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a quick post.

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after venturing out this morning I my way home I collapsed in the street someone called for an ambulance . My 0 2 levels had crashed to 82 and my BP was through the roof along with my heart racing. I'm in hospital until tomorrow morning my BP is levelling off along with my 02 levels.

been put on beta blockers and all being well should be discharged in morning . Back to usual tomorrow . Wishing you all well . Dave

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I do hope the night goes/has gone well, and you are safety back at home.

Not home yet but have to wait for the doctor to tick the boxes and allows me out . All levels back to some sort of normality so I can see no reason to keep me. And let me assure you no aliens or myself were injured during this and definitely no probing 😂😂😂😂

Have a peaceful night. Hopefully home soon x

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to teddyd

Got no sleep last night but don't think many people do too many noises and nurses checking in on you. I should get teleported out of here soon as the TARDIS arrives .

Hope u continue to respond to treatment.sleep well x

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Patk1

Levels seem to be back to some sort of normality so just waiting for doctor to tell me I'm taking up bed space and bugger off 😂

😀 😀

Job done

Are we copying each other Dave. I'm in hospital, came in at lunch time as breathing is poor , they couldn't find anything wrong until they ran a blood gas test and now they think I've got a blood clot in lung . So here I am 3 am wide awake and hungry.....I missed lunch and was having chest xray when dinner came around and missed that. I was offered 3 biscuits. I hope you're better soon Dave

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

I think it may be catching 😂 I hope you are going to be ok and get you sorted out quickly. I'm hoping to get out of here this morning at some stage. All levels are back to some sort of normality. I promise not to post anything food related yet as I know you are hungry

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Suzie42 in reply to Daveyboy1963

I've just had ct scan and waiting for drs now. Hope I can go home. Had toast and coffee for breakfast, I'm just craving some protein Dave havent had any this is the 2nd day! Some fruit would be nice.Glad you've got out. Let us know how you go 😊

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

I hope all goes well for you and your life gets back to morality soon take care keep safe and keep chin up 🙏

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Suzie42 in reply to Daveyboy1963

Have to stay in another day as scan was inconclusive, but they started treatment in case it's a clot

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

Stay strong your going to be fine just stay positive my thoughts are with you 😃🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Suzie42 in reply to Daveyboy1963

Thanks Dave

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Suzie42

Thanks not need concentrate on getting sorted out stay strong 👍🏼🙏

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Stratos20 in reply to Suzie42

Hope you’re well enough to be discharged soon Suzie. Best wishes Diane 😊

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Suzie42 in reply to Stratos20

Home now and thank you. I didnt have a blood clot on lungs, but, they think my IPF has worsened

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Patk1 in reply to Suzie42

Get well soon Suzie42

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Patk1

I'm half way there already 😉😂👍🏼

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Suzie42 in reply to Patk1

Thank you

Suzie42 profile image
Suzie42 in reply to Patk1

Thank you

Hope that you feel better soon

Thank you should be home soon 🤞🤞

Sorry to hear that, hope you're home very soon 🤞

Me too I hate hospital and even more when you can't understand a bloody word being spoken to you 😂😂😂😂

God I know, hospitals are bad enough without added difficulties. Well hopefully it'll be a yassou from you very soon 😁

One way or another 👍🏼👍🏼

Don't you know how to say "Jack Daniels" in Greek?

Yes it's jack Daniels 😂 you go into any bar taverna they all speak English

Oh davey that's a setback ,I wish you a speedy recovery and take it easy

I'm used to set backs life is full of them I used to call them starting points now I just swear a lot 😂😂

Lol too true 👍 swearing 🤬 makes you feel better about it 🤣

Oh that's so true and I can do it in two languages because I can swear in Greek too 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼

Fantastic love it

Well it's obvious you learn them first thing 😂😂

Goodness, I hope your stable enough to be discharged soon. Do they provide an interpreter? Hospital stressful enough without language barriers. How do you communicate with them if your in pain or need something?

Well doctor said I can go home. The male nurse who was looking after me speaks English but doctors speak pretty good English got more sorted as an emergency than all the separate appointments 😂😂

Hope you are home soon .keep safe xxSheila 💕🙏⚘

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to garshe

Just waiting on taxi 😃😃 thank you

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garshe in reply to Daveyboy1963

Take it easy now especially as it's hot out there. Looking forward to some photos of more lovely sunsets. Sending love xxSheila 💕⚘🌞😎

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to garshe

Thank you so much 💕 just happy to have escaped hospital at moment xx

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Greenthorn in reply to garshe

Don't want sunsets, want baguettes displayed on suitable background cloths!

Hooray !!!!!!!

First two JD disappeared just enjoying the ice and being out of hospital 👍🏼

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leo60 in reply to Daveyboy1963

I have just had 13 days in hospital, no wine! 😱 They are sending me home later today 😃🥂 Glad to hear you are up and running again xx

Daveyboy1963 profile image
Daveyboy1963 in reply to leo60

No wine 🍷🍷 disgusting 😂 yes up and crawling I don't do running 😂🤣

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Stratos20 in reply to leo60

Glad to learn you’re going home. I’ll raise a glass to you. Cheers 🥂

As soon as I was out the door yesterday I went to a taverna and raised two to myself 😂😂

leo60 profile image
leo60 in reply to Stratos20

Thank you! And right with you 🥂 xx

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to leo60

We have to watch each other back's


Feel better Dave. Thinking of you. Xxxx💕

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to sassy59

Cheers xxx

Good morning Daveyboy1963. Hope your continuing to improve pal. Must have been the heat caused that. Its difficult to get everything done in a cool morning sometimes. Brian

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Bingo88

Heat and stress but hopefully in a few minutes I'll be in town and away from here 😃😃👍🏼👍🏼

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Bingo88 in reply to Daveyboy1963

Take care pal

Daveyboy1963 profile image
Daveyboy1963 in reply to Bingo88

Cheers buddy 👍🏼

good morning i think like that now i not frienred to go out i like to try & get out if my breathing rough throu the night i think twice & my legs now started to go wobbly so i keep local as much as i can 👍

Don't give up and keep pushing yourself even as little we all get fed up and need some freedom and happiness that's what life is for apparently 😂

good day to you i have just been to our local walk in centre for blood test & called in to a cafe not from my flat just had sausage on crusty toat /& a pint of orange squash it was brilliant mate it was £3 pounds plus meet up with a old pal whom got the same health problems as me G R

Well a win win all round then👍🏼😃

Good eve yes this copd of the lungs is getting popular with people in my age group 58 years old keep smiling speak soon buddy 🖐️

Good morning, young sir, hope you're good, are you still in hospital.

I've escaped and just heading to a bar on outskirts of Rhodes town I need a drink .

Good for you 👍 daveyboy, have you got to have any treatment? Or you all done and dusted.

Got to go back in two weeks to see the cardiologist I saw while in hospital but that's background stuff but pretty much done and dusted , so booking a flight for a parachute jump for over the weekend but I'm taking my rucksack 😂😂😂😂😂

Good, leave the high heels 👠 at home 🏡 he might not understand.

Gotta have the heels and bright red lippy 😂😂😂😂 hey anyone will think I'm a cross dresser at this rate . I have my straight jacket back on now so all's good 😃😃

Fink I might get a straight jacket, do they come in big boy's size.

If I killed someone and pleaded insanitory I might get one for nuffink

Yes you would get one for nothing but your freedom would decline so I suggest something simple hijack a few trucks and plead insanity you will get one then

Or apply wit da NHS

Yes you can do that but tell them you love wearing red high heels and pink tutu you will definitely get one

Aw, fanks. When I get my leg dressings renewed tomorrow, there will be someone who specialises in my problem. This has been going on for 7 years. Why have they only just got to me.

It's ridiculous but can't blame the hospitals they just haven't got enough qualified staff. And we know who to thank for that one 😂

Too right we know.i can vouch for the nurses at my clinic, they are rushed of their feet day in and day out.

Nurses and doctors are over worked and worth a damn sight more than what they get paid they deserve so much more

Gotta drag my weary body down to the Thai restaurant and eat myself silly, hope I don't be sick. Be careful, daveyboy, wanna chat with you tomorrow. Lol sleep well, my friend.

Ok buddy enjoy your dinner 😂 take it easy buddy

Hey, how goes it today, daveyboy, hope everything is cool 😎 hot 🔥 and sultry in good old blighty. My 😇 angel's will be thrilled to redress my leg's today, I love ❤️ them all. ❤️

I've snuck out for a frappe I had to go pharmacy for my prescription so called for a drink. It's not too hot where I am and getting a lift home I have the nurse coming round at 12 to change my compression bandage on my leg . So we both have Angels coming 😂😂👍🏼 have a good day and hope you enjoyed your meal last night

Superb meal, as per norm. 👌don't have anything planned after that, so just going to have a good 👍 day. It's warm, not a lot of air ,problem for me but will get through. Waiting on a delivery of my new nebuliser, very happy when it gets here.

Hope all goes well buddy glad meal went well, just finishing my frappe get my lift home and and chill out until nurse arrives do my leg check my levels. Then get stuff ready for dinner tonight I guess

Well, this is what goes down as fun for the moronic brain dead idiots of this country, I get to my clinic to find someone had phoned in and cancelled my appointment, so they called the specialist nurse to stop her visit. Thankfully, my nurse carried on doing the legs freakin people.

Absolutely amazing what***** s well nurse checked my levels 02 still playing up everything else is ok she redone my leg which in this heat is a bit uncomfortable she took the bandage off put it in my washing machine in a pillow case and put a new one on for me 😂😂

This will be like a swamp by morning 😅😅😅

All fresh and clean

Having a bit of a problem with my breathing at the moment, means having to sleep sitting bolt upright in my electric chair, can't win them all. Good night, my friend, rest easy. 😴

Take it easy and take care buddy 👍🏼👍🏼😴😴

Hiya, much to my surprise, I had a good 👍 nights sleep 😴 even though I was sat upright in the chair 💺. Getting ready to make my coffee ☕️, then go out for my papers. Watching 👀 sports this afternoon..how is ya??,all good, I hope.

So so buddy things on mind today got some bits to sort out. Will sit outside with a JD later and get things in perspective 👍🏼

Not daring to preach to you but wont the jd take thing's out of perspective.

No buddy , there's something getting under my skin and a JD stopping me going in a different direction . Need to sort a few things out over next few days .👍🏼

I wish you all the luck 🙏 hope you get it sorts.if talking 👄 helps,you know I'm here.

I'm ok buddy it's a sensitive issue. But thanks for the offer I appreciate it I really do .

Its OK 👍, just shout if need be.

Ok buddy 😁

To answer first question yes big boy sizes are available I have one

Naughty !!!

😂😂 you have to be naughty no points for being good these days 😂

Lovely 😀

I'm back and naughtier than ever 😂😂🙏

Oh no Dave. I hope you’re feeling better.

I'm better now I've escaped hospital thank you so much 👍🏼

Wishing you well, hope your home soon x🌻

Thank you so much xx

Sorry to hear you have had a rotten time of it Dave but glad to hear you are now out of hospital and feeling better. Easy does it now x

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Izb1

Life is too short for half measures so full steam ahead 😃👍🏼x

Awe so sorry to here this Daveyboy. It must have been horrid for you. I took my first fall yesterday but from positional hypotension. No light headed wArning just stood up and hit the decks. I hope it hasn’t knocked your confidence too much and I hope you feel better soonXx

No I'm used to blacking out over the past couple of years and woke up in strange places 😂 it's worse when you don't recognize anything including yourself 👍🏼😂

There are better reasons for waking up in strange places! Hope you didn’t hit concrete.Xx

Over the past couple of years I've hit everything but the right thing 😂😂

Glad to hear your on the mend & awaiting your transport home, take care 😊 good luck 🍀

I've escaped 😂😂😂😂

😂🤣 well done! Go & cause havoc! 😂😊

The Greeks are going to know I'm back in town 😂😂😂😂


Well they're aware of my return 😂😂😂😂

Relax and hopefully you will be home safe by the time this message pops up . Take care & best wishes.

I'm sat outside a lovely bar right now contemplating my next plan of action

Guess you are feeling a lot better then enjoy your day.

Just releaved to be out of hospital 👍🏼👍🏼

All my sympathy to you Daveyboy, oh dear, however your positive attitude should stand you in good stead and it looks as if you will be home soon. Give yourself time to recuperate and keep in contact with us as much as you can as we love to hear from you.

Well as you know I've escaped in my straight jacket had my JD through a straw but struggling getting the ice up the straw 😂👍🏼

Umm, just out of hospital and creating havoc already.

You have to its an unwritten law 😂😂😂😂

You'll get there 😀

Ohhh yes I will definitely get to my destination 😂😂😂😂

Glad to hear you are home and on the mend. Take care now xxx 😎

I will do and thanks for your support

Omg ! wishing you a very speedy recovery ❤️

Oh I'm recovering very quickly better out the hospital

Very glad to hear you're home again and rascally as ever! Do take care of yourself and rest up, eat well and stay hydrated - means extra ice in the JD!

Is it ok to use the JD ice cubes I've made do they count 😂😂😂😂

Liquid is liquid in my book!👍

Now that sounds like someone who is on my wavelength 😂👍🏼


Do hope everything gets better 🐞

We will see no one knows what is round the corner each person path is different .

That's rubbish! Glad you've escaped and are enjoying your tipple. Take care.

Thank you 😊

Thank heavens someone was there to help you . Best wishes for being better and home again soon x

I got released yesterday and so glad I was . Yes good someone who was so helpful to call the ambulance . 👍🏼

Good to hear you are home now. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

Thanks I just plodding on best possible 👍🏼

So glad you're home again safe and sound. Just curious that you were given beta blockers, when my GP took me off beta blockers the instant I was diagnosed with COPD. They were prescribed for migraines but also kept my BP ok too.

Daveyboy1963 profile image
Daveyboy1963 in reply to Ergendl

Don't know but they work so not complaining 😃

Hoping you are getting better x

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