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Anxious with memory loss fear

The docs have done tests that tell them more and it took a short stopover in hospital that freaked me out my daily routine that kept me together gone in a heartbeat. It was terrifying the way jumping in a icy pool is when fear tells you that there will be no way out.

Came out into a better day when they told me the only drugs were citalopram when my nightmare was heavy sedation as living passed me by. Family tell me that they see me lifting slowly but not feeling safe or in control any time soon. The next stage of relaxation therapy / aromatherapy with some talking the docs tell me will put me further than I have felt away from the darkness that was swallowing me.

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Hi Mimi,it sounds as if you are going through a really tough time,but as things are lifting a bit,as you said,you might be finding the light at the end of the tunnell!

The relaxation/aromatherapy,sound good,& I wish you every success with it.

Hang on in there,& do little nice things for yourself.It sounds as if you have family support,which is really good,

Hugs to you,love Wendells xxx

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Hiya Mimi. I had relaxation therapy some years ago and it worked out very well. I can't say about the aroma therapy as I have never had it. It is a long way to come back but it can be done. Just try to feel positive that one day things will be good again. Wishing you all the best.

Bobby xx


Meditation calms my mind so I can sleep whatever lifts you from the icy pool Mimi keep on up


I wish you well with your treatment


Your daily tonic


Hi Mimi, I hope that each day is a little less dak for you and i echo what Wendells says - plus the hugs!

Wishing you all the very best for the future, Peeg


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