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Hi went on tuesday for my assesment for pulimonry rehab and they think i would benefit from the lung excercises so as i am away on holiday to turkey i will miss the first 2 sessions but i am really looking forward to going when i get back. Also i got my antibiotics to take on holiday with me. so thanks for all your kind advice and i will see you all when i get back. keep healthy marian xxxx

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Sounds a great plan. Lovely sunshine ...nice food and drink....should give you a great start for commencing P.R.

Have a lovely time. Cheers Coastal .


Enjoy your holiday in Turkey, it should refresh you ready to commence those exercises. See you when you come back.


Enjoy your holiday!

After that, enjoy the pulmonary rehabilitation. Take that in its stride as you will go when it's already started, but hte nurses will help you. these sessions are great for the exercises, but also for the great advice you can receive. Any questions you have about lngs and how to manage your ailment, ask them. Especially the sort of "I'm so short of breath sometimes, I don't know what to do" They are great with this sort.


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