I guess this may havebeen covered before, re: insurance, flying etc.

Does anyone here still manage to have holidays to the sun?

I know that it will be different for me now, 'cause I am unable

to do what I have done in the past! And I would have to holiday alone.

I am so missing my travels. I am still coming to terms with COPD, and this

morning really struggled to walk my dog. But yet I still hanker and almost

convince myself that I can do it . . but can I ???

Would I get insurance cover?

My passport is about to run out and wondering if it is worth renewing, or

to just come to terms with !!

xx Ros xx

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  • I know lol . . . pigs may fly.

  • I`m in a similar position as you,divorced and on my own,I have COPD and Asthma,but don`t intend giving up my holidays,its fine for people with breathing problems to go on holiday,insurance costs more due to the various illness`s,but shop around for it,if your on oxygen(I`m not) then it can be arranged to be supplied wherever you go in the world,let the tour operator know of any extra needs you might have,there have been other blogs on this subject and other people might tell you better than I can,but for me personally I fully intend travelling for a good few more years,next year I`m going to visit friends in Canada.

    I get breathless,sometimes worse than others,but I know my limits,love my sunshine hols,sunbathing,swimming and just generally chilling out.

    Good luck and I hope you have many great holidays,that reminds me I must check my passport to see when its due for renewal.xx

  • Oh WOW, I will renew my passport . . that is so uplifting for me. Many thanks Hopefull. . . .

    I will look into it. just longing to back to Sri Lanka perhaps for Crimbo.

    xx Ros xx

  • Hi Ros xxx

    Not knowing your age I don't know if it'd be possible as it's for the over 50 s, but there is Saga, which my Mum loves.

    My 76-year old Mum who has got a horrible mucousy cough, asthma, hypothyroidism, leg cellulitis , atrial fibrillation and so on, travels alone (my Dad died in 2006). She has found that Saga holidays look after people brilliantly. She feels safe with them and they are experienced at taking their holidaymakers all over the world.

    koala xxx

  • Yes I have looked at the Saga, but gosh, they are sooooo expensive.

    I am 62 Koala.

    I have been forced to give up work, and although I get Dis.Allowance,

    I had to cash my private pension in to pay for my daughters wedding.

    I manage to accumulate enough for a holiday because I barely go out,

    other than with my dog, and to the shops.

  • Yes unfortunately they are expensive.

    I think my Mum, being quite a bit older and having lost her husband suddenly some years ago, wants to travel "while she still can" and is extravagant to the extent she would never have been before. She is fortunate in that she can still teach the piano too (the people come to her home) so that is additional income she can save for her holidays.

    I really hope you find a way of getting on holiday and that you have a lovely time there.

    koala xxx

  • I think holidays are desperately important. I spent 2 weeks in New York last year visiting a friend. I travelled there and back by myself. I think it's all down to planning. Plan as well as you can. I was worried before I went but getting there - having so much fun gave me a massive confidence boost. I'm now thinking about where I go next!

    Speak to your GP/consultant and see what they say.

    Marie x

  • So glad I posted, thanks guys. I have the spirit now to get my passport renewed.

    Thanx Marie.

    (I could not find you and FB for Scrabble, There are a few Marie's)

  • Don't give up your holidays! This year we are going on a river cruise in Germany and no flying is involved. I will need a flight assessment before I fly again, but I really don't see why I should have a problem.

    The BLF have a list of insurers who will accept copd with the minimum of fuss. It might be an idea to search for that on their site.

    Lynne xx

  • Will make a note of all of this. It will also be useful for my daughter who has PSC

    xx Ros xx

  • My wife is off to Corfu in August on her own. The place she goes to has lots of single ladies there. She always uses Good-to-go insurance.

    Good luck with it Ros.

    Bobby xxx

  • Awe that good, I have been to Corfu before. Will check it out.

    x Ros x

  • Hi, my husband has emphysema & pulmonary fibrosis, freedom insurance from the BLF list were half the price of some of the others, some refused to insure him. We are going to Dubai in August, it was booked before diagnosis. Cost ยฃ350 which I thought was good, covers everything up to ยฃ5million, so that should cover all eventualities!!! He is 53. Regards Lesley

  • Don't give up your passport!

    If you do you'll never be able to fly to find warmth and sunshine

  • I wont Peeg, I am planning to go and get the required paperwork from the Post Office.

    I have a lovely friend that I made in Sri Lanka a few years ago and she is always

    asking me when I would return to see her.

    I did not wanna give her hope, but on reading all of the positive mails on here, I have

    kinda gained some confidence. I have been in a bad way for a while, and it is really

    overcoming this and accepting it. So I will aim to fly out next January (out of the rainy season).

    Have been feeling so down that I was too afraid to go it alone and not sure if I would even

    be able to get insurance to cover me.

    Many thanks to all you guys,

    And a big thanks to those who are joining me playing online FB Scrabble.

    xx Ros xx

  • I'm so pleased you decided to have that holiday,hope you have a great time and can't wait to hear all about it! wooo exciting! :) x

  • I have just been on FB to my friend in Sri Lanka, I told her, depending on my health, I will be flying out in January.

    Awe, do I feel happy now.

    xx Ros xx

  • Cannot add any more than the good advice here - other than to say have a lovely holiday when you do decide to go - I'd love to go somewhere and take my elderly Mum but cannot afford anything and would probably need help as she is getting more unsteady on her feet and I am getting more breathless - oh what a pair ...

  • Hi I too am 62 years of age and have acute copd. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago but this last 3 years have deteriorated. I have been going on holiday alone (my husband has frontal lobe dementia) as respite and up till 2 years ago I really enjoyed it. I would say now it depends how serious the copd is as to whether you can risk going alone. I always took emergency steriods and antibiotics and fortunately did not need oxygen so if you are the same then go for it. Shop around for insurance, I could not get cover for copd thats why I took my own medication and they insured me for everything else. The last two years going abroad I went with my daughter and grandchildren, loved that. Sorry not to be full of all good news just wanted to warn you the bad side only you know how bad you are and what you can cope with. I am now on the list for a transplant so wont be going anywhere far in case I miss my chance. Good luck to you. Susie Q

  • Gosh a transplant, may I wish you well and hope your wish comes to you soon.

    xx Ros xx

    And thank you, I have the Docs next Tues so will get more results and also talk

    about it with him.

    Good luck once again.

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