yep, getting near new year ,feeling real grotty (,heading for an exaberation?) i`ve spent 4 out of the last 6 new years in a hospital some where, last new year it was my local hospital , another holiday ruined, i didn`t book a holiday for this new year ,I`ve cut the middle man out ( national holidays ) and saved myself some money ,just thought, I`d get that little moan out of the way. otherwise every one have a great xmas and new year

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You too Whit. Hope you stay out of hospital this year.

Back to you Whit,as Suzy says,keep out of hospital this year!

Happy Xmas! xx

Oh Whit I do hope it will not be hospital for you this year and you are soon on the mend, maybe if we all think positive thoughts for you we can ward it off, well we can give it a try.

Hope you do get a Good Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

polly xx

No no no no! You are NOT going to hospital this year!!! Repeat after me -" I am not going to hospital this year"

Come back to us in the new year with the good news. Positive vibes heading your way x

Try not to get too down, Whit. Difficult when you have a history of illness. As long as you have your meds and a rescue pack handy, you can only hope. We are always here to help and advise. XXX

Oh miserable! Hope it is just a passing lurgy. Take good care and wishing you a very healthy new year xxx

You are entitled to have a moan. Hope you keep well. Joyce

Have my fingers crossed for you to stay home, and be well for Christmas and new year Whit.

I don't know some people will go to any lengths to get out of cooking the Christmas dinner lol


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