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Steroid use in ultrasonic nebuliser.

I have read on one website that steroids can not be used in ultrosonic portable battery nebulisers,

I bought one of these small devices last year so I can carry with me at all times, due to a collapse in the town last year during the cold weather. I have been using ventolin and steroids in the device as I thought that is what is was for.

Can anyone put me right.

Thank you

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I bought one for keeping in my car. I've used Ventolin in it and the vapour is given off and the liquid empties so I assume it works ok. Any idea where you found the info ?

I have just read the BLF guide and it doesn't mention they can't be used on there.


I looked at the BLF page and there is a section on steroids and face masks.


I found that interesting. Something I didn't think about. I'll use my mouthpiece device in future.


I have an omron micro that the same ...I use Combivent in mine. I got mine from evergreen nebulisers and they are very good at answering any queries. My instruction booklet says that high viscosity medications may collect on the mesh, and so reduce performance.


Thank you all for your help and information it has helped a great deal.


Unless it has been prescribed by your doctor and carefully managed, using anything other that saline water means you are playing with a loaded gun. They may have once been seen to be the bees knees for lung conditions but it was found out that if used without proper controls and testing, they will do a lot of damage...that is why not many people are issued with them now. When I have been in the Royal Derby, they will not discharge you until 24 hours have elapsed since your last neb session.


Hi Cornish Brian, I do agree they have to be used with care, the BLF section on nebulisers gives excellent advice, but Combivent inhalers are no longer made, so I use the nebules instead, usually just one breaths worth, but I am very aware of what I am doing, and when to seek medical help. In hospital I was given salbutamol nebuliser through the oxygen supply and my SATS went right down....the alarm was going in the oximeter.


Thank you for your reply. I will be making an appointment for chest clinic if not admitted before, I have always been able to order steroids from GP and use when having a flare up but never feel I really know what I am doing. It is a post code lottery depending on what area you are in as treatment seem to vary so much. Hope I get this sorted on next visit as I seem to be using a lot of Nebs on this flare up.

Thank you again it does help to get other peoples views


Look to see if your local health service has a respiratory team, most areas have one. They are you best source of help and information. Self refer yourself.....that is the best option.They will usually do home visits too. They will get you on a PR course and also explain about your steroids and anti b's....they will probably give you a small information folder that you can use as a diagnosis tool as how and when to take your rescue drugs.


Thank you I have just been referred to respitory nurse but not to call on them until now, just unfortunate that it's the Easter holiday.

But I will definitely contact them on Tuesday, I was signed over to nurses from Consultant at my last clinic visit so nurse visits are new to me.

Thank you for very useful info


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