The Salt Cave

Hi everyone... after a visit to the GP this evening, I was asked to start my rescue meds. Was thinking that eventually resistance to the antibiotics will happen so had a look on the Web for natural solutions. Came across the Salt Cave offering natural salt therapy supposedly clinically proven . First visit free. Does anyone have any knowledge or personal experience of this therapy please?.

I have to take personal responsibility for this recurrence as I looked after my twin grandsons last week- end and they were sneezing, coughing, high temps the little loves and yesterday I took them to Chessington World of Adventures. I got caught in a sudden downpour but we had a great time! :)


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Have also read up on salt caves. I asked my consultant said would it be worth a try but he said the saline prescription he had just given me for my nebuliser would do the same thing. I did fancy trying it though xx

Whoops Holly. That's the sort of thing I do. I hope you've caught it early and it isn't too bad.

There was some discussion on salt caves some time ago, before the site changed so I think it will all be lost.

At the time I had a google and found some info on t'net. Not much but have a look.

If I needed to I think I'd give it a go though.

Take care and get well soon xx peeg. PS I don't live too far from Chessington :)

Hi Peeg......I've had a lot of replies to this question and the salt caves sound quite a positive thing to try out. My infection has caught hold now as am coughing a little bit but even though I have begun the antibiotics the GP never mentioned to take the prednisalone as well. I'm wondering if I should.My peak flow reading was / is 250. Thanks for your reply. Holly. xxx PS my grandsons havn't stopped chatting about the fun they had at Chessington :)

Hiya Holly.On balance I think you probably should, especially if your breathing is a bit off. 250 seems low to me.

Do you take Mucodyne to soften the mucus? If not drink loads of non-caffiene drinks (sorry, I'm sure you know that already). Now get off to bed Mrs and sleep well xxx

Just had a little read and it does look tempting , even just to say you have done it

Hi, not sure quite what u all mean , but maybe there's a connection here somewhere....I went to Scarborough and for the first time in weeks I could BREATHE better I did not use my inhalator as much , I said t my husband I thought it was the salt from the sea as much as the fresh air ...of maybe I am wayyyyy off mark here , but I am learning :)Sue

Interesting what you said about being by the sea. I live five minutes walk from the sea shore and I have to say that I have not noticed any difference when I am walking along the prom which I do each morning. In fact breathing gets worse when the humidity is high. Perhaps in Scarborough the humidity is low.

On the other hand, may e I would be much worse if I did not live by the sea!

Stay well


Might just be t' grand Yorkshire air tha knows. Just bin mesel barnsleysue - could a passed yer by. cx

Tha may av lol tha cud a bin at side o me

sue whats your weight,bernicexx

Not sure , 9 1/2 ish stone ( size of a small whale lol ) why :sue

sometime can effect your breathing ,im just 8st,im ok with that 8,bernice

whats your height,im 5,3

I am 5, 4 , and I have always been 8 stone t 8 sone. 3 most of my adult life untill last 3 or 4 months ..I think it's Sumatra in the inhalator:sue

seems were all different,jak in mine,bernicexx

Mmmmm that's interesting , maybe it is low humidity ....can anyone else give answer for us ? ..some 1 will c post & prob know something about it ...hope yr well :sue

I had a 45 minute session in a salt cave a couple of weeks ago. It was divine. If I could go a couple of times per week I would. Unfortunately, it is quite a distance from my home, but I am going to make an effort to get there a couple of times per month.

What area is the salt cave Pat? Very glad you found it beneficial , I had rea d good things about them peeg

I live in the U.S. but if you have one near you, I believe it can really help. I have a friend who was lucky enough to be able to go to one near where she lived 3 times a week. She did that for a month and said she felt better than she had in years. Salt has healing properties. I did cough a bit when inhaling through my mouth to begin with, but after about 10 minutes I felt very comfortable. It was a 45 minute restful experience for me. I am planning to take my grandson with me next time. He has mild asthma.

Hi-about 20 years ago I volunteered for research into asthma/respiratory problems at Southampton Uni. They wanted healthy volunteers with no alllergies . I had baseline breathing tests, then the next visit was inhaling salt solution through a nebuliser to produce sputum for testing, so I guess it either irritates or thins mucus. The next step woukd have been lung biopsy but I wimped out I'm afraid!

Hi Gidge

The nebulised saline draws fluid into the lungs which helps to loosen the gunk.

love cx

Hi Holly,

I go to one of the salt caves, in Milton Keynes. There are a few around, the website lists them all.

I have asthma and bronchiectisis, and while it hasn't 'cured' me, I know that when I go I cough more as it loosens the mucus (in similar way to a saline neb as a previous person said) and I get less chest infections. I also went with sinusitis one time and that was instant relief! I take my 3 year old nephew and 1 year old niece as they both have bad eczema and they went from red raw needing regular steroid creams etc to clear skin, it gets worse again when we haven't been for a while so it shows it works!

The one I go to (and I think most of them) has an adult room which is very relaxing, with chairs and loungers, I bring a book but usually end up falling asleep :-), and a children's room with toys. books etc.

Give it a go, especially as the first session is free, if you can find one near enough, you've got nothing to lose :-)

Good luck,

Victoria x

Hi Victoria

Thank you for sharing this. I'm definitely going to give it a go. I have an infection just brewing so will have to wait until i'm over the worst of it . My three year year old twin grandsons were born with bronchiolitis and asthma so will take them along with me as well..

Thank you again..... Holly, x

Hi all

I thing that the sessions are quite expensive ! - try a salt pipe - very helpfull

stay well Jim

Is a salt pie ok t use with c o p d ? They sell them in holland & Barrett

ye sue,15pound,i havnt got 1,ave seen em,bernicexx

sue at mod you shouldn't need 1,go back to gp get sorted proper,ave you a infection you don't no you have,bernicexx

Will check wi dr :sue

yeh,ask questions,bernicex

I gonna get 1 , give it a whirl ..I was worried it would b off limits with me using inhalator , thanks for info :sue

not of limits no,bernicexx

My husband is in hospital at the moment, and I think they said they are going to try a salt saline through his nebuliser to try and clear some of the muck off of his chest, because his chest was very tight. Hope this helps him at least they seem to be trying different things this time.

I also have COPD as well as other illnesses. I have to use my nebuliser 6 times a day and two of them are the salt saline type and I find they are doing me good, so obviously they are helping me. I think salt must have some healing properties, but as for the salt caves I wish I'd tried them xx

I am going t look on web for salt mines :sue


I have COPD and I take my nebuliser 4 times a day the one I take at night nebusar7% means that there is 7% salt and this clears your lung of all the gunge. I take this morning and night. So there must be something in the salt which helps.


that's interesting info :sue

When you go to the coast the ozone makes breathing much easier.

Hi rick , wish I could move t coast I felt really good with my breathing in Scarborough :sue

i tried this a couple of years ago when one started in edinburgh went about 4 times never felt any benefit at all it is nice and relaxing though spoke to my respitory nurse and she said it was a waste off money but each one off us is different so worth a try if you feel it would help.

Yr right what works for 1 does not work for others :sue

I heard theres no 2 peeps same with copd,must be true,bernicexx

I think it is true Bernice , we all different ...going out tonight t a club , not sure what turn is on but it's a night out t shower , catch u later . Hope u have a good evening whatever u r up t :sue

ave a good time,bernice

hi yes i have heard of salt mines they are very posh places i seen pics on net if you google i guess you would be able to see where your nearest one is and how much but on ebay or google if you type in salt pipe i have one they are very good but its a thing you must use everyu day to get benefit but yes it certainally will help you shirley

Thank you Shirley. I will look into getting a salt pipe also.

Best wishes


my husband has c.o.p d and i got him A salt pipe from Agora health which you can also get on Amazon he has been realy good has not needed antibiotics or steroids for months get the one that lasts for 5 years and you dont need to refill it is guaranteed to work or you get your money back

Hi All

Salt is used as a preservative in foods. the reason it is good at that is the way in which it reacts in a solution with other liquids. If a salt solution is mixed with a non salt solution the levels of saline have to equalize throughout the liquid.

Bacteria contain liquid and as the saline caused the liquids to equalize the cell membrane is ruptured causing the bacteria to die. This process is known as Osmosis.

Remedies for clearing block nose (cant spell sinas) years ago involved inhaling sea water through the nose. I know my father used to do this. I dont think I could manage it myself without drowning. I think for me the saline nebs are the safest option but for the more adventurous try sea water.

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