reassure you.

I will say I was treated extremely quickly so hopefully you wont have long to wait. I was treated at Guys and they were great so good luck to you and best wishes.


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