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The last couple of weeks

.....................................The last couple of weeks

First of all there was Breathe Easy week,What did you or your BE group do help promote Breathe Easy. Breathe Easy Nottingham had a stand for a week in Nottingham City Hospital

by the Respiratory Unit. I manned the stand on the Tuesday and Thursday mornings during respiratory clinic times.

I attended my local 38 degrees campaigning group when I was able to introduce Breathe Easy,COPD.COPD after care and research to the new local Chair of Healthwatch Joe Pidgeon.

At a meeting of the Nottingham North and East Clinical Commission Group's COPD Strategy Group it was explained how things were progressing since the new moves that have taken place since April 1st in the NHS .One of the things discussed was the withdrawal of the self help mamagement plan .This to be replaced with individual plans equated to each individuals needs.

I attended a meeting in Leicester of the Patients and Public Improving Healthcare Research.

It was an 'Open Space' style event for ,patients the public,researchers and healthcare professionals,giving everyone the chance to share experiences,and work together to solve each others questions around how the patients and public can get involved and improve the impact of healthcare research.It gave me a great opportunity to promote Breathe Easy and the BLF and how could we help in COPD and COPD aftercare.

The event was supported by:-

OThe Health Foundation.............Inspiring Improvement

NIHR CLAHRC..........Making it real

KiP..................Knowledge into Practice

NHS.National Institute for Health Research

Simon Denegri Chairman of Evolve introduced the event

Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissiong Group's meeting 'No decision about me without me',that I attended at the Civic Centre was about the furtherence of the NNECCG since April 1st

They are know working in league with ,The Red Cross,Salvation Army.Age UK enabling them to be closer to people in need of specialist help and treatment thus reducing hospital admissions.These are operational in Nottinghamshire area only at the moment but having been successful so far they are expected to be rolled out Nationwide

During carers week I went to Sherwood Hall for a carers meeting'Medicine for Members'

A Focus on Supporting Carers

There was an introduction from Peter Homa,Chief Executive

Presentations were given by

Carering for Carers at NUH- Katie Moore-Head of Patient & Public Involvement

Trish Cargill-Chair of Patient Participation Group

Sarah Deakin-Practice Development Nurse-Dementia

Virtual Health clinic Presentation - J Tabreham

Carers week is a partnership of nine national charities.The partners support carers in a variety of ways.For more information visit

Age Uk 0800 169 6565

Carers Trust 0844 800 4361

Carers Uk 0808 808 7777

Independent Age 0845 262 1863

MacmillanCancer Support 0808 808 0000

Marie Curie Cancer Care 0800 716 146

MS Society 0808 800 8000

Parkinson's UK 0808 800 0303

The Stroke Association 0303 3033 100

Ten steps to help you prepare to care

1 Don't be afraid to ask questions.

2 Find out more about the condition and treatments/medication

3 Think about your finances

4 Talk to your emplyer

5 Find out about valuable support

6 Find a balance

7 The best laid plans-planning for emergencies

8 Make Time for you

9 Talk to other carers

10Be prepared for change

visit for more information

This meeting was by Nottingham University Hospitals

Market stalls were by:-

Adult Social Care Healt -Nottinghamshire County Council

Carers Federation


Dementia Group Radford Care Group

Department for Works and Pensions

Dissabillities Living Centre

GP Champion Project

NUH Charity

NUH Carers Support


Share your ideas

All in all it has been a very interesting two weeks(4 days in bed)

Organisations are now listening and asking for the public voice which can only be for the good.



Support your British Lung Foundation And Breathe Easy

03000 030 555 For details on joining Mon-Fri 10am 6pm

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Thats like a full time job.........................and you were not well.

Take it easy this week to get yourself back to normal.

And by what you have written here, there's not a lot wrong with your memory, notes taken or not. Well done


Only got one meeting this week.As for my short term memory loss that still happens.I can watch a programme on TV and as soon as it finishes I will not remember what has happened This will return to me at a later time When I go to a meeting I try to get myself as well informed as I can before hand ,at the meeting I try to talk about what I want to know about as this helps me as well as taking notes although I do prefer to listen.After two or three days my memory of meetings etc will return on most occasions.There is a lady on this site who's young grandson has the same problem..

Thanks for your kind words slade


I use to work for Headway, which is a charity for people with acquired brain injury.

I spent 9 years working with people who all had short term memory problems amongst other things. We found playing scrabble was a really good way of getting people to remeber words.

Writting down promp words, the list goes on .....................

Take care



I now have several ways of trying to help myself in different situations.I have only managed these over the last four years.At school I was always told off for cribbing, could work out the the answer to something in my head but could not remember how to write down the workings.There was no help or recognition of memory loss in those far off days and I was eventually told that 'my services were no longer required'.


Keep up the good work Your Majesty.


I will do it just for you my Sublect


That puts me to shame Richard but well done on all that lot when you weren't a 100% yourself :) x


Keeps me occupied and takes my mind off you for a little while


Wow you do keep busy - and for good causes - well done xx


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