[1]as many of you will know, i havent been too great for some time, during the last few weeks had an "infection" one of many!! i was treated with 8 steroids for 8 days, then went from 8 to 2 [last two tomorrow] i was given amox for 7 days, this didnt seem to do any good so doc put me on another 5 days amox, after this , no better, so spoke to my respiratory nurse today, who told me to phone my doctor, and tell doc. that resp. nurse says due to the last three sputum samples taken in during feb, this was the wrong antibiotic, needed antibiotics for"pneumonia bug?" my doctor agreed it was this "pneumonia bug" i had.,,,, and the wrong antibiotics were given [by a different doc],my gp has now gave me co-amoxiclav take for further 7 days,, but during a brief period of infection clear in early march, i was given the pneumonia!!!and flu jab.

[2]i was to ask about my" humira injection" for ank. spond. this was stopped over a couple of months ago, "pending on results of chest doctor" this was thought to be the cause of infections,, i have had infections since this was stopped,, anyway g,p says there was a letter sent re. this, but no answer of yet!! backs agony,, g,p told me to take up to 6+ 5ml doses of oramorph and use the 50mg pain patches,, doing nothing, just making me tired..

[3] after having these infections, i had used up my emergency supply,, g,p said she would send this, as she did,,,a packet of AMOXI 7 days worth,, [she had just told me no good] then steroids ,, the duplicate of my cut down dose working from 8 down to 2!!!? i usually get 8 a day for a week emergency steroids.,,, usually on the emergency packs,, its says "emergency pack,", not on these ones.

not any better than i was about three weeks ago, breathing bad , wheezing, coughing, bringing up lots of sputum, back and joints sore, just not feeling right,,,, been worse i suppose ,, but tired worn out,, and CONFUSED.,,, any advice,, off to kip now,,jimmy

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  • Has your doctor tried you on Clarithromycin antibiotic ? It's more suited to lung infections than some of the others.

    " Clarithromycin is used to treat certain bacterial infections, such as pneumonia (a lung infection), bronchitis (infection of the tubes leading to the lungs) "

    It works for me. Maybe it's worth giving it a try. Here's a link which tells you about it.

  • thanks puf,, but looking at that antibiotic,, although looks good, i have other meds that might interact,, statins, etc etc

  • Yes I had to stop my statin input while I was taking it but it was no big loss.

  • Oh dear Jimmy,

    So sorry you are poorly again . Hope you get a good night's kip .

    Regards the pneumonia jab . Seem to remember reading on here that there are a number of different pneumonia bugs . The vaccine is effective against the most serious life threatening ones but not against some of the others.

    With the flu jab ....thats said to be effective against the current flu bugs that the scientists have managed to identify from the previous year . However if a totally new strain comes along eg as it did with swine flu they aren't able to produce a vaccine in time for that current year ..Probably haven't explained that too well.

    I think it's still definitely worth having both vaccines . Also think puffs advice about antibiotics is definitely worth following up .

    Hope you feel better tomorrow Jimmy

    Cheers Coastal .

  • hi coastal,, had the two vaccines early march

  • Oh dear Jimmy, so sorry to hear all this.

    It's Saturday tomorrow, naturally, would it be an idea to speak to your respiratory nurse again and ask her to speak to the doctor about changing the emergency antiB on your prescription? Mine does this sort of thing for me to save me the hassle.

    You poor poor thing. You must be so fed up. Thinking go you. Peeg

  • thanks peeg,, but on a saturday cant get anyone

  • Sorry Jimmy, I meant on Monday. Was half asleep last night and using phone's diddy keypad. xx

  • Aww Jimmy,so sorry to hear what you're going through.

    I'm afraid I haven't got much advice though,except for you to ring the surgery & explain how the Doc.had said those antibiotics are no good for you,& can they send out a new script urgently? Not sure how that works in the UK!

    As for the pain you're in,that's terrible,& my heart goes out to you,surely they can do something??

    Hope you're having a good sleep at the moment,thinking of you,my friend,big hugs & love,Wendells xxxx

  • im doing ok wendells, just still not right,, thanks xx

  • So sorry your in pain Jimmy,hopefully you have had a good nights sleep.

    You need to get in touch with your GP surgery to sort your medication out.

    Really hope today is a better day for you.

  • thanks river,, had reasonable night,, better now than i was at 7 am

  • Oh Jimmy my heart is aching for you. If you feel to unwell and confused to cope with this have you a friend or neighbour who can ring for you. Sometimes we just have to ask for help from others. I did this many times for an elderly friend many years ago when she was to ill to cope with it. Please do it today. Hugs xx

  • I would get the sputum tested to make sure you've got the right antibiotic and I wouldn't be waiting until Monday to see a doctor.

  • I'd ring NHS helpline Jimmy, get their advice and take it. Sounds really bad, don;t hand about. Hope you're better soon. x

  • i wont hesitate to phone if absolutely, necessary,, but they,ll just phone ambulance,, dont want that, thanks n t b jimyx

  • You should be getting help from social services when you are this unwell.Do you have family or a friend who could phone for you?Goodluck,hope you feel better soon.

  • agree should be getting more help,, live on my own in a static mobile home,, my sister has been a good hep,,jimmy

  • Jimmy, they are all badly letting you down. Try your nurse, or the NHS helpline and if you don't get anywhere dial 999. At least then someone will attend, check you over and get you the correct meds. It's a downright disgrace.

  • agree, will phone if absolutely necc. thankd tok

  • Oh dear Jimmy you are having a right do. You seem to get bit better then go backwards . Definitely ring your nurse she can discuss with the dr on your behalf maybe a home visit would help dr so they see you properly. Keep warm and rest thinking of you love Judith xxxxx

  • When you say confused, do you mean just with the treatment you are getting or confused with things generally. If it is general confusion especially if it goes with a lack of concentration then you should talk to your local duty doctor a.s.a.p. or you could like me end up in the back of an ambulance. I build web sites, one of them is for the local breathing group.

    just click on the red help button and look down the list to the danger signs.

    Helpful comments from anyone else about the HELP guide would be welcomed.

  • mainly confused at tratment,, but wee bitty confused too, will look at website,, thanks moneal

  • thanks for help advice,,was bad this morning,, nearly at the phoning stage,breathing, wheezing , coughing,bringing up lots of gunk, back sore,felt lousy,,, carer came 9 am never blinked an eye,,,, just spoke about the grand national,,,washed feet put socks on trousers,, cleaned up leaking catheter bag, all this ,while i was still on the oxygen and neb at same time,,,and could barely speak,,,,,,,, but after all meds,,,repeated nebs, inhalers , oxygen etc,,and working on it since 7 am,,,i feel better now at 1 40 pm, took 2 diheyroceine,,and put pain patch on,,, this has helped my back,, left oramorph out,,,will try this coamoxiclav 3 yesterday, 3 today, 3 sunday,,if no better monday will go to the doctors with sputum sample,,[,also took the last two steroids],,,,and ask whats what,, main thing at the moment is just to get wee tiny bit better, which i am now,,, just took porrige just now,, took "ensure plus fibre vit drink this morning,,,,,,,,,, thanks jimmy

  • Oh Jimmy sweetheart I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly and confused, not surprised you feel confused - sounds like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at the surgery and I feel your respiratory nurse should liaise herself with the surgery and not leave it to you.

    Coastal is so right about the pneumonia jab and the flu jab - so your jabs wouldn't have anything to do with your present infection.

    Seems you need to sort out something over the weekend to get you over this 'crises' and thereafter the situation needs sorting out for the future.

    I can appreciate lovely that you don't want to go to A and E, especially at night or over the weekend but I do hope you would do so if things got much worse. How would you feel about calling an out of hours doc, although I'm not sure how much access, if any, they can get re your recent sputum results etc. but maybe they could get you started on a more appropriate ab. Just wondering if you found the amox, although not getting rid of the infection, dampened things down enough to keep you going (just thinking about getting over the weekend).

    As to the future - Monday morning if I were you I would ask for a home visit. I would think you would then get a 'phone call consultation from one of the docs who would either then come out to see you or, if you are up to it, make an appointment that day for you. You need an explanation of all the things you have told us about. You might want to ask what your samples cultured and what they were sensitive to and resistant to. It's always best to have this info yourself, so you know other docs have got it right. Best to always ask in future too. Sounds like, and this is just a guess, you may have grown strep pneumoniai.

    Ask them to chase up the letter re the ank spond.

    I would also ask resp nurse to liaise with medics in future as it is all getting too much for you whilst feeling poorly.

    Sorry Jimmy hope I don't sound too bossy - not meaning to - it just upsets me when I feel a good person like you are being short changed.

    We are all rooting for you Jimmy.

    Love cx

    Just noticed you are taking co-amoxiclav and not amox alone - I hope this will help you as it's a bit broader than amox alone.

  • Pete takes statins jimmy and uses Clarithromycin as it is the only antibiotic that helps him when he has a chest infection. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling great and I truly hope the doctor can get you set up with all the right medication at the right time. Please let us know how you get on and good luck to you. Lots of love. xxxx

  • Oh jimmy

    I'm so sorry to hear how poorly you are. I just don't know what to say. If I lived near you I would come and visit, and, hopefully share some jokes. Ask the resp: nurse to phone doc: and sort it out once and for all. I'll keep you in my thoughts. I do hope you get better soon. xxx

  • If I felt like you do and given the wrong antibiotic. I would ask for an ambulance to take me to hospital where they do tests, and where the pharmacist checks if a drug is appropriate or if it clashes with other drugs. Presumably too, at the hospital you would have a sputum test which the microbiologist would see and determine which is the best drug to fight the bug.

    All this would be monitored as well as the markers for fever and well being through the blood.

    I know the advice may be a bit drastic, but you had it tough, not only because you took the drugs, but because all this has been mishandled. Oh I hope somehow, you find a solution.

    At the very least, you could book a telephone conversation with you GP. Write down the points you have to make, so you can refer to the list when you talk to your GP on Monday.

  • thanks very much to all , your all lovely caring folks,, and, really your all quite right in your posts,,, after nearly 2 weeks on amoxi, i felt just the same, so i was put on coamoxiclav, this is my third day,[4 to go] and i do believe, for the first time, there is a slight difference just now.[i felt slightly better after i had about an hours doze,then used neb, earlier],,

    the last of the weaning of steroids was this morning , where i took two as instructed.

    i have been taking a half teaspoon of 30+ manuka honey every few hours, my sister got me [whether it has helped i dont know, but certainly not harmed anyway] i have eaten light nourishing meals with plenty veg. first time for days, really

    , i have been taking diheydrocodeine,every 4-5 hours, instead of the oramorph [against docs orders] but i had been on this for years until a few months ago,,,,[the hosp. put me on oramorph for reasons i dont] know],,,,,this diheydrocodeine has definitely helped with the back pain.and ank spond. but still sore a bit. i shall tell the doctor this.

    so as far as immediate, or emergency attention ,and at this time, i would say now, i feel slightly better. this was my main concern.,,,but if needed, i have an alarm round my neck, i wont hesitate to press it if absolutely necessary [but i dont like hospitals]

    i have body washed and shaved for the first time in days,this is very unlike me, i am usually very clean and tidy,, so feel this has made me fell a wee bitty human again,, and .my thinking is reasonable better.

    im hoping this carries on like this with no hiccups, i will see what im like tomorrow morning as this morning my sputum was nasty coloured, but has went clearer as the day has went on.

    my breathing is reasonable now, just slight wheeze.

    so i am taking this as "stage one" in my first post on here,,,, i needed to feel a little better to be able to even think straight,, which i am.

    as for the rest!!!!! it seems to me a complete shambles,, i will take your advice above, make appoint. monday with my g.p [just hope my own one is on duty,, as think this poss, where things have went wrong],, take a sputum sample, and explain things the best i can,, as it needs sorted out once and for all

    i,e ,,,humira , supposed letter sent,,months ago "pending on results of chest doctor" [surely they can fax nowadays] cant go on with my back like that!!

    emergency antibiotics and steroids,,,,,,im want the proper dose, and the proper antibiotics!!

    i have visitors calling tomorrow to help me, hopefully i will continue to improve, i am still a bit tired, but will have an early night tonight, with the oxygen on. ,, thanks again jimmy xxx

  • Big hugs sweetheart. cx

  • night night jimmy,sleep well,xxx

  • (((HUGS))) Jimmy. xx

  • Hi jimmy,just read your posts, you really have had a bad time of it, I think you could do with a home vist from your doctor,plus you need more care than you are getting,you have enough to cope with,just wish there was something I could do for you,really hope you have a good rest tonight,xxx

  • So glad you are feeling a little better, I do hope this continues

    Love Sohara xx

  • thanks members,, getting there slowly,, done in even using the computer lol:) but will now take a rest,

  • how are you jimmy,ive noticed your not on the forum for a couple days,hows things?all well we hope,ts3xxx

  • im ok t,a,shy,, but still trying to overcome this infection,, but dealing with a lot last few days, ,hosp,s, gp,s,, occ therapists, medical housiing officer,, res.nurse,, illness in family,, all a bit much,, but all getting sorted out today [hopefully],, waiting on g.p phoning now,, ,, might need other 5 days amoxiclav,,

    but still better than.i was few weeks ago,,,,,,,,

    ,g,p just phoned,,,,,,i have to have some blood tests,,urine sample,sputum sample, then to resume humira,injection, thank goodness for that , backs killing me,, but takes a while to work , sending other 5 days amoxiclav, also sending proper emergency medication , so hopefully get somewhere now,, so forward and onwards now,, kindest regards jimmy xxxxx

  • keep going forwards jimmy,and try a hot water bottle on your back.till the meds have kicked in,least things are moving now for you,about bl,,dy time,wishing you well,xxxts3

  • Hope you're feeling better very soon. Take good care of yourself and be firm x

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