A lot of hot air !!!

Bloating and trapped wind!!!

Would seem this is a permanant fixture

Well Im not happy and dont like it

The problem being my very long lungs!

Would seem that whatever I eat

Has a disastrous effect

Within minutes of eating breathing is difficult!

To walk to the kitchen is touch and go

I crunch chalky Wind-eze in the hope of relief

But the wind doth build !!

A bubbling volcano waiting to erupt!!

Does it? I shift ,twist and turn

Then pray and wait...

I place my hands on my swollen firm tum

Massaging and pummeling

In the hope of a shift

I pray for gas explosions!

One thing Ive Learned from this rigmarole

By lifting my tummy in an upwards fashion

Makes breathing clearer Idont know why

Too stop is like putting the brakes on !!?

Strange but true!

So was wondering does anyone here

Suffer trapped volcanic eruptions???

Impairing your breathing and giving pain?

And what do you do that HELPS???

Thats all for now folks

Breathe easy


:) :) :)


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Yes Jane, I get very uncomfortable after every meal. OH is always in a hurry and chivvies me to eat more quickly. I can't get him to understand that I can't and I tend not to chew my food properly - with the result of wind and worse!!

Hi Kath its the bain of my life these days,I dread eating !Do you do or take anything for it.Or is it something else to just live with,which im loathe to do.I too am a very slow eater always have been.Dont you be rushed why the hurry anyway? Hope your keeping well,did the itch finally leave, you were struggling the last I spoke with you? :) Janexx

I don't take things for it really Jane. I was given some Lansaparole (or sarsaparilla as my spellcheck suggests) when on chemo and I have a few left, but only take it when I get a bad stomach ache.

As for the itch, I'm still suffering!! I've seen dermatologist and had a punch biopsy but don't get the results until 18th June - another 18 days to go then. xx

Hi, L.L. I haven't been around for a bit due to lots going on in my life and hard to deal with. I appreciated your poetic message and appreciated hw you felt. I had all these problems in N.Herts that you describe, and th e meds to show. BUT I am now living down in Hants, near the sea. I have to say my breathing has improved, and with azithromycin, I am enjoying a little respite. How long, who knows at my age!! xxx

Hi pergola Iam so glad that you have finally moved house successfully to by the sounds of it.Im glad the sea air helps with your breathing what a bonus and the Azithromycin is helping too,great to hear hows your hubby doing?Take time and enjoy your new home and being close with your family.Moving is a nightmare to most but that huge upheaval at your age has to be admired. :) Janexx

Hi Longlungs, I also suffer from bloating and was told by a consultant not to have too much fibre in my diet. I no longer eat things like cabbage and I understand cereals can cause problems. I also take Gaviscon if I feel uncomfortable after eating.i also eat smaller portions more often. Hope you improve soon. Joyce

Hi and thanks Joyce for replying.I will give anything a go as Iam getting quite distressed with it mainly as i cant breathe and my breathing is already bad so can get in a 2&8 with it sometimes.For some reason I havnt taken gaviscon as I thought it was for the trotts,but shall now. Keepwell now :) Janexx

Thanks for putting into excellent words what meny of us are feeling! I have omeprazole which seems to help. At one time I was also on ranitidine and domperidone but I told docs I was taking too many meds (eight at that time) so I was allowed to drop them.

Hi monkey65 thank-you yes I too take omeprazole to protect tummy coz of taking so many meds.I do try not to go to the docs if I can help it as it seems when I do I collect another ailment and tablet to add to the list! Im not familiar with ranitidine and domperidone? Hope your keeping well :) Janexx

The ranitidine and domperidone are both for acid reflux or similar but I think gaviscon was just as useful. Doc was very dismissive when I suggested this!

Hi again yes the gaviscon seems to be popular with everyone so will get and try some.I dont suffer with acid reflux,is that when you have what I call a sicky burp? Thanks for clarifying.I wonder why your doc was dismissive ooer lol :) Janexx

Indian brandee ... not alcohol ... old fashioned remedy always sorts my stomach problems...great at shifting wind. X

Hi Juliekkay sounds good where do I buy this at the chemist or health food shop?I shall get Gertie and go get some asap me thinks,thank-you so much. Hope all is well with you at the minute? :) Janexx

Hi Jane

write info@expresschemist.co.uk ... thats where I have got it from tho many more places now sell it ... it had become elusive ... now refound by many clearly :) Me.... am seemingly stuck in an exacerbation that goes slightly and returns bad as ever. think I need to revisit doc.!

I found two products that helped me: Axidophilus in pills and Jarrow-zymes Plus (it contains pancreatin, Lipase, Alpha Galactosidase). The lipase digests acidity, the galactoside digests carbohydrates, Amylase digests potato starch. Protease digests casein (milk protein). I bought these because I had been affected by Clostridium difficile and had diarrhoea. The doctor prescribes metronidazole for C-Diff and this worked.

Then I couldn't get rid of diarrhoea and bloating etc. But those supplements have helped my guts go back to normal and have a normal poo regularly (sorry about this description, but it did help so well that I thought to let you know). The Acidophilus and Jarro-zymes are bought over the counter.

Hi helingmic sorry to here you caught cdiff not pleasant and debilitating .I dont suffer with diarrhoea the opposite infact those supplements you mention would add to that would they if they help with trapped wind I will give them a go?Will write those names down now as I wont remember them off the top of my head lol are you getting back to normal living again helingmic as you have suffered somewhat? Keep smiling my friend :) Janexx

Jane, I can assure you that they help, because they balance the guts not cause constipation or diarrhoea. they regularise things.

Forget the chocolate.coffee.pickles.sauces.garlic.spices

and pure fruit juice. One thing to try is Gaviscon tabs.......but not

the peppermint....I go for the strawberry tabs

My Gp gives me huge bottles of Gaviscon for when

the bloating gets too much

Hope you feel wind free soon.

Hello budgiesmom yes someone else mentioned gaviscon so will get some and if thats what makes the difference will ask the doc to prescribe me some.Thank-you yes I hope Iam too! Keep well now :) Janexx

Hello again.......should have said the Gaviscon tablets I keep

are for when I'm out and about.

The Gaviscon from the Gp is. Gaviscon Advance 500ml

bottle ... Aniseed flavour, and available only from a pharmacy.


Hi again budgiesmom good idea to carry some with when out especially if out and eating.Will be talking to gp at my next visit.Thanks again :) Janexx

Gaviscon ..... I've had it for years & it works miracles

..... & eat little & often. It's eating a whole meal in one go that's a problem.

In my world grazing is a good thing.

Hi out for lunch yes you may well be right there I do tend to have one meal a day sometimes a sandwich for lunch,I dont have large dinners but think I might have to change my habits a tad,grazing sounds good to me.With gaviscon at the ready everyone is saying similar.All good stuff eh thank-you. :) Janexx

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