To all HealthUnlocked members ...............from KOTC

Yesterday I received a reply from a member friend on this site. I thought to myself how nice it was to hear from him after quite sometime. This set me wondering about other members and isn't it nice to see old and new members using and participating ,be it for medical information,a chat or a bit of light hearted humour.

I very seldom used to get Private Messages but they have increased a lot over the last two months.

I do try to welcome the ever increasing numbers of new members to this friendly BLF site full of information, talk and humour.I hope that you all take the opportunity to welcome new members through messages,

The site is definitely going from strength to strength, particularly on the medical help side of things.

A little clean,lighthearted humour is also well appreciated .Keep the jokes coming in! I like to read other peoples funnies.

Well done to all of you for making this site so good.


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  • Well said KOTC lol x I have only had one PM so far lol x

  • Thank you Bliss2. It is the HealthUnlockders that make the site

  • Well said KOTC ! :)

  • Puffthemagicdragon, you help with your contributions to make the site what it is

  • credit where it's due KOTC a lot of the site's success I put down to your friendliness, helpfulness and of course - your jokes xx

  • And your input always keeps me on my toes undine

  • Yes KOTC your posts are really uplifting I find myself smiling every day after reading your input! Thank you. M

  • It is your smile and input that helps keep the whole site smiling Mocary

  • I feel much better about this site than earlier on - lots of nice newbies and a harmonious atmosphere. Thanks, King.

  • me too annieseed :D

  • Agreed peeg

  • Well said aniseed.Very true

  • Very supportive, very caring and very funny in no particular order. Thank you everyone. :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • It is 'Everyone' who makes this site so important Alison

  • Nicely put KOTC and I certainly feel very well supported on this brilliant site. It is lovely to see so many new people here as well as some old and familiar names. Take care all. xxx Carole

  • We are all cogs together that keeps this site turning in a friendly manner sassy59

  • You are quite right KOTC the site does seem better without tension and as always welcoming, helpful and supportive. Joyce

  • We all need each other in one way or another and I feel the site now has that comradeship Joyce

  • I am a newbie and i was in a right panic when i joined but thanks to all the replies of support and advice i am much calmer now i dont think i could of got through 1st few days of my husbands diagnosis thanks to google had it not been for the lovely people on here xx

  • That is what this site is all about sarah81,friends being helpful in time of need.

  • You have hit the nail on the head Your Majesty. More members, more support, this site gets better and better.

  • I couldn't agree more Toci

  • As good as it has ever been!!

  • That is a superb remark annieseed

  • It really does feel like a real and caring community now. You are a brilliant bunch of people. Great post as usual King! :-D

  • Hi KIng, I couldn't agree more, the site goes from strength to strength and even though I can't keep up with everything that's going on because there are so many new members and more posts I love sitting and reading them when I have time. A good time for me is when the soaps are on or Big brother etc etc then I log on. :) . There's some really great Healthunlockeder's and your one of them. :) By the way my 2nd team is Leeds Utd so I look forward to the Forest v Leeds clash of the titans on Sun 29th Dec.


  • Promises to be a good game. Looking at the way Torquay are going they might be swapping places with Hereford next season. Tony


  • i agree it is nice to be able to chat about anything with people in similar positions,im new to the site after being away for a while hope to chat in the future jim

  • It will be a pleasure to hear from you jim

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