Phew .... another year, another test

Had my annual lung function test yesterday ..... the results are pretty much the same as two years ago and slightly better than last year, when, with hindsight, I now know I had had an infection brewing.

I didn't do quite as well in the 6-minute walk test, but the nurse thought that may well have been due to it being an uncomfortably hot day. I guess the sneezing fit (hay fever) half-way through didn't help!!

I'm a never really smoked Alpha1 with FEV1 of 27.7%, so keeping my lung-function static over such a long period is especially pleasing. I must be doing something right.

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Glad to hear you had a pleasing result - and long may it continue!

Thats really promising to have your results the same as two years ago...Keep doing what your doing, whatever it is its working ..Take care Laura x

Well done ! It's very encouraging that there's been no deterioration for two years. I was due PFTs on Monday and was dreading the results but I wasn't well enough to do them. Sone clouds definitely have a silver lining :)

Don't know what your doing, but whatever it is keep it up. Good luck!

Congratulations, you should be quite happy with that.

Take care


Nice one S, wish I could keep it that stable but after this major infection I've had (and which I can still feel lurking) I have a bad feeling about my next tests (September). On the plus side I now have a blue badge and so can cross the bridge free and come have a pint with you! September, after my stint at Southampton..:)

sorry to hear about the infection ..... I had a couple of nasties over the winter which really set me back. Like you, I was expecting bad news, but thankfully it seems no noticeable permanent damage - bit scary though. It does drum it home a bit to make sure you know the early symptoms & get on the emergency meds quickly.

Good news about the blue badge ..... it'll make life so much easier ...... & of course the bridge.

We may be away in the motorhome in September ....... I'm finding August in France a bit too hot & dusty so thought we might see how we get on out there in September.

No firm plans made yet ..... but a drink, hell yes.

Here's a thought to chew on .... October 19th - it's the Hoggin the Bridge day ..... could be fun - some amazing hogs to be seen & a really nice atmosphere.

Hi thats good news i am also an Alpha1 my last spirometry showed me to be FEV1 of about 29% its beem around this for the last 3 years lets hope we can keep it at that.

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