Just Over My first Chest Infection.Mattcass

Hi Guys, 5 Days I could have done without, Along with my RA flare ups and Trapped Nerve my GP saw i was in a bit trouble and hammered in the anti-bios and several pain injections into my hips, And off course my Night Nurse ( Fran ) Who is still convinced i have a girlfriend at work she says who else would get out of their death bed to go to work, Matt

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  • Hullo, Matt: Glad that you have recovered from your chest infection. Sure you know about rescue packs etc. And are you sure you haven't got a G F at work??? Smiley

  • Ha ha,your Fran,is not just a pretty face!

    Hope things are better now for you,you are certainly a very determined young man!

    Take care,in that awful weather you're having xxx

  • Chest infection as well!!!! Hope you are now recovering and in less pain! Tell Fran she should just be grateful you are giving her a break!!!!! Take good care, love to you both TAD xx

  • Hi Tad I say to Fran what part of i work on my own do you not understand, from a distance mind.Matt

  • Distant mind, distant love. could be on the internet! Google it, ha,ha,ha,ha!

  • MC, you are an inspiration and a blinkin 'HERO' to us all. I don't think Fran has got anything to worry about has she, lets face it, who would have you in that condition eh' :)


  • Keep battling Matt. Your courage shines like a beacon. (But probably only because Fran polishes it?) :)

  • Hi Toci, Thank You, I'm seriously thinking of getting some flours for her i love fresh baked bread,Matt

  • Be careful - she may throw it at you! Seriously though, your courage must inspire many on here. Well done.

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