Help, Help, Help. My brain has not caught up with my body yet. My body knows and lets me know I cannot do what I used too. My brain on the other hand, is on a different planet. Sun shines through window, and automatically go into I can do that mode.

Well I am sat here,Still in my nightie. Because i thought this mad urge I had to sort things out, would only take and hour at the most. That was this am. And I am still surrounded by objects that need putting away and sorting out. I would go for a lay down, but oh no!! some bright spark has put things on the bed as well. I won't do this again in a hurry. Can some one please put a joke on the post, in need of humour? Nannyb xxx

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This is a mistake I have also made. Quick solution? Sweep the bed! Let everything go onto the floor until you feel up to sorting it - later today or perhaps tomorrow. xx

I tried to wake the tidy up fairy so she could come and give you a hand but she refused due to stress as I overworked her yesterday. So the best I can do is send the dump me fairy, but you have to supply the black bin liners. A cup of tea and chocolate cake is on its way to give you energy, however could you please give the pigeon some water and seed before you send him home. Hope this helps regards Dozy

Thank you Dozy, I could really do with the dump me fairy. I hate getting rid of things. And I will feed the pigeon, and he can have a rest in my bird house. Nannyb xx

Thanks Toci, I would if I could, but have told my grand-daughter she can have a sleep over as she calls it. Nannyb xx

Hi pergola, I do throw the washing down the stair's.. The things I'm sorting are a lot of craft items. I have just cheered my daughter up, as I have box's of silk flowers, and I have had enough of the being there. So I have told her she can come and get them. I'm craft down sizing. Going to just stick to my jewelry making I think. Nannyb xx

Hi pergola, I have given a lot of things away on freecycle over the last couple years. I got my piano from there last year. Nannyb xx

Make sure you have a flask of coffee and a sandwich to take in. don't want you going hungry. xx

Love the flower, xxx

I know how you feel Nannyb, I'm still getting used to the idea that I can,t do all that I used to, and as fast, without getting puffed out and having to rest etc etc. Slowly slowly is the best way and don't pressure yourself to rush and treat yourself to a cuppa and a biccy mid way :)

Enjoy the sleepover with your granddaughter, you should make it a pajama party so that way you can stay in your nightie :)

Good thinking Pinkyme, Pyjama party it is. She will like that, she's only 4 going on 40, she makes me laugh. especially when it's time for bed, she holds my hand to help me up the stair's. Nannyb xx

Bless her, what a sweetie. Glad she looks after you. Have a great evening x

not sure if this may do it :)

I enjoyed that, Thank you xx

I just searched funny cleaning up or something like that :) Just woken up from snoozes in the chair and now is time for bed . Sweet Dreams one and all :) x

Oh nannyb and so say all of us!When Im in bed I say right tomorrow Im gonna do this this and this.I get as far as the kitchen and become a drapey darth vader,lol. :) Janexx

Hi jane, my hubby says I sound like darth vader, glad I don't look like him. I have just finished, and I think I may need a month off now. I certainly won't do that again . Nannyb xx

Being a classic type A, it's very hard not to slow down. Also since I have nurses, speech therapists (voice damage due to throat cancer and radiation treatment and 3 intubations), social worker and other visitors, I feel ashamed about the mess in my room. Explain that COPDers need things within easy reach. Don't mention that I have always been messy. Loved the study reported n the NY Times that messy people are creative. Yes, am creatively messy.

Do plan my days and take frequent rests during periods of activity. Washout on meditation though.

Hi drd4, If you don't mind, I will use that study report, to explain my mess. I am sorry to read about your illness, I wouldn't think, you have time to do anything about the mess, with the traffic of people coming to your house. Take care, Nannyb xx

Been there and done that nannyb so your not alone.

OhNanny b. what are you like. If I could I would come and help you. Just push it off and do a bit tomorrow or the next day. That will be there when you aren't is what my Mother used to say to me.

I do that also, But I have the perfect solution.

I just puff and pant -- and my wife does it for me.

Works every time!!-----------------SO FAR ANYWAY.


Ha Ha I puff and pant and my husband says "what on earth made you start that"

Ha, No offer of help from hubby then?

Just say to hubby............X years of looking after you !!.


Famous saying .......... Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Hope it is correct cos I now live by it. Joyce

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