For the last couple of weeks I have had this cough mostly when I am talking, it takes my breathe away (is that a song?) I cough and cough and cough, if I have a drink of water it helps for a while, the cough seems to be only in my throat, seems like an irritation so today I have decided to start taking my antihistamines to see if this will help.

polly xx

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My husband has been the same - I wondered if he was just getting used to the central heating being on all the time! If it doesn't clear up please just go to the doctor to get it checked - I will drag my husband in a week or so; though his maybe a side effect to a new blood pressure med. Take care, TAD xx

Hi Tadaw must say I did think it might be the central heating as well, but it happens when I am in the shopping stores as well. Will give it a while and then get checked out if it does not clear up.

polly xx

Try letting a spoonful of honey just trickle down your throat this sometimes helps

Hi polly, not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but be sure you are gargling and rinsing after taking inhalers. xx

Yes Toci I do so can't be that.

polly xx

hope you start feeling better soon

Micky xx

Hi pollyjj, sometimes cough's can be due to humidity changes, with central heating they recommend putting a bowl of water in the room, don't know what to suggest when it's the shops though. My friend & I sometimes get this when travelling on coaches we suck mints it helps a little but isn't an hard and fast solution. good luck with finding an answer

Hi Pollyjj I suffer with an irritating cough all the time which then leaves me with 'a hairy throat' so if I breathe in through my mouth sets the cough back off which can lead on to my throat going into a spasm :( so for me I always have some kind of cough sweet and a bottle of covonia original which i have a very small swig if water and cough sweet dont work,that little swig coats the hairyness which gives my throat chance to recover,at the moment with heating on then off it is happening more,temp change is always a challenge for us with dodgy lungs.If this is a new cough for you keep a close eye on it and maybe a trot to the docs might be in order eh? :) Janexx

Hi Jane, most of the time with me it is when I am talking (I am sure my husband would have the answer). but it is just like a spasm, I will try to keep some cough sweets at hand thanks.

polly xx

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