an update from me plus: A MASSIVE THANK YOU

I dont know if I've got copd because I was so overjoyed at hospital's chest clinic on 23rd that I forgot to ask!

The registrar's first words to me when I went in "well Penelope, I'm quite shocked".

My heart sank & I asked her to tell me the worst. She said "there is no worst, I'm so surprised, I was expecting to see a lot of holes and more damage". She then explained the CT scan and told me that apart for a few bits of damage my lungs were beautiful.

I think I cried just a tiny bit.

It's taken a while to get there ( nearly 4 years with 5 bouts of pneumonia, 2 bouts of severe pleurisy, countless bouts of chronic bronchitis lasting weeks or months, not to mention the misery, fear and worry) but now I know I dont have bronchiectasis or allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis or asbestosis I feel like the worlds luckiest woman.

I completely believe it's thanks to you wonderful people on the BLF who've helped me to get so much better with your advice on breathing, exercise, how to help myself, ask the right questions and the PR course. I've learnt so much from you and have an insight into lung disease to carry me into the future with worsening asthma.

I just cannot thank you enough.

I'm positive that it's been with your help that I've not had a bout of chronic bronchitis for 6 whole months (I probably shouldn't have put that into words)!

My heart goes out to you all especially those who are really suffering. I also admire your fortitude and how most of you are so positive and upbeat.

I love this site.

I wont sign off because I may be able to help others and I need to know how you're all getting on - it's a bit like a family, you worry & miss people if you've not heard from them in a while.

On other news, I've been helping my daughter Anna after the c-section birth of her 2nd beautiful daughter (nothing like sisters, I have 2 :) ) . I flipping shattered and decided to let her manage this week so I'm really enjoying being at home. I've been living out of a suitcase since 30th August because I've also spent a lot of time looking after a friends elderly father who broke his hip.

Love to everyone, keep warm, stay well xxxxxxx Penelope ps are flu jab appointments made? I shall make mine today, no procrastinating now!!

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thats great news and lovely news that you are not going to forget us.

Take care love Dorothy xxx

so pleased to hear your wonderful news, peeg, and also that you are staying with us. Why should you leave! You can help others. Love Annieseed x

Hi is nice to recive good news well done to you :)

Cheers all the best

Hi Penelope, what amazing news and I hope you continue to stay as well as you can from now on. Get the flu jab booked and it is onward and upward for you. Lots of love, Carole xxxxx

Congratulations Peeg, this is wonderful news. You have helped me immensely and I'm very grateful to you.

Best wishes


Wow Penelope how lovely to hear this fantastic positive news. I am so thrilled for you. Onwards and upwards for you lovely.

love cx

Fantastic news. You sound so happy and well deserved it is too.

Lynne xx

PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Brilliant news how happy are you,so made up for you Penelope.Be proud of your own hard work in looking after you.How right you are re this forum i completely agree with you 150% such a great positive group we are! Long may this continue.As you say your a family member and very much valued you most certainly help me! Celebrate with those beautiful lungs of Janexx

Very good news all round :)

Tremendous to hear your uplifting post.

Wonderful news Peeg, now go enjoy your grand babies :)

Of course keep in touch here too.

Best wishes BC

Wonderful news peeg on your results and so glad your not leaving us you have helped me and Iam sure many other people on this site :) oh and a big congrats on you becoming a nanna again best wishes pam xxx

That's great news for you Peeg I am pleased for you.

It's good news week !!!!! Peeg


Your daily tonic, make sure you keep taking it

I love it when someone has good news gives hope to us all, go out and really live your life to the full.

Good luck

Kim xxxxx

Just read your post and can't stop smiling, truly happy for you and with you x x.

Fantastic post made me smile so happy for you take good care TAD x x

In the words of the great Spock, " live long and prosper ". :)

Hey Puff, how lovely to see you :) hope you're okay and thanks to you xxx

WOW! All power to you and your great LUNGS! Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! :-) :-) Love Alison

Wow, again, thank you all so much. What a dear bunch you are, it's great to have you when truth be told, friends and family just don't get it :D


Oh, peeg that is WONDERFUL news! You must be feeling really elated. However, it does not give an 'excuse me note' - you are not released from duties and you have to stay around 'cos we would really miss you. xx

What fantastic news!!!! So happy for you. You have always been supportive to me so please don't go anywhere - you would be missed. xx

Peeg, how lovely to hear such happy news. It really cheered me up. I've only been on here 5 mins and with your news, the baccy battler's winning the fight and KOTC's fire engine joke, I'm feeling good. It's great when someone has good news, long may it continue.

Angie. xx

What fantastic news,you must be overjoyed,& becoming a Nan again,how wonderful!!

Do have a rest now,it sounds as though you deserve it,lovely lady!

Please do stay,we would all miss you & your posts,

Hugs & love Wendells xxx

Lovely to read such a happy post, thankyou for cheering us up, like sunshine in a jar.

Hope you stay well this winter, good luck to you Peeg.

Fab news you must be thrilled

Good to hear you have a happy ending take care xx

thanks for the good news, looks like we gonna parttttttttttttttyyyyyy mind you it means you can now sing a long with your beautiful lungs hahahahhah only been here a week myself and everyone has been so nice and helpful, so I hope you will stay and help the newbies, best wishes for your new start, bless yurs all Joan x

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