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Severe COPD suffererer , PND ? Masses of Mucus via vomit/suction help

I recently went to ENT as I feel that I have a really bad Post Nasal Drip as daily I remove masses of Mucus from my Chest/stomach not sure by wretching like being sick or by like a suction method using my throat, ENT said I have nothing wrong with my nose and throat does this mean I dont have a PND either , he never mentioned it , just said that their was nothing pathologically wrong with my throat and nose, there is that much Mucus it cripples me it is ruining what life I have , no one seems to have any answers for me as to where it is all coming from, I dont cough much mucus up.

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You need to talk to someone, carol. Can you contact NHS direct? Or wait until Monday and consult your GP. Or ring the BLF nurse for reassurance. All the best


i know I do think I need help but its as if my own doc just passes it off but each week it is getting worse, now my diaphragm feels wierd and under my rib cage or bottom of my lung feels so numb, Thanks for replying x


Mucus Cums From Your Lungs ... Can Have Nasal Drip ... And Even If You Don't Just Your Gulping Action ..... When Your Mouth Is Dry Produces A Litter Of Mucus

Sounds Like You Have Some Sort Of Inflammation Going On .... Are You On Any Inflammation Inhalers

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i do feel like there is inflammation as the bottom of my right lung or my diaphragm feels numb it is really scaring me , thanks for reply xx


Hi carolg1, I think you should be able to get help with managing the mucus, check in with your doctor to discuss and also asking about referral to a physiotherapist to help you with techniques to get rid of the mucus off your chest. Meantime drink plenty of water to try and keep the mucus fluid making it easier to cough up.

Here is a video on the huff cough, the physio can help you perfect this technique, but this gives you an idea


Search mucodyne or mucolytics on this site.

Best wishes


Thanks will do x


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