Ho,hum Part 5

Ho, hum. Monday soon came around again and it is back to wall-to-wall soaps. Of course that means that I am sat here all alone once more. How can so many of you be addicted to soaps?

Talking of addiction, I think I might be addicted a tiny bit to those little electronic machines. You know the ones, the oximeter and the blood pressure monitor. Every morning and every night I sit there plugged in and wired up. Don’t move and don’t cough! It will affect the readings.

Right, blood pressure is 160 over 80. OMG! I am in serious danger. Oximeter says Sats are 90 and heartbeat is 120 beats per minute. Help! Somebody call an ambulance I need to get to the hospital.

See what I mean? It can send you crazy. I ought to chuck the ruddy things out of the window but I can’t. I need my machines. I must have my machines. If I didn’t have them, I could be dying and not know it. Help!

Is anyone else addicted to them?

Bobby xxx

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No just my nebuliser xx

Nope... and do you know why? Cause I don't have them LOL :) Simples :)

However, in my 3 apt flat, I do have 3 tv's, and I don't watch them! I've my ps3 hooked up to the 50" tv in the living room, so I can watch blueray movies, listen to my music or even play a game on it.... but to watch programmes ... nah.

Ya know your bp fluctuates throughout the day, why worry. You've medication for it, so remember to take it :)

Sandra x x x

Nowheeze, chuck the TVs out if you aren't going to use them!! Dust collectors. Seriously though, I dont do soaps, cant be bothered to pick the story up, but enjoy a good documentary or play. I have various catch up, netflix, kindle stuff, love music.Could you explain blueray movies? I have loads of games, apps, newspapers.

Blueray movies Anniseed, but better quality than DVD's. And I listen to my music on the same console, and also play single person shooter games on that console too :)

What's your best time round nurburgring and in what car ?

Ditto for Monaco ?

Aw, Chris I don't do racing games, although Burnout was good to play on the ps2. I prefer single person shooter games .... I'm lethal with a grenade launcher LOL :) x x x

Yes mum. lol

Bobby xxxx

Try tennis, well at least until East Enders comes on...............


You are suffering a serious case of machinitis I order you to step away from the machines now and spend some time with that poor Guinea piggy thingy in the garage. Hope you did't use the straight after your PR all those exercise your bodys not used to them


I'm not going near that ruddy guinea pige. He's vicious. lol

Bobby xxxx

Take no notice of the numbers, as long as you feel OK. I think not knowing what they were and meant is what kept me feeling happy in hospital and now I just check if I get tunnel vision ans slow recovery! :)

I'm not watching them tonight, cant focus. Oh well. X

Have you been at the wine again Chell?

Bobby xxxx

If only i had xxxx

Too busy singing here - can't stop now. LOL It's horrible - thank Crunchie we have no near neighbours. The cat has disappeared too. That's a result :) xx

The cat obviously isn't daft.

Bobby xxxx

Sorry,what was the question Bobby ????? Was watching corrie :)

Do you really want to go on my ignore list John? lol


WHINGER. Perhaps people prefer soaps Hee HEE


Understand perfectly Phillips1 - when I first got my oximeter I checked my stats about 8 to 10 times a day - down to about 4 or 5 a day now - weaning myself off a bit, but need to check I am still living ha ha and spell in hospital with dangerously low oxygen scared me - never want to feel like that again. Seriously though at least it makes me feel I have some control - oxygen level dropping - top up on the oxygen machine. simples eh - have not got a blood pressure one yet but tempting - are they expensive? xx

I got mine from Lloyds the chemists website. £14:99. It works pretty well. Nice and simple for an idiot like me.

Bobby xxx

thanks for info xx

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