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swollen stomach!

I have had a swollen stomach for months,Its a nightmare as I am not a big person and never had a big stomach in my life, now I can't get my clothes to fit and walk around with buttons and zips undone..I am on strong dueretics and have even tried tabs for flatulence, but its beginning to really get me down as its interfering with my breathing!

Does any one else have this problem? Do you think its connected to Emphysema?Any advice gladly received ..

My ct scan showed a cyst on my Kidney and Gall stones, can this be the problem ,do you think?

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I have the same problem, they say as you get older this happens to most people but I think ours is different. It drives me mad, it interferes with my enjoyment of eating! Seriously though could it be any of the medication we take, oh I give up she says sittin in an old pair of baggy trousers xx

This is different from weight gain hun, its hard and swollen and the dr has given me ramprazole and drinks to clear the bowel ,but its still hard and swollen, its really getting me down..Must be the meds..Thanks anyway xxxx

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Haven't really got a clue porche. But I do know a swollen stomach can be an indication of illness so I think you should make an appointment with your gp for further investigation. x

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Seen g.p hun and he's as concerned as I am ,I just dont want any more tests.He thinks its fluid and have upped dueretics but they have made no difference..Ppl look at me strange 56 yr old pregnant lol ..Thanks anyway xxx

Yer is normal to have barrel chest .. Thats propper term

Yer some foods you eat can make it worse .. thay say if its air from lungs will disburst over few days

But will never go away ... same happens with me YER i cant bend over as winds me DEFO is a pain

I have had it mths,its really getting me down..I have tried cutting out wheat and different foods but its so swollen its not normal lol..

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Hi yer sorry ya having such trouble a know myself is defo not nice

thats what gets me about my belly BUT i know if ya genrally gaurded about being banged init .. it cant be good av told my doc's that a can lose waght but belly still grows

but all thay say to me is your guts are not that big

A dont think they tell us 1/4 of whats happing to us

Hi Porche, do you take steroids? Regular use of steroids can cause weight increase which will reduce as soon as they are stopped. Hormone therapy can also cause weight increase around the waist. :)

I developed a pot belly a decade or two ago. I eat that little that I have liquid food supplement prescribed. I weigh 8 and half stone and don't drink beer etc because of the opiates. It is depressing. I hate people thinking that I am fat and booze.

During a recent hospital stay they took an xray because they were concerned at the size of my distended belly and low weight. I had a tube inserted into my stomach. They released so much trapped air that I lost count after third day. 14 litres. I don't know the cause but I put it down to gulping for air and the meds I need. Needless to say that after discharge my belly soon began to distended again. Rib


Now this sounds like me! I have fortijuice as I eat very little.I dont drink gassy liquids and can't eat much due to distended belly..The dr gave me laxatives and laxido to see if it would make a difference but I am still like a pot bellied pig..Not nice...Thanks for the advice...Laura x

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I truly despair some days Laura. Oversized lungs pushing down on my stomach. A solid bowel pushing up. A huge 40 in waist on a body that before hand was a mere 30 in. Drink juice and black coffee and a couple of litres of water per day. Last coke I drank was in the fifties. What the hell, I can't live with a rials tube down my throat into the stomach. Rib

Any abdomen that is swollen and hard is not normal. I see that you don't want any further tests but this problem is clearly causing you both physical and emotional distress. I'm not aware of your reasons and it is none of our business but clearly this situation is not improving for you. If it is fluid they may be able to drain some of it off to give you some relief. If it's interfering with your breathing then that would indicate an increase in abdominal pressure.

I hope that you get some relief soon.


Dr phoned and wants to see me in the morning, thank goodness.They checked for fluid in hospital and gave me another diuretic as well as furosemide ..I think its air as ribvanray suggested.Thanks for the advice..Laura x

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I am not surprised to hear you say that. I was admitted with Sepsis and the rial tube and belly xray were looking for a source of infection or a tumour. The xray ruled out the later. They hoped to sample some fluid from my stomach but only got gases. It is a sealed system and the collection bag is transparent so fluid would have been seen at a glance. They achieved zero mls. Every time the nurse arrived with a syringe to draw off the collection she measured the volume of gas.

It could be the meds but I would have thought that the hospital would have been aware of that possibility rather than days of hunting for the cause. As I can't obtain food and drink for myself my intake is known to the gram. I usually manage about 400 grams on a good day. Lots of fluids because of the oxygen mask causing constant dry mouth. Rib

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My nurse is certain its gases,as the Morphine has messed me all up.I cant wait for scans to see what it is as I am so fed up now.Poor you are going through the wars as well.I wish you all the best Rib.Keep me posted x

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Thanks Laura I will. I hope your scans lead to a positive resolution. If it is opiate related then I will just have to put up with it.

I must try and figure out how to send Private Messages. Then I can swap the odd bits of more confidential gen. Regards Rib

All you do is go to green bar at top, click on your user name..A box will open with a number off options and one of them will say messages..Click on messages and a page will appear.You then click on red compose box on the left side it will say who you want to send the message to.For example if its me just put in porche and type your message..

I am just showing off, I didn't have a clue! Huggs bless her, showed me how to do it haha. She is a great girl ...Regards Laura x

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Hi Porche,

It definitely sounds like fluid to me, as it is quite often happens with your condition. You need to see the doctor about it, and if the diuretics are not shifting it, then it can be drained off to make you more comfortable.

I know you don't want to go to your GP probably, but he has to realise how badly this is affecting you. I don't want to scare you, but it will no go away on its own and will eventually put other organs under pressure. So the sooner you see about it, the better. You will feel a lot more comfortable with the fluid drained off. Please for your own sake, see about it now. Good luck, and take care. hugs xx


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I have two strong dueretics now hugs,perhaps your right, I am having trouble breathing with it and over the mths I seem to be getting bigger and I eat very little..I have nutritional drinks from the hospital, but it seems to me when you are in gold stage Emphysema, they give you everything you need at home and let you get on with it when your in the latter stage of the disease..Thanks huggs you always give me good advice xxx

Hi Porche,

I really feel for you in your situation. Did you see the doctor, if you didn't, or the double diuretics don't work, then please see him/her again, as it is vital this fluid is dealt with. It will impact on your breathing, so don't let things get any worse. Even if you have to go to A&E. I know you will not want this, but you might get relief quicker.

You are welcome for the advice, and feel free to contact me any time. I hope the fluid starts to dissipate soon.

hugs from Huggs xxx

Thanks Huggs,I take on board what you say.I have app in morning.You are my agony aunt lol xxxx

You are welcome, and its no bother at all. This is what the site is for, to help and support when we can. Let me know how you get on with your appointment, and remember and tell the doctor everything! ( sorry for sounding like an old mother hen!)

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx

Will do sweetheart, and thanks once again xxx

Hi Porche oh boy I do so sympathise with you its so unpleasant and uncomfortable.I suffer with a swollen tummy but mine is not permanently firm.I suffer with trapped wind and as soon as food passes my lips my tummy reacts immediately and is very firm makes breathing quite difficult I really hate it.I chew windeeze like their going out of fashion but dont help very much.I also now avoid certain foods ,white bread ,rice,gravy granules and the list grows.I wish I could say do this or take that but I cant.Have you asked your doc if the cysts and gall stones can do this or can you check on line re symptons of both of those conditions?Sorry to be completely useless with no answers for you and I understand you not wanting tests but you might just have to bite the bullet and have some,at the very least have a chat with your doc eh? Goodluck let us know how you go. Just thought are you regular in the bowel department coz this can definitely cause a firm tummy,you could have a hardened backlog and only getting rid of the over flow so never emptying your bowel properly .I had this along time ago and when i was shown my xray my bowel was bulging doc said he'd never seen such an overload ,arnt i the lucky one lol.Worth a thought maybe,I lost a significant amount of weight when all was released! which makes me wonder if I might be backing up again if you know what I mean :D .What a lovely conversation.Im going now see you soon Porche :) Janexx


You may be right Jane,I will see dr in the morning.He gave me Laxido and laxatives and suppositories,but they have made no difference, although I do have trouble passing wind..Omg what a conversation lol.On a more serious note,it really is getting me down and I waddle like a pregnant woman.Its really hard when you can;t breathe..I googled it and tried all the rolling from side to side and other things ppl have suggested and now I am at a loss..

Thanks for the advice and hopefully I will have an answer tomorrow,I think you could be right ..Thank you Laura xx had the same problem for about 4 years now, porche, I tend to think that it is through damage caused by coughing too hard to bringup mucus. I know I have an umbilical hernia and suspect a hiatus one too, I inflate instantly and look 9 months pregnant (not good for a man), after bending or any exertion. But unlike most I find that it also happens if I don't eat, eating normally relieves the problem. Nobody seems all that interested, maybe because I am 74,. good luck in finding a cure :)

Aww Dukes,its horrible isnt it?I have tried everything to relieve the problem but I am determined to find some answers and not be fobbed off any more..I can't bend down the best of times to put my shoes on as I am fighting for breathe ,this stomach is really getting me down.

I have had ramaprazole from the dr for the reflux I am getting with it now.It doesnt matter how old you are 74 is classed as young in this day and age..Take care and thanks for the reply xx

Hello Porche296, sorry you are uncomfortable with your stomach swelling. If you have gallbladder stones it could be causing strain on your liver and the liver can make the stomach swell with what they call ascites. I would think a cyst on the Kidney would upset the bodies fluid balance which could also cause swelling ( oedema). You do need these things investigating more thoroughly , it could even be heart strain due to the Emphysema causing fluid retention, requiring a different diuretic. Hope this helps you look at your swelling in a different light.


Ascites was mentioned by the nurse,as I have cor pulmanale,right sided heart failure,I had a letter this morning for a kidney scan so maybe that will shed some light on it..Specialist gave me spironalactone dueretic to take with ferusomide but hasn't made no difference..I haven't had the cyst or gall stones seen to yet,so hopefully I will get to the bottom of the cause of it..I hope I don't stay like this as its not a pretty site..Thanks Katie much appreciated ..Laura x

Glad to hear you are being looked after, take care and hopefully it will improve when they get everything sorted x

Thank you Katie,they are sending me for a bowel scan eww.If thats what it takes lol xxx

Only consolation you have is they are covering all possibilities and a bowel scan should determine the cause of the swelling I presume so it can be treated correctly. Best Wishes xx

I had the camera many moons ago.very painful.Just the thought of them blowing me up with more air ouch..Fed up of scans last two showed Kidney cyst and Gall stones.I hope its something trivial and another med will sort it..I am trying to stay well for this op..Thanks Katie,stay well xxx

Many people have gallstones without ill effect, not sure about kidney cysts, but some of the ops for these things are done laprascope way these days without big surgery. Sadly scans are the modern way of investigation and some of the procedures are not very nice are they. I had my gall bladder removed by major surgery many moons ago, no trouble since so I guess the pain outweighs the long term benefit of no future pain. Stay well and take carexx

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I am not too bothered about the Gall stones, The cyst gives me cause for concern as I was on the chest ward and the renal docs came up to see me which I thought was unusual.I have now had a letter from them.

I had some cheese on toast earlier,big mistake,I am now gulping on Gaviscon..

I just want to stay as well as I can for this lung transplant.

Thanks for the advice Katie, you are lovely.I am having a guess, but was you a nurse before as your words are comforting..Stay well xx

DEar Laura if you are on diuretics and other tablets perhaps you are constipated and need to drink more. I know fluid retention is a problem but you need a certain amount to help keep the stools soft. Ask the DR. about fibogel to see if that helps in the short term. Sometimes I blow up like a balloon it is all around my middle and like you I look like I am pregnant. It generally constipation caused by the medication. I hope you find a simple answer to your problem best Wishes Ireene

Thanks Ireene,maybe it is the meds and I have to put up with it..There seems to be a few ppl with the same problem..Its really getting me down when it pushes up into my ribs and I cant breathe..I don't eat much due to this.x

How frustrating for you,I do feel for you.Please go along with what the Doctor wants done,you really need to get to the bottom of this( excuse the pun,lol!)

You really don't need any other problems,you have so much to put up with,at such a young age,I do admire you,

Hugs& love Wendells xxxx

Firstly I love being called young at 56 lol Keep it up..It really is frustrating, and if I knew what to do I would .I stopped dairy for a while, to see if that was the problem,Then I stopped wheat and tried herbal teas,but its there.I have no idea as to why my tum has grown so big when I was the opposite last year.I dont eat much as I constantly feel full, and if I do eat my stomach swells more.

I think I will invest in some maternity clothes lol ..Thanks Wendells xxx

Hi Porche, do you take steroids? Regular use of steroids can cause weight increase which will reduce as soon as they are stopped. Hormone therapy can also cause weight increase around the waist. :)

Hi Porche, do you take steroids? Regular use of steroids can cause weight increase which will reduce as soon as they are stopped. Hormone therapy can also cause weight increase around the waist. :)

Hi Porche, do you take steroids? Regular use of steroids can cause weight increase which will reduce as soon as they are stopped. Hormone therapy can also cause weight increase around the waist. :)

Hi Porche, do you take steroids? Regular use of steroids can cause weight increase which will reduce as soon as they are stopped. Hormone therapy can also cause weight increase around the waist. :)

I don't take hormone therapy Sir James,but have been on steroids for mths ,doses have fluctuated and now down to 2 a day..When I stopped steroids stomach stayed the same..I have app with dr later and see what he thinks for the forth time.They give me drugs and tell me come back in cpl weeks..I have been doing this for the past year..x

Maybe try Indian brandee. Not alcohol ... its old fashioned remedy I swear by for stomach problems. It moves things like nothing else. The hugest burps or swift loo trip happen. Worth a try. Hope it helps X

Hi again Julie,Where do I buy this..? xx

Well...I find this is probably another victim of big business forcing regulations! An age old recipe snuffed out! Have searched and searched and not available as discontinued. Active ingredients are capsicum rhubarb and glycerine that act powerfully together. Will ask my herbalist if she can do similar and let you know. So sad and makes me angry that pharmacy and regulators wield such power.


Oh there's a shame!! Keep me informed and hopefully herbalist can help us out xxx

Hi again Julie,What would you suggest for trapped wind!? I really am in a bad way with this tum ...xx

Maybe peppermint. Liquorice. Glycerine. Bicarb. Have a Google. Do hope you get some relief. Wonder if a colonic could be done...clears out bowel. X if you prefer me with your address I can send some Indian branded I still have. X

Hello juliekkay. Can I ask where do you buy Indian whiskey from?

See above answer. X

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Hi juliekkay. That's a shame! Thanks for responding.X

Many many thanks for the Brandee Julie,that was so thoughful and kind of you..Well I will say I love the taste of it and I did belch a few times which eased the flatulence side of things.I am definitely on the look out for it.

My nurse said liquorice,ginger and peppermint all really good for the tum..I ate some ginger nuts last night and had the worse indigestion ever lol

Once again thank you for trying to help. i am off to the health shop next week and see what they suggest as well..Thanks hun big hugs xxxx

take the bottle with you ... maybe you can then find similar to the brandee by mixing ? Glad you burped ,,, always a good sign. x

I will do, thank you sweetie..I love the taste its something I could get addicted to lol.It made me burp which does help.It also eased my chest its like a warm feeling,its a shame its discontinued..cheers Laura xxx

HI Porche,

You have done it again! Put your email address up for the whole world to see! If you want to exchange information and addresses then it is much safer to pm each other.

As I said before it is probably fluid which you have got due to your multiple problems, which as Katie said is called ascites. This is a sterile straw coloured fluid, and does need medical intervention soon. As I said, it can be drained off to make you more comfortable. Good luck.

hugs from Huggs xxxx

Bliming heck Huggs,I am glad I got you to keep me in check!! I am a dumbo at times..What does pm mean lol you know I am a dragon...Anyway deletion completed..My stomach huge tonight I am sat on the oxygen at moment as its pushing right up in my ribs..Dr wants me to have bowel scan now..Thanks again sweetie.Big hugs to Huggs lol xxxxx

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Hi Porshe, Ive been reading about your stomach problems, i have had this problem like you for many months now, this prevents me from doing normal daily things, as fell as if my lungs are being crushed, I have recently had problems with crushing in my chest and a feeling that i am being strangled my doc said it is poss that because there is so much air and no where for it to go, it is starting to come up over. I have been hospitalized because of this horrid scary feeling in my throat and neck, at the moment i am on 10 bottles of water a day for a week then have to go back to my doc. will keep you informed good luck

Thats exactly how I am and I too feel like my throat is closing up, but I put this down to my asthma kicking in as I can't breathe when my stomach swells to the extent I am scared to eat.

I have the nutritional drinks from the hospital, but even after drinking one of them I swell up.

Please keep me informed,and in the meantime I am going to try drinking lots water..Take care xx

i could write exactly the same as your post porsch,,, on water tabs 2=40mg frusemide, cyst on kidney [only have one lol] flatulence bad, my abdomen massive the last couple years, making breathing very difficult,,, i am quite a thin person really,, but nothing fits me now,, i had many tests done,, after about a year of scans, tests, xrays, etc etc. i asked my g.p what was causing this,,,, "i dont know" "but there,s nothing sinister there" was the answer!!.

so i can only imagine this must be to do with copd/emphysema,,, but find it quite a co-incidence that we both have these "cysts"?

but just one other thing i have a fused spine due to ankylosing spondulitis , but i have had this for years,

i havent read the answer posts yet, but will be very interested in what the replies are.

sorry i have not been of any help,porsch, but at least you know your "not alone"

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Hiya Jimmy, It seems there are a lot of ppl with this problem, and as long as the drs say its nothing sinister,we have to go away and be happy!!They are not the ones having to puff away when they walk and can't eat much..I have app at 10.30 so will let you know what he says .x

hi porsch, i was busy printing my other post [with one finger lol],, but your bang on,, they are not the ones that have to puff away,, and thats hard blinken work lol,, good luck with your appoint 10,30,,,,please dont be poffed off,, insist you want to know the cause and the cure,,,, best of luck porsch we,ll hear from you later, kind regards jimmy xxx

Phoned surgery,told them can dr ring me as I haven;t the puff or stamina to get there (to be honest I have been so busy writing to you all) time run away with me!!lol

Full panic stations,Asthma started kicking in and told them I can't rush as I can't breathe.Dr ringing me after surgery and if need be my nurse will call out to see me..

I like the preferential treatment lol.

I had letter from surgery about pallative care,My gp is taking care of me and I don;t have to make appointments any more which is great.Its a new thing where it stops admissions to hospital all the time, and they care for you at home..

Will let you know how i get on and hopefully give other ppl in the same boat some advice as to why we are all waddling around with big bellies.

Keep well and stay in touch . Laura x

I have the same problem. Eat hardly anything but boobs and stomach just keep on growing and breathing gets more and more difficult. If you find the reason for it I would love to know as our Docs here in France don't seem to think that it is a problem. Just don't know where to go next for some help.

I will treggy,Its really getting me down,I feel as if I have something thats latched on to me lol.x

having now read the answer posts, i must say i am glad this is being tested, or investigated. believe me i know how horrible/uncomfortable/ often painful this is, and the biggest worry is,,, this most definitely effects the breathing, i pray that you get some satisfaction, not to mention relief.

but as far as my abdomen distention, all that has been mentioned in the above posts, were mentioned to me,,,,then ruled out?

,, firstly ascitis, excess fluid,,then constipation, then "swallowing air" i had l.v.f [left ventricle failure] i remember the hospital doc saying that i had heart failure, which is NOT a heart attack, it just meant that" the heart was not pumping as it used to do",

i dont eat a lot, i dont drink, dont smoke, i have a catheter on [they said the distention would go down then,, but no,,,, i take laxido then switch to senna, so its not constipation, which they said it was, caused by painkillers.

they said the cyst on the kidney was "harmless" and was actually quite a common thing? and would not have been found if i hadnt had all these scans etc?

one thing they did find was when i had the colonoscopy "several scattered diverticla, spread over the colon",, and had diverticlitis written on my dis-charge sheet.

,i have had many lung infections, been treated with many steroids and anti-biotics, i often wonder if this has to do with it ...but really i have had no real answers, i am an oap, with end stage copd, i honestly wonder if they think im not worth anymore investigations!! maybe im wrong off course.

please keep us informed porsch, as apart from your own satisfaction/relief i would be most interested to know the cause of this myself as i can imagine the worry this is causing you.

good luck porsch, i hope you get to the bottom of things asap.

kindest regards ,,jimmy

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Hello again Jimmy,your reply is exactly what has happened with me,I had Diverticulitus many years ago and live out of a health shop,chewing on fig bars, eating bran in my mashed potatoes.

I too am in end stage Emphysema and awaiting a lung operation in Brompton in the very near future.The last time I was in hospital,they said its air,gas achillies due to rs heart failure,but I think they just tell you things to make you feel better in yourself.

I feel the same as you, because I am so ill, and in gold stage Emphysema, they have made my living room like a hospital ward and sort of said get on with it, there's nothing we can do now! Because my lungs are bad ,other things are taken as "a pinch of salt! as its not so serious.

I have had a letter for a Kidney scan next mth to see if there are any changes, and I am hoping after the op I will deflate lol.

I will keep you informed, in the meantime,good luck and hope you stay as well as can be.Big Hugs Laura x

hi porsh.. seems we have a few similarities,, hope you get somewhere.

unfortunately, the reason i haven answered, i have taken another bad turn,, so its back on the band wagon, doctor called friday,, 8 steroids a day and 7 days co-amoxiclav, so we will take it from there,,not at my best at the moment..., best regards jimmy xxxx

Aww Jimmy,I wish you a speedy recovery hunny.I am so sorry to hear you are ill..I am here if you need to chat poor you .Big hugs Laura xxxx

Hi Porsche, So sorry to hear you are so very poorly. I'm afraid I cannot offer any help on your condition, but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and really hope the g.p. will be able to offer some help and explanation. I notice you are always there for others so glad that others have been able to give some advice. Good Luck barnowl

Aww bless you hun, we are all in the same boat ,one way or another,The peeps on this forum are amazing and have been a great support to me,Its nice to know your not alone isnt it..

There is always someone worse off than yourself,but its a horrible disease to have,I hate it when my breathing goes, I feel so helpless..The drs have been amazing to me but not one of them can tell me why my stomach has swollen.They admit its not normal and there is something going on..

How are you Barnowl?I am here if ever you need to chat..Be warned I can talk a glass eye to sleep lol.I like ppl from all walks of life,and hate to see ppl suffering.Take care and keep smiling Laura xx

Hello, Laura, thank you for asking, I'm very well at the moment, so gives me time to listen to those who are not so well. I do sympathize with you about the swollen tummy, but mine was due to weight gain through not exercising and comfort eating I had discitis and the investigations showed up the emphysema as well, but that was 6 years ago and as I say, I feel so much better now. I do hope the doctor will be able to sort it soon.

Best wishes barnowl.

Thanks Barnowl.I am still like porky pig, hope they will sort it for me soon.It can be one of many things but for what I eat I should be like Olive oil lol.Take care sweetie xxx

Bless you all. I sympathise and at the moment have my gp checking me out. Same symptoms and sher terror because the symptoms fitted in with bowel cancer, but no bleeding and the fact that the NHS testing kit came back clear has made him decide to go down the path of diverticulitis. I am on antibiotics (which at least are getting rid of the sinus infection which has given me a bad head for four days) and we are waiting for two blood tests to come back

I gave SS andPH and have to keep a check on my fluid. I take furosemide. My main problem is that I eat very little but what I do eat goes through me fast and if I don't eat I get very bad wind pains, however this hS been going on for a long time and I am more inclined to lean to digestive problems. If I put 5lb on I can't breathe and my stomach does go up and down

I have had no bleeding or such , but just a hard stomach that is not normal..Years ago I had Diverticulitus but I spent 2yrs living out of a health shop ,with fig bars,bran and rabbit food..Never had any more trouble regarding that.May be its back I dont know.

Poor you, a sinus infection is nasty,my friend has that and it was so painful she was in tears.I think its fluid in my case, then I think its digestive,and then I think it must be something serious as its so painful at times and really really swollen and hard.

It may be fluid or it can simply be air I am baffled..I hope to find out soon..I am glad your bad head has cleared up,that is horrible to have ..Take care Laura x

Hi Porche,I don,t have similar symptoms,the opposite really.Have three hernias (incision) and seem to spend most of my life sitting on the toilet.However as you seem ,like me to have been on steroids a lot this year(been all year for me) I suggest asking for a liver function test.The symptoms sound like when I had liver problems.Hope you feel better soon?D.

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You have had a rough time of partner just said in the two years I have been with him I have been on steroids.Usually taking eight for a few days and weaning off only to be back on a strong dose the following week.I am stuck on 2 a day on the good days,but that don't last long as with out them my breathing goes down very quickly..

I will ask for liver function test, as I think you may be right..Thanks Farmer I appreciate it.Hugs Laura..

Remember the liver can heal if it needs help it will them self help. My brothers liver went from 17% to nearly normal in matter of months !

Remember the liver can heal if it needs help it will them self help. My brothers liver went from 17% to nearly normal in matter of months !

The liver function test is just a blood test so not too invasive.I,m going to try and get off the steroids altogether as I think I may have steroid myopia and I hate the damn things because I know they are addictive and I,ve been addicted to enough rubbish in my life already lol.Good luck.D.

I would love to come off them ,but when I try my breathing gets laboured,My skin is like a leather handbag, I only have to tap my skin and I have purple bruises..I feel in my daphne bush other day while hanging washing(well trying too) and one of the branches went in my leg.Darren(my boyfriend) took me to Minehead hospital I had butterfly stitches..Damn steroids are making my skin like tissue paper and it breaks easy..I hate the drug ,but they have kept me alive ..sleep well ,keep smiling x

Oops that,s steroid myopathy not myopia.Always getting my myo,s mixed up lol.My elbows are really suffering because I need to lean all the time ,have to get some skate boarders pads,make me look even dafter.Night night!.D.

I dont know what the difference is or what it means..I just know you are very ill..I could sew you some elastic straps with sponges in.Good Idea don't you think..

I had a lovely green tee shirt in post the other day..This site is amazing, I dont feel so alone and feel sorry for every one..Its not nice suffering..Sleep well Farmer and take care..x

Hii porche- I replied to 1 of your comments after being in hospital about 2 weeks ago. I meant to thank you for your kind remarks but I'd complications with internet connections. Anyway- I feel guilty adding to the huge list of good folk who've given you a lot of encouragement & advice. Just wanted to say, you sound pretty desperate to get this sorted & I do understand as my stomach is exactly as you described too. I thought it may be the fluid or 'ascites' discussed due to heart problems (with some bowel problems mostly due to all meds inc morphine & steroids like you).. Tho, oddly I was also told I've a simple cyst in the kidney too. My tum pushes up massively on the lungs & makes it so much harder to breathe. I'm stuck as to what to do, so do keep us all posted if you get any relief from anything. :) Keep your wee heart up.

I really hope you get sorted somehow & also get transplant ASAP. Big hugs- Claire

Aw you dont have to feel guilty hun..Bless you..I am just looking for answers to a problem I can't get sorted,and the gps are not interested in hospital as they are more interested in my chest (that sounds bad lol) Every time I have swollen legs or sore thumb its to do with the Emphysema..

As soon as I get answers I will keep you all posted..My stomach is swollen when I wake up now,before anything passes my lips, so I know it has to be something to do with either the Emphysema,cyst ,or gall bladder.

When I was in hospital I kept on about it,even having a joke with patients,but the drs just upped my dueretics saying its heart failure blah blah and thats it

Thanks for your lovely msg Claire I hope your ok,Keep in touch xxxxx

Gosh, it always seems to be late at night when I get to reply. Don't feel you've to reply to this, pet, as you've enough on your plate.

My tum has grown to huge size over last couple of years too- plus, like you, it's like this regardless of food/ drink. Sometimes I feel so queasy I cant eat/drink for full day (still nowhere near a size 12?!).

The Docs definitely do like to blame extra problems on existing chest/ heart issues etc. Just got date for heart angio/ catheterisation for Tues 19th Aug & dread idea (wanted to lose weight before?!). But I'm going to whine about swollen tum & ask them if heart issues could possibly make it so hard/ big... They're checking for cause of enlarged heart & possibly considering work on valves etc- again like you. You really do always lift my spirits,:) porche, so I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts. Hope you improve & take care Cxox

Hiya hun, well I have tried everything,from laxatives to changing my diet.I now wake up with it..I was so thin last year the hospital gave me fortijuice to drink to build me up.Now I have the opposite problem. and I eat very


Thank you for your msg , its nice to hear from you..I am going for a lie down as for some reason I have headache,too much 02 I think..Chat laters Keep smiling,Big Hugs xxxx

look on the computer for swollen stomachs, i did for my sister mentions the liver, took her to the er, hers is very swollen dr said as we get older we gain weight, she kept telling them it wasnt right! theres something wrong, went hone with no answers!!

I have always prided myself on my flat tum..Up until 2yr ago it seems to have inflated a bit each day lol...I take so many drugs I often wonder if its them and the docs wont tell you!!.

in all fairness my dr checks my stomach every time I see him, but never tells me what it is,just mumbles something or changes the subject. Still baffled as to what it could be.....

Hi Porche, sorry about your tum probs...I too have noticed mine is more bloated than before. I do not take steroids (only twice in last 3 years ) am lucky not to have heart or in fact any other health issues, but often have a pressing feeling under my ribs. I mentioned this to my consultant and he said see your GP as it is digestive. I was given tablets to reduce acid in tum ....but control it by what I eat.

...I was thinking maybe as you do not eat much your tum could be acidy and that causes swelling plus all the bran can bloat you....vicious circle really, you need the bran cause of the meds and you don't eat because of bloating.... one other thing too as we are not as active as before this illness maybe muscles that held the tum in are not used as much plus long lungs

are swollen up behind tum as well

Hope you find some answers and get relief soon

Hugs x

I am awaiting appointment for the hospital.I have ramprazole for acid reflux and as you said it is a vicious circle..

I am so fed up of it and will hopefully get it sorted soon..I saw the nurse this morning and she said most ppl with Emphysema,swell up due to the body working harder..

Thank you for the advice and will let you know the outcome lol.Take care and keep well Laura xx

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Hi Porche, I sent you a PM - private message re tum.... just click on your name in the BLF bar at the top xxx

Did you get my msg back hun?xx

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Yep :-D sent you another! xx

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Hi You guys - just found this site. And I know some will jump to 'nutter' but I'm a sceptic, too - so didn't believe, but was so desperate I thought with the rational that if someone ain't selling you summat - then maybe they're telling you the truth. Eh? So here goes

I have mild copd and the meds (or whatever) give me the same tum swelling, particularly if I dont chew my cabbage,or broccoli, cauli etc, really well... no sleep all night, knotted guts, preggers tum, wheezy breathing, belching and numb pressure pain just under the sternum. Cant cough to get the muck out, but several belches later the I clear the mucus lie down and I can actually feel it expanding again. Feel like I gotta f*rt but can't.... See, I KNOW.

Now try this:

1) An element of this could be acid reflux when you lie down.

(And I believe these antacid meds can cause this tum problem, too).

So if you're not on omeprazole (proton pump inhibitor) or ranitidine, (get someone to) raise the head of your bed 6 inches, keeps the acid down.

But this is the KEY bit:

2) Buy... not from me.. buy the best cheap juicer you can - (in the UK, Argos £40 one is fine, Cookworks KP60PD whole fruit juicer) and get a couple of kilos of carrots (Aldi cheapest, works for me), & leave them in the fridge overnight (cold is good). First thing in the morning, other than water (with your meds) you drink is 5/6 big carrots juiced. You dont need to peel & wash 'em, the skin etc is left in the juicer, not in the juice.

Organic is best, but as long as they're fresh it'll work. Do this every day for a couple of weeks and that tum will start to disappear. May loosen some stuff up down there too, but that's good.

If it works for you, you wont have to everyday - do it as necessary. If you're not keen on the carrot flavour (although you will be surprised at how nice it is IMO) you can add other hard fruit too - apples pears etc (avoid big stones). Sorry banana just goes into a sticky mess with this type. Just make sure you get that carrot juice that helps with the tum and acid reflux. Do NOT heat the juice as it will still taste ok but it goes acidic and may defeat the purpose.

Good luck,

PS make sure that lid is on the juicer properly or when the others find you, they'll think you're a Dutch football supporter...

Thank you for the advice,I have been drinking carrot juice for years,mainly for the beta carotene that is good for the lungs.I do have acid reflux,but they found I have Diverticulitis,and fluid.Ramprazole is helping a

PS A kilo of carrots will do 3 or maybe 4 cups full of juice so if you only do one cup a day in the morning it'll cost 2 kilos approx £1.40 a week (Sept 2014).

The only bad news is you don't want to leave the cleaning the juicer... otherwise you'll have hard work; straight away is easy, but a bit of a pain.

PPS dont add citric fruits or berries- you dont wan't acid.


DEFRA recommend that all carrots are peeled before consuming because of the build up of agricultural chemical residue being present in the skin. True organic carrots excepted.

Kind regards Rib van Rey.

I suffer from a swollen stomach it can stretch to 60 " and like you i am not a big person, i find this very distressing as it effects my breathing big time.which doesnt help with me having C.O.P.D so depressed about it. have tried everything. I also would appreciate any help, you are not alone love xx

Hi all. I am a new reader of your posts and my husband has severe Copd. He also has the belly problems so I have been searching for answers. Certainly can't get any answers from the Drs. Can I ask you all about steroids use? I know some of you said you haven't ever taken any but it sure seems to be a commonality between all of you. My hubby was left on them tooling and now can't get off of them.

Just wondering your thoughts.

My stomach is the same I don't eat much,and I am type 2 diabetes anyone would think I was pregnant,my weight won't go down, I also have a trouble with breathing

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