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I have COPD my doctor plus when I was in the hospital prescribed fair amounts of prednisone which worked great but as we all know its not

recommended long term so I have it reduced to 20 mg once a day then like now my oxygen levels are down to 74 so I increased to 20mg 3-times a day, doing breathing treatments and now its up to 84-87%. My question is will it be harmful for me to go to work? unfortunately I do wood floors.`

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Your health is so important, and none of want to do anything to cause the disease to progress any faster by doing something that could cause that. I really think this is a decision you will need to discuss with your doctor and take their advice on it. They have all your notes, medical history and all the facts and figures as well as the results of tests etc. My advice is to talk it over with your GP or consultant. It must be hard for you to face possibly having to give up work, but your health is more important. Good luck and take care. hugs xx

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74 seems VERY low to me Jimb....Definitely speak to your doctor before you think about going back to work

I hope you get better soon


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