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Healthunlockeders! we all share something.


Love for each other :)

I have read posts that have made me laugh and posts that bring me to tears with sadness but I'm so very glad I found this place where we all come together to help each other and share our knowledge and emotions.


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I totally agree with you dall05 or Tony. I have just finished writing you a post. I love your picture and your sentiments. I have been a member for about 5 or 6 months, and just lurked around at first. Reading and learning. What struck me was the utter friendliness, caring and compassion shown by its members. Like you I have cried over posts and laughed over others. I think the humour category is a great bonus, because we all get low at times and sometimes a good laugh at the start of the day sets us up for what lies ahead. I don't know what I would have done without this site. I have learned far more here than from any doctor. I feel humbled and proud to be a small part of the bond we all share and the love we have although we have never met. The people here are genuine and real. I see you are a nature lover Tony, just as I am. I often find peace just looking around me at the wonder of creation. I could sit and stare at the sea all day with the hills in the background. hugs and love xxx

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Couldent agree more with you huggs! xxxx

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And I also agree with every thing you've so aptly expressed here.


Very well said young Tony! This site has been a life saver for me at times,just reading other lovely people's posts,happy & sad,makes you feel close to them.Besides the fact,you do learn a lot from some of them.They might be in cyber land,but you Realy feel an infinity towards them!

I am forever grateful,I stumbled over this site,a couple of years ago.

The lovely photos,put on by you & others,are so uplifting too,

Giving lovely memories of the UK.

Have a wonderful day,we are in the last week of Autumn,& still having temps.of 27c,maybe winter will hit with a vengeance!

Lots of love to you,& the wonderful family,you're blessed with xxxx


Agreed Tony ! I've only been here two months and already it's like a rock I can lean on and know people who UNDERSTAND my condition will listen. Now that things are getting more chronic for me I hate well meaning but often stupid comments from those who don't know the first thing about what we go through. It's balm to the soul to be able to be honest here and stop sticking on the good face lest we upset our friends.

I don't post often enough anymore but do try to get here a couple of times a week. I've had a lot on my plate since January and have had so much support for the members here. So well said Tony I agree whole heartly with you. Wishing you all a good week.

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I too have had a lot to think about and still do, but I will drop in to read the posts. I agree with all you said, wonderful, caring people in this forum xx

Well, I ditto all of the above. There's a lot of goodness here.

Love to everyone today from wet London. Peeg xxxx

I agree this is one of the best unlocked sites. One Site I am on does not allow what is deemed political posts but it will allow posts that are political that fits in with the admins/volunteers ideals. I am a great believer in free speech and we all have something to share!

BLF Unlocked does that so well!

Be Well

Thank you for expressing so well what we all feel x

Fully agree with your Sentiment Dall I Have Laughed Cried and Learnt from the wonderful people on this site, and wish everyone of them comfort in their plight

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Me to Plumbob, I don't have the fancy words but I love this site, so much support given to one an all. It doesn't matter who we are or where we are from everyone is welcome.

polly xx


Well said!! This site has given me such fantastic support when I have been worried and feeling lonely. We are very lucky! Have a good day TAD xx

I live on my own and this site has given me a new lease of life ,i feel i have visitors everyday i have laughed,cried and even been angry at some of the posts

Hope you all have a good bank holiday

Dorothy xxx

I found this site when I got the BLF e address from my breatheasy group which I did,nt go to again because they,re a bunch of grumpy old folk,unlike here.Maybe it,s easier to not be face to face with people but I still feel really close to everybody on this site,I,ve had so much help and advice.I.m not sure if I would have coped with the ups and downs of Copd without your help ,thank you all so much!D.

Hi Tony thank you for that ray of wisdom. We all share lots on this site, good times , bad times. Enjoy the rest of your day.


so well said too :) x

Love going out to one and all from huff :) I just love this little corner of my world! xxxxx

I was diagnosed 10 years ago thought I knew everything about COPD until I came to this site.

Everyone is so helpful and it doesn't matter what sort of day your having when you come on this site you will always find a post to cheer you up I wish I had found this site years ago

Well said Tony. There is such a warm feeling on here. Everyone is so willing to offer support help advice and comfort when needed with love and humour as a bonus. Book the date Tony 23rd June Wimbledon. Looking forward to many hours with Jo Wilfried xx


What lovely sentiments from all of you and I agree 100%. I too have learned far more here than any doctors and don't know what I would do without the support and encouragement of all you lovely people. xx

I cant really think of anything else to add .....everyone has said it all ..we visualise people in our heads ,what they look like , what there famalies are like where they live and most of all how poorly they are . Yes this is such a lifesaver for many people ....and by the way ,no i dont look like that little round ,blue face !!!well not all the time anyway. X


I second that Tony...and that warmth we find among our online 'family' :)

That wonderful art of hedge-laying which I see in your picture - you sometimes see the occasional stretch in this area; surely can't be beat for strengnth and durability... Lovelight xxx

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