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We are all so poorer for the loss of our dear friend Skischool

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After a few days on no internet, I have logged in to find that we have lost a beloved and valued contributor to our dodgy lung forum.

Mike was a valued member of this group, his ready wit and approach to life was a great inspiration to me, and to many of you I imagine.

I looked forward to his racing commentaries, and his wry slant on life.

I am glad I got to know him through this forum.

Fly high dear Mike, you are going to be sadly missed.

19 Replies
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Well said. xxx

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In total agreement ledge. I'm sure all who loved Skischool and Scruffs will be heartbroken today, a very sad day for the forum. He will be sadly missed but not forgotten . He is at peace now ❤️❤️❤️

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Totally agree ledge. It’s all too sad. Xxx💕

Yes I am extremely saddened to hear about the death of Mike.

When things like that happen it makes you realise how most matters are petty when you put them into perspective!

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Well said ledge Xx

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Couldn't have put it better myself ledge. Too sad X


Despite his frailty, he had such a lively mind, and cheered everyone with his crazy, eclectic posts. I never knew what he’d come up with next! I so wish he’d complained more, and got more help, but that just wasn’t his style, was it? Now he’s gone, and I’ll never, ever forget what a dear friend he was to us all xxx

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What!!! Omg I’m so so sad to hear this goodness me what a sad thing to hear his funny jokes stories and races … I wonder what will happen to poor scruff x 😢😢😢😢

in reply to pepparuby1

I think Scruffs is getting looked after by Mikes brother at present.

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I have been at the hospital most of the day and couldnt wait to hear if Charlotte had received any news. Truth be told, I think I already knew but its still a blow when you read it. I am just devastated x

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Back last April it had been a Sunday morning and I had felt unsettled and Baby wouldn't stop meowing and myself and my friends had gone out for a walk as we always do on a Sunday and it had been about 11.30 and I had a weird feeling that my father had died after having been taken ill that previous Tuesday morning and I had the urge to ring my mother up and thankfully I had my friends with me for support and it was about 12 and I got told that he had died and I was shocked but not surprised.

The Friday before he had died I had felt unwell and had had a feeling something horrible was about to happen!

After I had received the news I was shocked and my sister in law had taken me home and had settled me down with a cup of tea and said not to worry about cooking the Sunday lunch which I had been booked to do that day!

I had felt bad cancelling the Sunday lunch at short notice but everyone involved was understanding and said how when things like that happen it's one of those things that's beyond anyone's control abd it's not like I had misled anyone saying I was doing those things to shut someone up and tell them what they want to hear and if I could have honoured the promise I would have.

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Izb1 in reply to

Strange how things happen x

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Totally taken the words from out of my mouth dear ledge ! Ski's was always a double act with his companion Scruffy and it was quite hilarious . . . . I could almost envisage the pair of them, having all sorts of conversations between themselves. . . Both happy.(although on medical grounds I don't see how Ski's was left to fend for himself when he was seriously unwell).

Since 2015(?) Ive seen many "prominent " people pass on to those marshmallow clouds above yet it still makes me upset for them and their friends & family. Time isn't a 100% healer.

RIP Ski's---happy 🏔⛷️ ....🐿🥜😷xxx

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knitter in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Yes , I was just thinking of those we have lost over the years .People that became part of our lives .

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SquirrelsHolt in reply to knitter

Yes ,when you take yourself to a quiet place, where you won't be disturbed, then start to remember those larger than life characters that were posting on our Forum, it's quite overwhelming just how many good, and vibrant people have already gone before us. Scary, in one way. How are you keeping? Although I'm sure your singing and breathing have helped your lungs better than any pills or potions! 🐿🥜😷x

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I will miss Skis greatly. He has always managed to come up with something positive or humorous to say to any of us who have posted with problems, questions or sad news. I wish I had known him in person.I hope that Skis has now met up again with his beloved wife and I hope that Scruffs will find another human to turn into her slave.

xx Moy

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RIP my lovely friend. We will all miss you and your wicked sense of humour, and Scruffs. xxSheila 😥💔

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So very sorry 🐞

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A beautiful post. You say it so well. Grace

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