Racing to zilch

So yesterday I get up nice and early and take the wife to work. Zip round to the supermarket and do the shopping. Rush home and run through the bath, a quick shave and off to the doctors. Nursey hoses out the ear I have gone deaf in. (Doesn't work).

Round to the car wash and then home. Race round tidying up and a quick spray of polish. Vacuuming can wait till tomorrow. Up to the shed to feed the Guinea pig and at last - my time is my own. Yay!

Up to the office (third bedroom really but office sounds posher) and fire up the computer. Aims the mouse at the BLF site and clicks away merrily. Nothing, nowt, zilch! What am I going to do? All my friends are missing.

It is only when we lose this site we realise how much we all depend on it. I really missed it yesterday. Now, if anyone sees Azaard near the wiring again - break his legs!

Love to all missing friends, Bobby xxxx

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We are found! Like the lost Atlantians ! And I need to take you task with all that rushing around yesterday, what were you thinking man, you let down the couch potato group (of which I am founder member) :)

It is ok. My rushing is all done at 2mph. Bobby xxx

Yes I agree, felt lost yesterday will the site going down :(

I felt your pain Bobby, truly I did, not about rushing around .... (in slow mo) but not getting on the site ... Methinks we all could be addicted :)

I am wondering if I am addicted to this forum. I have the lovely feeling of being with nice people. So often when you join a body of people, it can be clicky which makes me cross. Some of these women's clubs can be awful. Go to the bother of going into a room and not met with a greeting. Think things have improved since I went years ago, told them how to make newcomers welcome. Bad person am I.

felt flat yesterday - kept getting the little bloke 404.

Yeh, me too. Tried most of the day to get on so I am probably addicted as well. I would leave but I couldn't stand the cold turkey. lol Azaards probably eaten it anyway. he he.

Love from Bobby xxx

Ah, that could explain his absence today- food poisoning! Well, he would eat that eel pie too....

Hubby thinks I'm addicted to the lap top, I have so many ailments if I visit all my support groups it can take up half the day if I join in all the posts it can take all day. I look forward to coming here I can be myself with these groups. No need for false smiles and false statements like "I'm doing well or No I'm not tired or I get a walk in nearly every day."

So thanks to you all for giving me this space to be me.

When I was trying to fill in my DLA form my wife gave me a rollicking. You have got to stop saying things like, "yes I am fine with that" and "yeh, I'm ok". That is what we tend to say to other people instead of the truth. "No, I am not ok" and "No, I can't do that" is the true answer so why don't we say it? It is probably because we don't expect non-sufferers to understand. As you say, at least on this site we can be honest.

Bobby xxx

I guess we may be scared if we say how we really feel we might frighten people away.

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