I will try again just finished my p r course and research for local uni.using a lung machine nearly gave up half way because I developed a cough and sputem and felt a lot worse than when I started.Had a test at uni and I had gone from fev1 66% to 83% so had cleared the sputem I didn't know was there. Not sure if it was the machine or p r course that gave the result as some people on the research did not have the lung machine.but I will carry on using it and keep fingers crossed.

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Is this the breath easy machine? The one where you have to inhale as fast and hard as you can for around 30 repeats, twice a day? If not, can you let me know which machine it was please? So happy that it worked for you!

Hi Nanny49 no its not the breath easy machine as I already had that and after a few goes stopped using it this was given to me by the university its called power lung and its from the U S A its got an inhalation dial setting 1 to 6 and an exhale control dial 1 to 3 which you can set independently. I think the web site is powerlung.com/contact/ just copied that from the leaflet hope it helps

Hi pompeylady - many thanks for that info. Have googled it and have just one further question. Which colour have you been using? I think the orange one looks about right but as they're not exactly cheap I don't want to make an expensive mistake when ordering. Thanks again.

Hi I didn't know there were different colours mine is bright lemon yellow.which the university gave me so I don't know if every one had the same colour in the trial.

I expect they gave me the yellow one as I had to use it at the same time as my PR course and I noticed the yellow one on web site says for people who do light exercise so I would think it would depend on your own fitness I do quite a bit of walking and look after my 5year old grandson who keeps me on the go

Thanks - will have another look now and try to figure out which one would best suit!

Wow going from 66% to 83% seems amazing. What is the machine you are using or talking about as I would sure like to give it a try.


Hope you can see my answer to Nanny49 there is also a facebook address www. facebook.com/powerlung/

Yes I can, thank you.

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