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hi all well after been told it would be Monday by recepsionist the doctor that was giving me a second opinion has just phoned me up and said after looking at your reading of 26 lm going to have a look at putting you on another tablet with the metformin so lm pleased lm getting some help cos after the first opinion l was frightend l admit it cos my mum went into a diabetic coma cos she wasn't getting the right care she should have been getting and was in intensive care for a week but lm pleased its getting sorted at last and thankyou everyone for your help xx

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Phew thank goodness for that minkymoo,made up for you now was a little worried about you.They did drop a clanger for sure and thats not good enough,let them know how worried youve been! Enjoy your weekend now takecare. :) Janexx

hi longlungs you are right l think they did drop a clanger but don't worry l wont leave it at that cos its not so much as what the doctor said its about me been that little bit more sensible to think well this is high and my hubby when he had a test and it was 24 they put him on insulin so l thought well if mines higher than his why haven't they done the same to me if l hadn't have had a hubby with diabetes l may not have been so sure but luckily for me l challenged it so god knows what would have happened if l never had so now just got to wait till Tuesday l will let you know what happens xx

Good for you minkymoo we learn as we go dont we and get stronger in sticking up for ourselves after all are health is critical to us and our right to be cared for in the correct manner is paramount.Yes please let us know what happens.Go minkymoo ! :) Janexx

Whew! Glad you got that sorted Minky. Not been on here much but have reading. You got lots of great advice anyway. What a lovely bunch of people! Take care. Sara. xx

Glad your sorted, Avandia is a good supplement to Metformin, maybe they'll give you that. You may not need both. X

hi needtobreathe

the doctor has given me some trajenta 5mg but they are only bringing it down to 18 so l got a go to practice nurse on Tuesday for a diabetic review which was a appointment l booked myself so l was lucky to have thought a review would help so see what she says l will let you know tho what happens

Either Avandia or Actos could possibly improve your COPD too . . . blogs.nature.com/spoonful/2...

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