I have just started having the most terrible pains in my chest and up into my throat, mainly after waking up and moving around, I have never had pain like it. My pharmacist, who has COPD, tell me it is reflux and common with us sufferers, he has given me some meds, but stressed I go to the Doctor if my symptoms last more than a week. Does anyone else suffer, and what do you use?

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  • I also suffer from reflux, mine presented with the feeling of something stuck in my throat and a persistent cough.

    I was prescribed Omeprazole 20mg twice daily for the reflux and it has it completely under control, I have to ensure I take the capsules with food or on a full stomach though otherwise I suffer horrible nausea.

  • Did your cough go away. I have had a cough for 2.5 years and take the same meds as you but I still have the feeling of something in my throat and the cough-worse when I am trying to sleep or first thing in the morning. Now sleep propped up, which does help a bit.

  • I still cough a bit but that is down to the COPD not the reflux now. Every now and then I get flare ups of the reflux and it seem the treatment isn't working as well as usual, but that goes in a day or two.

  • Hi Daffy, i keep my omazeperole on the bedside locker as my GP told me they will only work on an empty stomach. I've been taking them first thing as ahe recomnends but noticed that the leaflet with the drug does not recommend this. Hmm !!!

  • exactly whay my Doc told me.

  • I also suffered reflux and take Omeprazole. I just thought I would mention that you shouldn't take any other indigestion remedy while you are taking it. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • So I was told but need to some times.

  • ri get it when eating certain hood mostly fatty stuff like chips and pies try to stay clear of fatty foods.

  • me too. I've cut out fats and acid food since an ulcer in 1980, that keps my reflux under control. The only time it flares up is at times of extreme stress.

    The other day I ate something with butter in it and oh my goodness did I know about it! These episodes I just take 1 Ranititidine which sorts it out.

    It just seem so go with dodgy lungs I'm afraid. P

  • I have had reflux for to many years and Omeprazole is my saving med that helps no end. I am sure that there is a link to lung problems. It is also common with AF which I have as well :(

    Be Well

  • I have this I have emphysema I have Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) which is what it's called they put camera down to make sure I'm on 80 mg a day I all so have a hiatus hernia but dont worry you do get pain I get the pain when eating but will settle down but you do need to see gp and be refaired for endoscope main thing is don't worry hope it settles down for you.

  • Yep, The first time I had heartburn and then later on Reflex I thought I was having an heart attack. Now I use Tums and always keep Cola in the frig. As I take High Blood Pressure meds I can't take most meds for this problem. But Tums worked and a couple of sips of coke also help.

  • Hi Kad21

    I have Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension. I also suffer from reflux as I am on 17 tablets a day. I take Omeprazole 20 mg twice a day and also Ranitidine 150mg twice a day for the reflux. If I have a bad flare up of reflux then I also take Gaviscon tablets but 2 hours or so after the other 2 indigestion tablets. I suggest you speak to your GP or your hospital Specialist as to which medication is best for you. Good luck and I hope it gets sorted out soon.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Kad21, also get acid reflux which sometimes feels like a heart attack is about to happen the pain is horrid,I also have c.o.p.d high blood pressure & hypothyroidism which I think doesn't help with all the medicines I have to take,sipping some milk most times cools the burning pain but at it's worse I would take gaviscon advance! I hope you find some relief very very soon,& enjoy the rest of the day! Karen

  • I have suffered mainly severe asthma, with this and the medications I also suffer GORD. at worst the acid was burning my vocal chords which I was constantly losing my voice.

    I have had a Laprascopic Nissan Fundoplication Nov 2011, and after a short spell of no reflux medication, I am back on Esomeprazole 40mg night and morning and recently put on Domperidone 10mg and been advised to take them 30/60 minutes before meals and also Ranitidine 300mg before going to bed.

  • I too experienced all you mention and it is indeed painful. I find that if I take liquid Gaviscon as soon as I sense the symptoms coming on this often helps as it catches the pain before it takes a real hold. I also ensure I am sat upright as much as I can on these occasions and find that drinking milk around the time helps also. When you become tuned in so to speak to your body, condition, and symptoms you can often gauge when this sort of episode is about to take place and it is my experience that the sooner you act the better, as once the pain really takes hold it often takes longer to get rid of. Good luck with everything!

  • I forgot to say that in addition to taking the Gaviscon I mentioned, I am also prescribed omeprazole and ranatadine which I take daily.

  • I too have these symptoms. However mine appears at around 5 a.m. The pain from the reflux can be very painful and I usually take a drink of milk from the fridge. This helps combat the pain and to settle my stomach. I also get chest pains 9heartburn) which I can actually feel moving after I've taken liquid. Does mimic a heart attack when it starts.

    I've tried Omeprazole and Lanzaprazole but both play havoc with my digestive system. Now I take Ranitidine before going to sleep and it usually gets me through the night without problems.

    It seems that reflux problems go hand i hand with C.O.P.D. .Cheers.

  • I use Lanzoprazole. I had to because of heavy antibiotics. Now that I don't use antibiotics, the tummy has settled. What I do take to digest better is 2 over the counter meds: 1. Acidophilus capsules , which provide the friendly bacteria for the guts; 2. Jarro-Zyme which help digesting acidity, carbohydrate. this has helped settled my digestive system after I had caught C-Difficile in hospital with terrible diarrhoea. I couldn't stop having loose stools. Jarro-Zymes and Acidophilus have helped with that.

  • Hi I used to take Omeprazole, now I rarely use it. I find milk really helps me too. x

  • Thank you so much for all your answers, I have been given Mylox by my chemist and this seems to be helping, yesterday morning was terrible, I tried to take the dog for her walk and just couldn't move, but today, I felt some pain, but was able to get moving at least.

  • I take Alfalfa tablets and it works. No reflux or heartburn. My husband use to go through a bottle of tums in a week and never has to take them since he started the Alfalfa. I take 2 tablets with food twice a day, approx. 800mg.

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