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Have I been made into an activist?

I have had a few years of fighting with my health my bank my energy suppliers and the government of the day. All when I really do not have the finance or physical strength to put up a strong attack. It has seemed like a row of poles and one plank with only two directions to go forwards or backwards.

I have been in sales all of my working life so hate to lose, if I did not have that in the background I am sure I would of rolled over and took the punishment.

I am now a member of a number of groups that help in the fight against wrong decisions. This was at the start to help me in my own case. I will say not all wrongs should be righted but my own battles have scarred me and I want to see justice prevail. I have made signs for peeps that park in Disability bays without displaying the blue badge it is polite and asks them to display as they could be thought of being disrespectful to those that need it and if they do not have one should be ashamed of them selves.

I need more poles in other directions.

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Hi Offcut,

I admire your fighting spirit and wish I were more like you. I hate confrontation but would just love to say what I was thinking sometimes like you.

Sue x

That was a nice way to put it offcut,anyone who has been there knows how it feels, but why does it have to be a flight or fight route only. As you say there needs to be more poles going different ways.

No every one who is ill as a blue badge and there are loads with blue badges who should not have them ...

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I have seen many a young man with a six pack and heavy shopping park in them because he does not want to park his flash car any closer to another car. I get challenged because I am a young looking 58 year old, but I am happy to show my picture on my blue badge and offer my leaflets to them for Non Displayers. I do not have limbs missing but my mobility is not what it was and will never be. The most unfortunate thing is the law does not protect disability on shopping centre land. They are a gesture not a right. Can that really be the correct way forward. There was program on the telly not long ago were Birmingham council hit one street and found 70% were not the badge holders parking. This should happen more often and could be funded from all those parking tickets they hand out.

I am afraid my friend is not as polite as you, she has printed out a message she leaves on cars that are parked in disabled bays and do not display a Blue Badge:

May you never truly need this space and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.


Mine Says.

Failure to Display (which is big red letters)

Please display your disability badge. This facility has been kindly provided for the use of those that are in need of this space because it is close to the premises.

If you are not a holder of a Disability Badge then you are not showing any consideration to those that are not fortunate to be in good health or mobility, and should be ashamed of yourself for parking here.

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What are these groups and how could we support them offcut


Your daily humour tonic

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Good for you! Keep up the fighting! TAD x x

I like it lol...might just do that myself.

Over here(Aus) they have just lifted the fine,for parking without permit(disability) to $250.00 for first offence,on 2nd & subsquent $100 minimum,& 90 days community service.

still get the idiots doing it though!

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