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Anyone tried lung training?

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Hey guys,

I’m new here but anyone tried OPEP devices?

Clears my mucus, it’s tough while using it, but I definitely breathe easier afterwards and I’ve noticed a general improvement. Especially after getting Delta last year, taken ages to breath properly again.

There’s a few diff ones out there but this one I got was nice and cheap (& works great)

If anyone tries this out, please lemme know how you get on!



17 Replies
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Not a plug lol

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Hi and welcome TazEdward. I haven't had need of such devices but I'm glad that it has helped you especially after catching the Delta variant last year. Hope you are well on the road to recovery now.

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TazEdward in reply to CDPO16

Hey :) thank you - feeling much better now lovely

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Welcome, Taylor. OPEP devices are widely used for those with productive respiratory conditions - my teen uses an aerobika for her cf, and there are others here that use that, or the acapella, or flutter. We even have a couple of members that use or have tried the lung flute. There are 6 opep devices currently available on the NHS, and then a number like this that are found for sale elsewhere. My only concern with anything like this one is that it makes no mention of how to sterilise it in the product description, and for those with productive conditions in particular, weekly sterilisation is a bare minimum must to avoid worsening bacterial exacerbations. If it can’t be sterilised, or doesn’t advise you to do so, it’s likely to do more harm than help. However, sterilising devices means that they need replacing more frequently (usually yearly), which is why - unless finances aren’t a concern - I tend to advocate getting them on the NHS for those where they would potentially be of benefit. All of these devices are horses for courses in that although they work similarly, some will suit one person better than another.

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Yeah, I saw that, but unfortunately washing won’t get rid of the kind of bacteria that are problematic in lung conditions, including for some with COPD. Without sterilisation, all you end up doing is re-inhaling bacteria you’ve contaminated it with during airway clearance. Over time they also multiply on the device. Which is why the NHS only provide devices that can be sterilised.

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jackdup in reply to Charlie_G

How would you sterilize an item like this?

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Charlie_G in reply to jackdup

With the usual caveat I’m not remotely qualified. Difficult to say: how best to sterilise things varies depending on materials, so if a device doesn’t say how to sterilise it in the instructions, it’s very hard to know whether an item will be ok with a particular method. The best thing to do is have a look online in relation to your specific device; either the manufacturer itself or another reputable source. I would always suggest that if a manufacturer doesn’t clearly mention sterilisation anywhere in their product literature, don’t buy that item and instead choose one from a company that does. The most common methods for the NHS devices are manufacturer recommendations of boiling or steam sterilisation once a week, on top of washing in soapy water after each use. However, steaming and boiling items that aren’t designed that way will likely result in melted parts. You might be able to go down a Milton/cold water route with some devices, but not all, and definitely not unless everything internal can completely dry to prevent bacterial and fungal growth within the device.

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jackdup in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you

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B0xermad in reply to jackdup

Generally I use milton tablets in a plastic tub after washing in hot soapy liquid and a bottle brush.I also sterilise my water bottle and lid so keeps bacteria away

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jackdup in reply to B0xermad

Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the site, I have one of those had it a few years now, and it works great, it really is good have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Yes my husband gave me Air Physio really good my niece who has CF badly uses one daily it works

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Oh yes I have used a flutter,currently acapella device and a powerbreathe.have been clearing and strengthening my lungs for a few years and it makes a big difference.

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Hi & Welcome, You’ll find lots of help with breathing techniques plus loads of other help on this site about medication, I’ve found it’s been helpful & actually read about Air Physio devices on here.

I purchased mine about a year ago & it’s helped me ( obviously not for everyone) I do it morning & evening, I’ve also always suffered with nasal mucus, on having a hospital procedure for my throat the consultant suggested a nasal douche.

He actually gave me the recipe & squeeze bottle to give it a try explaining nasal mucus drip down your throat can exasperate asthma issues.

Again I do this morning & evening all this along with good mouth hygiene has helped my asthma problems greatly….no cure but any little progress helps.

On the hygiene issue with cleaning these items, I use Milton solution & wipes twice weekly , I’m acutely aware of bacterial infections if these items are not cleaned properly & regularly.

Good Luck with your device & continued progress after Delta.

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I used a device to help move mucus from lungs, the type with the small balls in and it vibrates the airways, I had to stop using as I coughed blood a couple of hours after using, so I need to discuss with my consultant.I would only use if adviced by your doctor. I have in the past had bouts of haemoptysis so not recommended for myself.

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Yes I use a similar flutter device if I feel I’m getting congested and it works well.

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TazEdward in reply to Kristicats

That’s awesome! Yeah I find it works a treat :)

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