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Phyllocontin 225mg x a day

Hi there everybody, I wonder if anybody knows about suddenly stopping phyllocontin tabs. I have bronchiectus. and at moment I have chest infection and Im on rescue pack of clarithromycin 500mg from resp nurse, i stopped taking phyllocontin 4 days ago as I was told that certain antibiotics interferred with some antis, but would it be to dangerous to suddenly start taking them again, as i feel so breathless even being on 30mg steroids.

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Think you should speak to your doctor or nurse. It doesnt do just to stop prescribed drugs without advice. M x


Yes, had duty dr out yesterday, he put me straight back on them, feeling less tighter and breathless, thank you for reading this x


first I've ever heard of anyone stopping Phyllocontin because they've started on a Clarithromycin course.

I do know you'll get really breathless without dear old Phyllo ..... I accidentally dropped a whole packed down a hotel loo once & it was over a week before I got some more .... never again.


Thank you for helping me, yes had duty dr in yesterday, and he put me back on them, feeling less tighter and breathless, they are good tablets,


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