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I am 66 years old and been asthmatic since i was treatment then so plenty of damage to lungs i also have bronchiectasis and no immune system due to steroids for 30 years .. i am a retired nurse. Finidhed 20 odd yrs ago and miss it dreadfully. I married.. 2 children and 2 grand ccildren. And 1 black labradore called sally. Well thats it in nutshell. 66 years in couple of lines....must have done something else. ??

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  • Hello sue welcome to the site we are generally a friendly helpful lot. Wish you well Irene

  • Hi sue48. I know that feeling. I'm 71 1 son 1 granddaughter but sometimes look back and think what have I achieved but we have all done much more than we think. 20 odd years a nurse is a great achievement. All I've done is run a small business with my family. Spring and summer are coming. Look forward take care xx

  • Thank you both ....i joined the site a couple weeks ago. But only just gof round to putting some info on !!!i found it real.y helpfull and a lovely bunch of people regards running a buisness....thats no small acheivement. Well done you ! Yes spring and summer comining. Yippppppppeeeeeeee. X

  • Hi Sue. We all feel like that sometimes and wonder what our life has been about. I try and think about the people who are important to me and the ones I am important to. It's just that some days we don't feel important to anybody! I'd call that feeling low and even if you know it passes that doesn't help at the time.

    I'll bet you could write a book about your life and have plenty of words to spare!

    These illnesses bring us all down and you have plenty of reasons to feel awful at times.

    I hope you pick up soon and feel a bit more cheerful. We are always ready with a sympathetic ear here so keep posting your blues away! Take Care. Sara x

  • Thanks for your reply. You right the grumps will pass. .I,ll wake up with a possative head on in the morning. !!you right i could tell a story or two about working nights at the hosp. .Many a laugh and many a tear. But loved it. .Would you believe i used to work on a respiratory ward. !! Well think i go and find stash of chocky or cake or biscuits or even all 3. Thanks. Sue. X

  • Love to hear some of your stories Sue! Bet things have changed a bit in nursing and wards since you had to give it up! Not sure you'd approve with some of the modern style of nursing. Sara x

  • Hi butter-fly, you summed up our illness so well, thank you x


  • Hi Sue, I am slightly younger at 62 but had a long life of bronchiectasis as it was diagnosed, more or less, when I was 2yrs old.

    I was just thinking a few days ago how my life has suddenly seemed to rush past. When I was 10 I thought I'd never get to 12! Then at 17 my sister seemed sooo old at 21! At 30 I couldn't imagine being 40 but at 40, my son was born.

    But suddenly I am over 60 and feel I've finally become my mother (as a teenager in the sixties, I never thought I'd grow older!) Where has the last 20yrs gone? Why didn't I do all the things I wanted to do, always thinking I had plenty of time. I must have done something? x

  • Hi Sue I think we can all say that about ourselves depending on how we are feeling.But I know you must have loads of stories especially from your nursing days? I love labradores have had 3 all were golden very happy memories,I have a king charles cavalier now,he is teething at the moment!!! lol nuff said on that very naughty he is,but so lovely.We will be waiting for a story now Sue.Keep your chin up we are here for you. :) Janexx

  • Hi Sue.

    There`s one thing you can be sure of here, we are all very friendly and enjoy each others conversations and shared experiences.

    Welcome nice to know you.

    Look forward to getting to know you better.


  • Hi Sue, I'm 66 too. Also have two children, three grandkids. Two tiny wee dogs, a toy poodle and a little yorkishire terrier. I have sarcoidosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis and aspergillus. I worked in a printers as a young girl and suspect my lungs were weakened by swallowing lots of paper dust on a daily basis. But trying to prove it would be difficult. welcome to this wonderful forum. M x

  • I believe you Mocarey, I worked with the old scanners that cut electronic stencils and printed via a duplicator, before your time. The scanners gave off carbon fibres the duplicator paper fluff. Then the big colour copiers which give off paper fluff and goodness only knows. My Consultant believed it contributed to my problems. xx

  • Hi Sue, I have just put a memory book together for our 20 yrs wedding anniversary and before I did it all I could think of as my achievements were three children and a few dogs. Oooh, it was so rewarding I have done soooooooo much more than that! I absolutely know you have done so much more than that and as a nurse will have touched countless lives on a daily basis.

    We have a lab too - so greedy - love him very much but still have to keep a large heavy object on kitchen bin, sick of coming in to the kitchen to remains of the bin scattered across the floor!!

    I care for my husband who has severe COPD and have allergic asthma. Must be difficult with a compromised immune system. Anyway the sun is shining, the world is a happy place today - I hope you have a lovely day. Lots of love TAD xxx

  • Hello, welcome. I know how you are feeling, I have felt the same, but we HAVE achieved something, we have had children, and grandchildren, that's the greatest thing. And being a nurse is an achievement, very rewarding job. Lovely people on here, lots of help, and companionship when you need it. I don't post very often, but am always here. Keep smiling.

  • Hi Sue welcome to our family we have the NHS in common I did 16 years mostly nights and like you I miss it. Do you have a local breath easy group in your area they are a good place to meet people in the same boat as yourself.

  • Loved nights. Close nit group of friends. Many a laugh. And joke. ...Bloody hard work tho. 34 patients and 3 staff. ! Then i wonder why i,m in state. But woulddnt have missed it for world. What type of ward did you work on. ? Mine was mostly respiratory. (YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP !! ) we did 12 hrs. But dont think they do that now. ! Live in staffordshire, what abt you ? Sue.

  • Hi Sue your not so far away I'm in Telford I did orthopaedic I also worked in a nursing home that was 10 shift the hospital was 12 hour I did enjoy it I don't miss the night shift but when you work in the NHS your work relationship is special

  • Oooohhhh orthopaedics is heavy !!!bet you got bsd back too. ! I worked at north staffs. Hosp. ( not the one in trouble. ! ) its all new now and got a fabulous trauma unit. Heli pad and any other dept you need _ but you cant find a place to bloody park. !!! Some things never change x

  • Hi Sue , nice to meet you, Yes the years go by so quickly, and we could all write a book, Happy times, so much more to do too, the suns out and that really spurs you on, I have done a bit rest a bit do a bit leave a bit, that's me done for today, Bye for now, xx

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