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Asbestos Compensation Claims

For your information (after reading Dazisnotgood claim rejection

I've spent a over a year with my solicitor trying to prove I have asbestosis (which 3 different consultants have confirmed) Pleura Plaques indicate you have had heavy exposure and you were compensated for these and the asbestos fibres as a matter of course up to 2010 until the government moved the goal post and used the Helsinki Agreement(incidentally they still pay out for Pleura Plaques & Asbestosis if you live in Scotland or Ireland !!).The Government will only pay out promptly if you have Mesothelioma. all the others you have to prove you have. You will have to prove you've had over 5 years accumulative heavy exposure to asbestos before you are considered considered for compensation!!!

I have been told my body is producing excessive amount of iron (namely ferritin) which isn't common, and it wasn't down to my diet. After a bit of research (by my wife) it's been discovered that on post mortems of asbestos sufferers they all had large amounts of ferritin in their body, digging a bit deeper she found out the body reacts to asbestos fibres and a chemical reaction takes place and ferritin is produced. So if you suspect you may have asbestosis it may be worth while having your iron levels checked out in a bit more detail i.e.ferritin levels which arn't normally checked. The problem is the iron is difficult to get rid of and is detrimental to your organs !! I am using this not well known info as part of my case to prove asbestosis and then possibly make a claim !!

Check out the link, and a couple of extracts


Asbestos is a potent carcinogen associated with malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer but its carcinogenic mechanisms are still poorly understood. Asbestos toxicity is ascribed to its particular physico-chemical characteristics, and one of them is the presence of and ability to adsorb iron, which may cause an alteration of iron homeostasis in the tissue. This observational study reports a combination of advanced synchrotron-based X-ray imaging and micro-spectroscopic methods that provide correlative morphological and chemical information for shedding light on iron mobilization features during asbestos permanence in lung tissue. The results show that the processes responsible for the unusual distribution of iron at different stages of interaction with the fibres also involve calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It has been confirmed that the dominant iron form present in asbestos bodies is ferritin, while the concurrent presence of haematite suggests alteration of iron chemistry during asbestos body permanence.

The presence of transition metals in the fibres and/or the ability of the fibres to adsorb and accumulate them are the first mechanisms suggested for explaining the toxic and particularly carcinogenic effects of asbestos11, 12, 13. The presence of iron in the fibres (which may contain up to 30% of Fe w/w) and more importantly the intrinsic ability to attract it from the surrounding environment seems to be also a key factor for asbestos toxicity and for the formation in the lung of the asbestos bodies that are the hallmarks of asbestos exposure5, 14.

Hope it helps ?


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Hi plumbob cheers yer am having a fasting blood test on tusday .. So all couler nurse and tell her .. Al insist a make her right or write it down.

Yer been at docs all week since thay stoped my antibiotics .. Nebulisers been giving me shit then ended up with a pile had ultra sound done ant that was all clear heart bp pulse as been playing up .... been quite a crud week :(

Anyway always pessimistic or is it optermistic i went doc's told him i want some viagra .. told i ant going a limp deer am guna go with a bang.

A totale shock he agreed and give me them ... now am worried as it say's theres a chance thay can kill ya.

Have to be positive could step out my door and get hit by a bus .. here to up n up :)

Cheers thanks gor that defo do that cheers :)

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Hi Plumbob again I think this is another rule changed by the government behind closed doors and not made public.

Some years ago around 30 the local MOD went up in smoke the roof was made of asbestos they had the council out cleaning it up it travelled for miles and two years ago a school friend of mine died with asbestos and a local solicitor was trying to get compensation for those who were effected but that has gone quiet. It is all wrong why should Daz have to prove he has asbestos are the GP's and consultants being told by the government not to diagnose asbestos I really hope you and Daz get the compensation you deserve and its about time these MP's got the finger out the backside and did something but the real truth is they don't give a s**t until the next election.


My dad had mesothelioma he lasted 7 weeks he was fitting for comp befour he passed away so we Carrie it on but not enough evidence to prove it came from his work most of the people he worked with had passed away they was only my brother that was left that worked with him but cos of drink he could not rember then he passed away too so good luck we had to give up cos u onl got so long to do it xx


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