Sorry there's alot i didn't include

I'll go for sequel

and maybe a prequel

i did this of the top of my head

so I'll do my best

but the Az

needs a rest

it's human i think after all

nah that's just plain silly

he was made by the gillie

an old fishwife's tale

and that is all

but I'll still make list

of those i have missed

and as always I'll try to be true

12 Replies

  • Lol. There are too many to include everyone. It really was very clever.

    Lynne xx

  • You do have a talent, azzard!

  • Was only joking. I think :)

    Tina x

  • You are a mod,my ole mans a sod and I'm coming to yours for dinner! ;) x

  • Better talk to wheezy bout that, :)

  • Don't be greedy, hufferpuffer, this one's taken.... lucky me ;) x x x

  • Be careful you'll brain will take all the oxygen and your poor fingers won't be able to type. Then what will you do with all your versus ;() :0

  • Aww no my happy faces did't work I'll try again if you don't mind ; () : O

    sorry guys hope this works!

  • Put your cursor over other peoples smileys and you will see what to do but I am afraid you had them wrong. For happy it is colon close brackets, put a space between that and anything before or after it even a punctuation :) Keep smiling.

    Carole x ;D

  • Thank you so much I've just tried it and it works :)

  • Dictate and wait till I'm better :P

  • Heheheheheheh your fast why won't my happy faces work?????

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