what is tiotropium?

I have been to the Doc's with what I thought was a throat infection but I was wrong, the symptoms are a tight constricted throat with the feeling of a lump and shortness of breath, my friend suggested it may be anxiety which is more than likely. I have been prescribed tiotropium inhaler, the only other one I have is Salbutamol, does anyone have experience of tiotropium please.


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  • Yes, it's usually known as Spiriva - spiriva.com/ - lots of us seems to use it ;)

  • Tiotropium bromide is brand name Spiriva.

    Many here using Spiriva, I find it very helpful and do not have side affects.

    Hope you find this med works well for you too.

  • I to use spiriva and like BlakeyC no side effects


  • I use it, and no side effects for me.

  • I use it and don't think I have any side effects :)

  • I use it too. Apart from headaches for the first week or so, no side. Effects and it really works.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks to everyone. I will start using it tonigh.

    Lustre xxx

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