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Woohoo! Got a appointment at 5.20pm today with the Gp

Going to ask to be referred today to a lung specialist. Do I request a ct scan from the Gp or wait to see the specialist to send me for one, that's if she/ he will? Nothing showed up on my X-ray a few months ago. Still not feeling good after 5 days of Ciprofloxacin don't think my chest infection wants to leave! Too snug inside me! Lol

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I'd personally wait to see the specialist and bring the subject up with him/her Jeannaanne. They might prescribe you anti biotics you can inhale first though, to try and get the damn infection sorted before you get one. Don't quote me on that though, I'm just guessing. Good luck for your appointment.

Kath xx


Thanks x


When you see your consultant they will usually do an x-ray to see if there are any changes. It is unlikely you would be referred for a CT scan unless they are unsure of your lung condition or they are considering any surgical intervention.


Hi Jeannaanne...Glad that you're getting an appoitment with the lung specialist but do hope that you can get a CT scan.

The reason for this is because the last twice I was sent to casualty via my GP Xrays were done on both occasions (the last time I was also given a CT scan too). Regarding the Xrays two different doctors told me that these don't really show up enough to indicate changes with COPD. I'm a bit confused about it really cos that's mostly the test we're offered but the CT scan showed up everything very well....Lovelight


Same here Lovelight & Jeannane. Had several x-rays all apparently 'clear' but the CT scan showed clearly the damage already there.

I wasnt happy until I'd had a scan and would have begged, borrowed & stolen to get a private one if neccessary. Good luck Jeannanne

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Congrats, referral to consultant. Consultant will send you for CT scan to determine diagnosis if that is not already clear. And consultants don't usually take GP or respiratory nurse word for a diagnosis, its not their area of expertise.

Good luck


Hurray!!!! Gp was amazing within 2 mins of explaining he said " I'll refer you" should be seen soon and he said they'll do ct scan etc everything you need. Feels great! As for my infection not completely gone Gp said to see how I feel Monday and to come bk if no better :-)


I haven't posted here for a long time although I have been reading the posts now and again and when I read your post about being referred to the hospital I just hope you're experience is better than mine , I asked to be referred for a second opinion in August and 20 weeks later I am still waiting .we have a new hospital in the forth Valley so I thought I may be lost in the system so I phoned them on Friday the receptionist looked me up in the computer and she found me I was so happy thinking she was going to tell me my appointment would be soon, butno luck what she did tell me was the waiting time for the respiratory clinic is 38 weeks , has anyone else had this problem or is the NHS in Scotland a joke !!!


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