So if I want confused before, I am now!

Having been diagnosed with moderate copd 5 months ago after spirometry and test, I was referred to a consultant because my doctors still thought my breathing was too laboured for the moderate diagnoses. Yesterday, the doctor at the hospital said he could not see anything untoward on the scan, he thinks I have some wear on the lungs after 35 years being a smoker but that is all. He thinks that I have acute depression and anxiety and gave me some tablets and told me to throw away my spiriva! I was thrilled to bits obviously but how can my doctors at my surgery got it so wrong with all the tests? Had any one else had a similar experience? I had a spirometry test done at the hospital yesterday and have to go back on a month so I am hoping to be feeling better by then. This doctor I must say was lovely and really listened. Made me realise I needed to change my GP. X

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  • No wonder you are confused! Definitely change of doctor - I agree. I think that sometimes they expect the results - after all you have been a smoker so you MUST have COPD! Thank goodness you were referred to the consultant. Good Luck TAD xx

  • good news at last on here after a upsetting few days, anyway i think tad is right about some doctors if you have smoked they give you what they are meant to give you and c u next year ..NEEXXTTT


  • You certainly do need to change your doctor they had no right to diagnose without seeing a consultant that's why they are general practitioners .

  • Good news carolcolley and wishing you well in the future. GP's can be wrong sometimes so maybe a change is in order. Good luck to you and take care. xxxxx

  • Great news Carol. :D

    I hope the people who's GPs are refusing to give them a referal to an expert are reading your post.I'm no expert but I believe the hospital equipment is far better than GP's

    It's also great that you had a CT scan that shows any damage already there.

    Take care of yourself now to prevent any infections wont you.

  • My surgery has a GP who puts records in the wrong patient's notes (mine!), a GP who prescribes medication without checking what other conditions a patient may have that would make it dangerous (me) and a GP who cannot read a finger/pulse oximeter (he confuses the oxygen and pulse readings - every time!). Think yourself lucky you have an option to change, my next nearest is nearly 20 miles away and will not cover this area. I avoid my surgery and always wait to see the consultant. So, yes, change as soon as you can. x

  • I am curious why a general practitioner would make a basic mistake interpreting your results at mild level confusion is commonplace much less so with moderate COPD. Consider a scenario where your doctor has provided a gloomy picture from the results aiding the end of a 35 year smoking habit suggesting exercise along with dietary lifestyle changes. An opportunity for positive change not given too most who will receive no diagnosis until they fall below 50% fev1.

  • Thanks for your replies. It's all very confusing and I really hope that the Hospital Doctor is right with both diagnoses! I well let you know after my next visit. I still don't feel convinced as my breathing is still bad, I don't feel right at all. All the symptoms for copd are there and quite acute! As I said when I first stated posting On this site!!!

  • my goodness no wonder you are confused carol. you really should be referred to an expert no matter what,, im a little confused myself reading the posts,,, but these feelings that you have now, surely warrant an experts advice, and expert technology, and an expert diagnoses,, i do hope you get this sorted out, and hope you feel much better jw xx

  • So Carol even with the good news, you still need to know what is causing your symptoms, so further investigation is required. If the consultant refers you back to your GP and if no further investigation is recommended by a specialising consultant in any other field. Definitely consider changing your GP. When the time comes speak with the blf helpline concerning these matters. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Yes indeed, you are right. That's what I will do. I just hope that I get it sorted. But I have to say that all the guys on this site have been incredible. So I thank you and all fit your kind responses.

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