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sorry for all the questions…

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can hyperventilating cause low oxygen levels and shortness of breath? If it can can it take a while to fix and do you need respiratory physio to help fix it?

thank you

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Yes it can cause shortness of breat and low o2. A respatry phisyo would be a realy good idear. As they can teach you some realy good tecknieques to stop you hyperventalating and regain controll of your breathing. Bad breathing habbits creep in and are hard to break but a good physio can give us the tools to sort it out

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Holiday12345 in reply to corriena

Thank you I really appreciate your reply I have an appt booked in a few weeks and had been wondering if it would be if any help but I’m reassured now thanks

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Hi Holiday, as Corriena has said, hyperventilating most certainly can throw your O2 levels out and cause shortness of breath, along with anxiety, too. A respiratory physio will help you relearn correct breathing techniques. Whist you’re waiting for your appointment you could maybe try some pursed lip breathing? That’s where you breathe in normally for a count of 3 or 4 and then pucker up and exhale gently and slowly through pursed lips. I find that technique quite helpful to slow my breathing down when things are getting stressed, Don’t go forcing anything though just be gentle with yourself.

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Holiday12345 in reply to Threecats

Thank you. I don’t know if that’s part of the problem I guess I’m looking for things that could be contributing to the problem (hoping it’s as simple as breathing incorrectly). I’ll give the pursed breathing a go. Thanks again

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Threecats in reply to Holiday12345

I’ve been an anxious type since birth😊 and so unfortunately, breathing too fast and too shallow is something I do naturally and that, of course feeds the anxiety and can end up in a loop that causes hyperventilation. When I consciously slow my breathing down everything else calms down. I hope it helps you, too.

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You could be experiencing Health Anxiety which causes panic attacks. Always remember you wont die from a panic attack. These can be controlled by not overthinking a situation. Just remember to slow your breathing down. In through your nose slowly hold it , then slowly with pursed lips out through mouth slowly.

A tip to remember "Smell the Roses , blow out the candle . Slowly. "

Good luck xx62💕⚘

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Holiday12345 in reply to garshe

Yes I asked the respiratory consultant if it could be anxiety or deconditioning causing my odd numbers (hoping he would say yes and I could fix it) but he said no it wouldn’t give results I’m getting. And he’s written on my gp letter that I’m clearly very unwell but it’s not a manifestation of anxiety although I’m quite understandably anxious about what’s happening. Although I’m still hoping it is anxiety and over breathing causing a big part of it so it easily fixable. 🤦‍♀️ I’ll keep reminding myself to do the slow breathing. 🤞thanks again

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I have to agree with garshe's post. It can become a vicious circle unless you learn how to control it. Good luck.

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garshe in reply to Tykelady

I agree .I suffered Health Anxiety and have overcome ot thank goodness. Can be really scary but can be controlled xxSheila 🙏🌞😎💕⚘

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Try joining a singing for lung health group, or singing along to You Tube videos showing diaphragm breathing. It's fun and boosts the spirits as well as helping you learn to control your breathing muscles.

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Holiday12345 in reply to Ergendl

I’ve never heard of singing along for lung health but it sounds a great idea. I’ll give the you tube videos a go. Thanks for the suggestion much appreciated!

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