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GP Visits campaign - Victory !

From the email I just received from 38 Degrees:

Good news. It looks like we may have nipped it in the bud. Jeremy Hunt has been forced to respond to our 180,000-strong petition. And he's made a public pledge to "never" introduce a limit on the number of times we're allowed to visit our GP.

Here's what he said on twitter in full. He couldn't resist being rude about us, but it's still positive news:

"In case being misled by 'neutral' 38Degrees e-petition, it IS NOT and WAS NEVER going to be Conservative policy to limit GP appointments."

On Tuesday, this was a serious Conservative Party policy proposal, being reported in national newspapers. [1] Now, it's "never" going to happen.

That's pretty extraordinary. By working together in big enough numbers, we've forced a leading politician to change his tune in just 48 hours. No wonder he doesn't like us - ordinary people, working together, are limiting his ability to damage our NHS.

This is what 38 Degrees is all about. Jeremy Hunt may grumble. But he knows he can't afford to ignore us. We're independent. We move fast. We stick to our principles. And most importantly of all, there are thousands and thousands of us, all over the country.

Thanks to everyone who signed and passed the word around :)

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That is good news :)


Excellent, well done Julie x


good work ,by 38 degrees and its members.


Power to the people! When is that election again?

I am so pleased that right has prevailed. Excellent news!


Great news.... I'm still waiting through for IDS to do the decent thing and live on £53 a week..... that protest petition raised nearly half a million signature ..... and nothing heard from IDS on it .... but it looks as if another protest is going to make the said gentleman sit up - he's being called to task for abusing and spinning statistics :)


YEAH good news.


Thank goodness for that.



Great, good to see them back down. People Power lives on.

Lib x


V Good News - I often support 38 degrees, they are a brilliant campaign vehicle who have real clout. Power to the People ... Adrian


well done to 38degrees.roll on the election thez tories are disgusting at best


That is good news.Good one


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