The sun had its hat on all day just wonderful! Feeeeling very happy and satisfied with myself !

Thought it was going to be just another nothingy day,hadnt slept at all.Sat in bed took meds and puffers and debated do i continue to try and sleep or get up.It was 9 if I did nod off it would be 3 before I got up.On the other hand if I got up Im likely to have the coughs all day because of no sleep! Decision made get up Jane so I did.Started my coffee and yuk tasted like tea which I used to love but no longer dont know why ,how strange thought i was going dolally so made another nah no likey.Ok on to juice tasted as it should good,tastebuds must be up the wall?Then I opened my curtains and whoosh rays of blinding sunlight shot through wow! Then I had a little chuckle to myself remembering lots of you on here saying about the vit D from the sun and wondered if there were loads of us thinking "catch those rays today" so I parked my chair by the open doors sunglasses on and soaked up the warming rays of sun ,eyes closed so as not to look at fallen fences and the newly laid felt which was peeling off like a banana ! :( mmm I couldve been sitting on a balcony listening to the waves lapping the shore line very nice indeed,then Bailey had a flea up his bum and was tugging my jimjams daring me to get him and play he leapt about like a spring lamb funny little thing he is,sniffing around at the back of the garden another dog barked! Bailey jumped out of his skin,so brave, not, started to scream and at the speed of light flew into the house screeching all the way you'd have thought he was being attacked,he was so scared he had somehow dislodged the base boards under kitchen units and was hiding underneath bless him.I wonder what that was about no idea bless him.

After that swept and washed floors put washing on changed Bailey's bed washed it all and Fudge his lovey bear.did all the kitchen.,cleaned the bathroom which is downstairs,then cooked roast beef mmm very yum it was to.Getting all workeyfied very unlike me especially on no sleep.Was going to go out on gertie but I was working my little fingers to the bone :p A very satisfying day ive achieved lots and the sun shone throughout the day allowing all doors and windows open.

Just an ordinary day but one I just happened to enjoy more than others.Hope you have all enjoyed this sunny sunday?

A smile a day helps us work rest and play. :) Janexx

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  • Aw you had a perfectly lovely day :) What or who is Gertie? And what kind of dogie is Bailey?

    It was a beautiful sunny day here too....I replenished the bird feeders and cooked a roast dinner for myself and child No. 2.....but said child has been everso sweet and shared her heavy cold with me so spent the remainder of the day snuffling and watching the Bobsled on TV.

  • Gertie is my scooter which has opened up my life good to feel independent again.Bailey is a king charles cavalier he is 4 1/2 mths and so naughty and gorgeous with it.I like my roast on a sunday.That was nice of your daughter how generous of her :p hope it stays as a cold only.Yes I wont be long before I wind my way up those stairs ,shouldnt take a lot of rocking tonight. :) Janexx

  • What a lovely lively post to read, L.L. I enjoyed every minute of your day. Me, not much to report, apart from enjoying the sunshine, and feeling better. More energy to get on with the forthcoming move. Swings and roundabouts with this forthcoming move. Remember a youngish mum pushing a child in a pushchair and an older little girl into a brand new house. Now, with 4 grandchildren and pages of meds. Heigh Ho! Lifexxx

  • Thanks pergola it was just a nice day the sun made the difference makes you feel alive again,in amongst this nasty weather we have.Glad your feeling better take it easy though.I think your to be admired pergola a massive thing to be doing especially given both of your illnesses running along side.

    It must feel very,strange,scary to be changing your address after so long,but also exciting and lots to look forward to.You take your memories along with you where ever you may travel they are ingrained in our old grey matter forever.Have you booked a separate van for meds only :D Life is just grand pergola,hopefully when you have un packed in your new home take a very very large portion of TLC the pair of and just sit back and take it all in and breathe haha..Keepwell now :) Janexx

  • Isnt it just Bev makes a world of difference.Wow that was a walk and a half didnt you do well im exhausted just reading where you went lol.I bet you felt good after .So many positives,happy sister ,happy dog, happy you and free vit d from bootiful sun bargain :) Happy days Bev :) Janexx

  • Jane, reading your post has left me exhausted! Glad you enjoyed your day. :)

  • Yes im feeling a little weary cant believe Im still awake to be honest .It is more than ive done in a long while so maybe my 'swampies' (exercises) are helping good,it did take all day to do im not fast,sweeping and mopping are killers and my lungies no likey the bending anymore ! Slowly slowly i did it so pleased.Tomorrow Toci is a different day :p Are you keeping well at the moment? Hope so. :) Janexx

  • Not good really, but plodding on. :)

  • Wow longlungs, what a lot you got done today !!! I felt exactly the same this morning. Radio on, door flung open and sticking into a bit of cleaning. There's nothing like the sun to lift the spirits. I so needed to see/feel it. What a pity we can't bottle it .

  • Im a lean mean cleaning machine when i get going casper :D yes me to it was lovely sitting and soaking up the sun just makes everything alittle better somehow.Im bushwacked but feel great about it.When i put my baileys bedding in the washing machine he was quite put out and pushed his little head into glass on the door of w,machine trying to see where it had gone funny little chap he is .. :) Janexx

  • Reading all your posts made me feel so much better,thank you people Lola,

  • Hi misslolapots123 there are some good reads amongst us all.Glad theyve helped you Lola. :) Janexx

  • What a wonderful day you had, Jane, and I hope it'll be one of many, many more to come (but without so much cleaning LOL ) ... roll on Spring :) x

  • Hi there initial yes it was just one of those good days that happen and make you feel good.Its strange cos the cleaning thing is quite an issue cos of the struggle,when I do manage to do some it feels more rewarding somehow how sad am I lol.Dear Jane get a life kid! :D Janexx

  • Wow Jane,look what a bit of sun did for you! Just as well you don't live here,or you would be working your fingers to the bone,lol! Last 2 weeks of summer here,but still very hot,they say we might get some showers over the next couple of days,I do hope so.Poor Bailey,I did have a laugh,bless him,he certainly keeps you on your toes! Take care,& not to much swanning around with Gertie,if the rain comes again! xxxx

  • I know get me Wendells haha!I easily pleased me. Oh dont can you imagine the two of us gasping trying to do"oh dear Wendells think ive got a problem its not working give us a hand eh ?" "would if i could Jane but i need your help got my foot stuck quick! " "Noo waayy hang on wont be long, init hot cant breathe, nearly there you silly cow how have you managed that haha! do you need your puffer I do haha?" " It doesnt hurt very much just not enough room to get my foot out haha blimey Jane you feeling strong haha if you could find something to wedge under haha and just oick it up haha!" "hahahaha i'll see what i can find haha just give me a min to get me breath gotta stop laughing or we're be here all night hahaha!" What do reckon Wendells?.I will do a little rain dance do hope you get some bet the ground is gagging for a drink! Bailey makes me smile everyday he is so very funny ,today he came tripping out of the bathroom all proud of himself as he had managed to get a toilet roll which was twice the size of his head looked so funny ,wanted to laugh but cant give him permission :p .Yes im hoping tomorrow to pop out on gertie meant to be dry most of the day im told. Hows hubby doing Wendells? Keep well now Janexx

  • You really did have a good day yesterday, yes you are right th e, sun does make you feel much better, if you have any more energy left you and Bailey are quite welcome here, could just see Baily scrurring in and hiding under the kick board , what pleasure he brings.xx

  • I did was a good one took along time but i got there,and the sun she makes everything feel so much better,How kind you are Heather what neck of the woods are you in,im Bromley.I know dont know why he was so traumatised by the bark you'd of thought he'd hurt himself was lucky i was watching as i would have been concerned as to why he was screaming so.See you soon :) Janexx

  • I am in Shropshire, and was a lovely sunny day here, till late afternoon, but didn't do half as much as you, and def didn't have the laughs you had with little Bailey.Take care.xx

  • I dont know what got into me but i wasnt going to waste that urge to do.Ipopped out today

    on gertie which was just lovely i drove round the bock a couple of times people watching and thinking whats she doing iwas just enjoying but didnt go far as battery was low so drove in circles haha.When i got back OMG Bailey had somehow got another loo roll and had shredded it and was proudly sitting in the middle of it "mum look what i did!" thats a lot of tissue let me tell you I couldnt get to my phone so wanted a picture by the time ihad he was all over the place.I had to smile. :) Janexx

  • Jane, its always a pleasure to read your post,xx

  • Whitstable experienced a lovely sunshine all Sunday and Monday. Our church has at last been refurbished. new wiring, new LED lights so we and vicar can read hymns and listen to his sermon. to celebrate this sunshine and our newly refurbished church ( erected the first time in 1296), we went to our church centre for a good celebration meal and some fellowship together. I do like our little community AND the sunshine!

  • Ahh sounds like you had a lovely day helingmic.Wow a very old church and better now for the refurbishment ,how lovely to have that community and celebrate the day and the beautiful sunshine a very happy time sharing food aswell. Keep well Janexx

  • Jane i was so happy yesterday. I'm still happy but I caught a dreadful cold. One of my church friends brought me some viatmin C. How sweet!

  • Oh no helingmic have you been kissing the ladies? haha! That was kind of your friend you take care you know what your like get rid of the darn cold asap eh? Yes me to still happy we had another glorious day today and tomorrow might be nice aswell how lucky we are. :) Make sure you take all the necessary jollop needed wont you my lovely friend. :p Janexx

  • And now, i spoend 8 days sitting in an armchair in hospital with IV Tazocin. I caught Clostridium difficile too! Home and wobbly! I'm still trying to be happy, thought ;-)

  • Oh helingmic poor you how lucky to catch Clostridium difficile aswell what a bonus not!Please take things easy have you some of your lovely friends from church to help out at all as long as they are germ free .All visitors must wear bags over their heads just incase :p.Your always a happy chappy helingmic.Take care now. :) Janexx

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