PR Group Session 3

Hi all, I had my 3rd PR session yesterday, it wasn't so easy this time as I am at the tail end of a Flare up and on Monday night I was unable to get any sleep at all so that I had to do the session with a tight chest, coughing and no sleep for 34 hours (have just read the leaflet with the prednisilone and it says that this is a possible side effect). I made it through the session and even met my targets for the Exercise circuits and Treadmill and exercise Bike so I was quite pleased with myself even though I felt completely shattered. Slept great last night though!

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  • Well done for going! My husband has found this course he is doing very difficult and, to his credit and like you, has persisted and gone. It has definitely made a tremendous difference so please stick with it! Hope you are feeling much better very soon. Take good care. TAD xx

  • Thanks TAD, feeling better for having a good sleep, coughing is not as bad as it was so hopefully it will stop soon! Best wishes to you and your husband!

  • You are realy going well hertsguy! Glad you are keeping up with things,but don't overdo it,if not well! Most groups allow you to catch up on what you missed,at the end.

    Hope the meds kick in well for you,

    .love Wendells xx

  • Thanks Wendalls!

  • Hi

    Very we'll done, they do recommend that you get actives as soon as possible after a. Flare up. Doing your full session proves this, as you know your body will soon protest if you go to far.

    Again we'll done , I have continued with my excercise Having recently completed a course.

  • Thank you Stone! Glad you have benefited from the course.

  • Hi Hertsguy good for you,although shattered you must be pleased with yourself smiley faces all round lol.Takecare of those lungs!Janexx

  • Thanks Jane will try and yes I am feeling pleased with myself!!

  • Keep it up hertsguy ,you will feel the benefit of going to PR.Sleep tight


    Your daily tonic

  • Thanks KOTC!

  • Well done hertsguy, wishing you all the very best.

  • thank you Jolyn

  • am told we need to be careful when exercising with exacerbation. I was able to postpone sessions in PR when I couldn't make it because i was not well enough.

  • Yes juliekkay, I was told this too, luckily I started my rescue meds in time to prevent it turning into a full blown exacerbation. The Pulmonary nurse at my GP's (a lovely lady named Karen) said that I did exactly the right thing!!

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