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An Unexpected Consequence Of Electronic Cigarette Use ... Like Really Who Is Right !

Like Really Who Is Right ?

Take Hypertonic Saline Nasal Sprays Contain;s Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol Is What Is Used In E Cigarettes Too ..... Some Say Its Dangerous And Others Say Its Not ... But I Would Side On Side Of Caution Myself

As E Cigarettes Do Use Various Animal Fats Vegetable Fats To Create The Smoke You Breathe In And Thats Where The Issue Lies

See Unlike Vitamin B12 Which Helps Restore Your Lungs Moisture Balance Weather Smoker Or Not And Helps Fight Infection .... And The Conventional Nicotine patch To Help Quit Smoking

Animal Fats Vegetable Fats In These E Cigarettes Do Not A Do Nothing To Improve Your Lung Function Or Health And Like This Article Suggest Will Just Disturb Your Lung Function Mosture Levels Further

There As Been Lots Of Research Done Into Smoking And Like They Say Smokers Share A Lot In Common With CF Suffers When It Comes To Lung Function Mosture Levels

As Most People Know With Lung Conditions And Use Of Hypertonic Saline Test Are Carried Out To Evaluate Your Safety Or And If Any Reaction On In-ulation Of Nebulised Substances

Me Personal As These So Called E Cigarettes Are Of Nebulised Ilk They Should Be Put To Rigors Of Other Nebulised Over The Counter Products

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HI DAZ,,More reasearch would be good i believe,,on a plus point i was a heavy smoker for over 40years..Since going on to e/ciggs for the last 3month,,my breathing has improved,my fev1 has went from 40% to 50%,,so they are definatly better than the real ones for your lungs..It is a shame there is not more reasearch..:)


Agreed Yep More Research Is Needed On Government Level .... Like China As Our Interest At Heart

Health And Safety Executive Needs To Take Is Feet Of Is Desk Put Is Cigar Out .... And Do A Bit More Than Just Hide


Hi Daz.

I can only back up what raptor says. I have been on e-cigarettes for eighteen months and I feel a lot better than when I smoked 30 fags a day. I think we have swopped something that is definitely harmful to something that possibly could be. As raptor says, more research would be useful. Have a good day mate. Bob


Agree Fully .... And Cheers :)


I'm trying and failing to kick the ciggies - I've been looking at these e-ciggies, but as you've pointed out, the research isn't exactly extensive.

I'm glad to hear it's working for some folks, though, and it's got to be better than the evil weed!


Yep Me To ..... Have Been Having Trouble Kicking Habit :P Al Stick At Trying With Patches And B12 Myself .... And Odd Fag :)

Cheers All The Best :)


hi five years ago my daughter was trying for a baby but did not want to till she kicked the ciggies after trying and failing a friend told her about a book called easy way to stop smokiing by allen carr so she got it off amazon and she has not touched a ciggie for five years and i stopped two years ago when she lent it me then just recently i found out i have emphysema hope this helps.


Hi, All Thanks For Your Comments ... Yep I Would Not Like To Put Anyone Of From Stopping Smoking ... But There Looks Like A Scandal Is Brewing Regarding E Cigarettes

Anyone Now Out About Kids Or Adults Hypertonic Nasal Spray And If It's A Prescription Drug Only

Theses E Cigarettes Are A Feel A Look Of The Straw .... There Is Different Grades Of Liquid Yep One's Used In Drugs Down To Soap Then There Is Low Grade Or ?Toxic That They Should Not Or Can't Use ...... Or Even Get Rid Off

According To The UK Health And Safety Executive Dangerous Substance Fact Sheet ... Which I Might Add Is Under Going ?Recasafaction i.e Propylene Glycol Is None Volatile But Inhalation Exposure Is Not Likely Unless Heated Or Sprayed The Mist And Vapours Once Heated Are Irritating

So As You Can See The UK Health And Safety Executive As Been Draw Into This Hole Propylene Glyco Thing ..... Those Who Think Its A Conspiracy Have Never Been So Wrong As We Can See Drug Companies Are Already Using Propylene Glycol In There Products

But What Grade Of Propylene Glycol Are You Smoking Using .... So Like You See Its Luck Of The Draw ...... And Jusry Is Still Out .... A Patch And B12 For Me Well Until Some Reputable Company Starts Making Them


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