Looks like lung tissue i have been coughing up is sepsis infection and thats is what as caused holes

Looks like lung tissue i have been coughing up is sepsis infection and thats is what as caused holes

Well it not all bad as i have evidence of asbestos fibers stuck in coughed up tissue.

Why do a say its sepsis remeber a previous post about my steroid inhaler giving me the shakes on occasion well given my new diagnosis one of a growing list could that not of been sepsis shock but like my doc said at blood test all my antibodies are in good nick normal levels

few :)

But yep i have always maintained my infections are caused by asbestos fiber inhalation thus sticking in my respority bronchioles and alveoli or what ever the called.

Now its not easy to explain or even spell ... But like that as ever stopped me

My breathing as deteriorated threw scar tissue or infections thus of late i have been suffering from hyperventilation syndrome or dysfunctional breathing now as as a Co2 retainer could it not be

Acidosis caused by asbestos fiber inhalation resulting in what my doctors kindly call bronchial sepsis which results in progressive lung damage i.e like my pic illustrates holes in your lung tissue scar tissue and infections on a never ending cycle.

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  • Yep forgot to ad sepsis you can get from having constant hospital iv lines and needles .. What the diffrance in hospital needle sticking in me and asbestos fiber sticking in my lung.

    Well i would prefer hospital one than lots of asbestos ones


  • Dare I ask Daz............could you actually be getting somewhere at last?! Good for you and never give up the fight. Good luck and bless you. xxxx

  • Hi sassy59 cheers thanks yep a think i am .. Well chipping away at wall of silence :)

  • Daz its never ending for you - good luck TAD xxx

  • Hi tadaw cheers thanks :)

  • Daz, you've got so much going on, yet you plod on, regardless. Your determination is astounding. Good luck in your quest for some answers. xx

  • Hi thanks but to kind am just like everybody on here looking fir answers or to forget and somewhere in between a cure

  • When you tell us your experiences I to wonder where you find the willpower to keep going and not give in. Hope one day you get the answers you are looking for. Have a good Christmas best wishes

  • Dont think its will power .. More distraction.

    But do find it interesting .. Is a shame a never did when i was at school tho

    But a do hope my experiance pictures will help other and not be in vain as when i was looking for mechanics of progressive lung disease or asbestosis there is nothing just bit and bobs everywhere

    Anyway cheers thanks wishing you all the best xmas new year

  • Hope you have a nice Christmas daz.... At least we all in the same boat... Shame it's the bloody titanic lol x

  • Hi cheers yep agreed ... Wishing you all the best and happy xmas .


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