How quickly things change!

Have been out and about this week weather permitting and always being sure to cover my mouth from the cold.

Felt o.k. yesterday just a bit more tired in the afternoon, then I woke at about 2am coughing my chest is rattling and I am still coughing, shoulders already aching, can't cough anything up.

I went to visit a friend on Thursday and as well as their central heating they had a gas fire on, it affected me quite a bit drying up my throat, eventually they turned if off and I was o.k. again, I am wondering if that could have caused this.

I have not had a cough like this since I started taking Azithromycin about two and a half years ago. Can't afford to be ill hubby needs me here.

polly xx

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  • Oh Polly I do hope this does not turn into a chest infection, stay warm today and pamper yourself, at least the weather is going to be better for this weekend

    Fingers crossed its just a 'blip' from being near that fire

    Love Sohara

  • I hope so Sohara

    polly xx

  • Hope you feel better soon Polly.

    love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop

    polly xx

  • Goodness Polly,I do hope it doesn't turn into anything serious,have you made an appointment to see the Doctor?

    With the terrible weather you're having,you can't be to careful.

    Do hope it's just a hiccup,& things will return to normal soon.

    Keep yourself warm,& rest when you can,hugs & love to you xxxx

  • Hi Wendells, had the lemon and honey and the vitamin C and decided to have some steroids, I know I said I would not have anymore but that was when I was well, you forget how awful you feel, so hopefully will only have to take them for a few days.

    I was going to sit around in my pj's all day but decided to get dressed, always feel better when dressed.

    Will get appointment on Monday if I can't control it myself I have antibiotics here as well if necessary. can't tell at the moment because can't cough sputum up. Just taking it easy.

    Thanks for your good wishes.

    polly xx

  • Get well soon Polly. x

  • Thanks Toci

    polly xx

  • Are you okay, did you manage to fight it off Polly?

  • Dont they just,do hope it doesnt develope.To much heat is bad for me no likey at all.Get well quickly pollyjj :) Janexx

  • Hi, "Direct heat" i.e. from an electric or gas fire plays havoc with my Emphysema. I've had it for 25 years.Where possible use radiators to heat your home. The heat from fires etc is DRY and it dries your mouth and eventually your airways.

    I've recently bought a "Power Breathe" hand held appliance to help with my breathing. (basic device costs around £25.00) On the fourth day of use, my Peak Flow went from an average of 320 to 400. Literally overnight. Perhaps such a device would help you too. Give it a try if possible.

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