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Flu jab an stomach pains?

Hi me again.as a lot of you know I have copd therefore qualify for the seasonal flu jab.

However,the past 2 years have left me with awful stomach pains just a few hours after having it.

I've mentioned it to my gp,who just brushes it off with"the flu jab doesn't give you stomach pains" so I'm none the wiser.

Anybody else suffer like this?

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Hi, someone who knows what's in it will reply soon.

I just know that my daughter was a bit distreseed last week when her 10 week old had vaccination injections in each little thigh and also an oral vaccination against gastro stuff. Two days later she is violently sick.

The 2 year old had flu vacc. up her nose. All marvellous but something (sorry I cant remember which) contained formaldahyde!


Peeg, this sounds awful!


I know, horrific. I didn't know what to say, I'm totally off the ball with childhood stuff. Anna being a young mum is of course tuned in to the modern baby/child world. I'll see them tomorrow so will find out more. I suspect she was talking about Daisy's flu vaccine but will check.

I was very on the ball when mine were small, so much so I decided to follow unconventional wisdom & didn't allow Nellie to have the measles part of MMR.

Result: she had measles very badly at 13, god knows what damage that did to her lungs. :(

I'll post if I find out about the formaldehyde.


Oooer peeg they use formaldahyde to preserve dead bodies dont they? Your probably right though if we knew half the ingredients in some things it would make our hair curl.Case in point the beloved cigarette,Didnt put me off though arnt we daft! :) Janexx


yes, but better late than never for you LL. The girl did good! :) Peeg


Sorry, can't help as it is not a reaction I have had.


Due you have a problem with eggs? If so it might be that as they are incubated in eggs.

The 2 previous jabs I had a very sore red arm for about 2 weeks but this last one I did feel rough for a week.


I have copd and have been on long term medication, I've had my flu jab with no problems, but what I have just got is some very bad pains it my chest, my doctor has given me some gastro resistant hard capsules called (Omeprazole20mg), which seem to be doing the trick, this problem I've got seem to be from a build up of being on long term med's, this mite be of help to you.


Hi offcut,no,I don't have any problems with eggs at all.

Lyndene,hi there.im already on omeprazole too.was hoping that maybe they would keep the pains at bay,but as it turns out,I'm not taking a chance with the flu jab this year.and just pray I don't catch it.

Thank you for all your replies tho.

Great help.xxx


Hi Fantasy3 I was going to say the same as offcut about the egg thingy.What a shame for you.You must make sure even more to stay away from coughs and sneezzes .Keep well,warm and breathe easy. :) Janexx


Well fantasy three guess really you have to weigh up the situation yourself i.e short term stomach pain from the jab/ or risk of flu making your long term lung condition worse. Sounds like you have made your decision so fingers crossed you don't get flu. Best wishes x

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I believe they use different strains of vaccine every year (or thereabouts) so what gave you the gip last year might not this year........... I think I'd rather have belly ache than weeks on antibiotics and/or more lung damage :(


I don't get stomach aches, but I get the flu when I have a flu jab. I had pneumonia, so I hope to be vaccinated against that. I was too ill to receive it. On top of this, I have a lack of white blood cells (stabilised) so I don't really know if I can develop the right antigens!


Hi Fantasy 3

You may be allergic to eggs I am and this is but one of the symptoms I have experienced with the flu jab and slightly on eating a boiled egg. I had a flu jab many years ago as part of my protection for my job and that is when the symptoms came to the fore in earnest. Flu jabs are cultivated in or on an egg …. the albumin (white) as far as I know and this is a protein. Please see my post Flu Jab - Egg Free - or Not. Ask your GP for allergy tests.

Failing that monitor yourself when eating eggs in whatever form.




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