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Hospital transport

I have an appointment next week, the hospital is about 9 miles away so I thought I would try to get hospital transport but was turned down . So I will get a taxi which will cost me £16 return. As it happens I can at the moment afford this but there are a lot of people out there who can't. What is worse they have moved the clinic to a different hospital so I don't know my way I just hope the taxi driver is a bit more informed than I am. That's it rant over I feel better for getting that off my chest.

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You have a rant girl, they are a regular feature on here. I can see your point though. I have had to attend three different hospitals this week. Luckily I can afford it, but a lot of poor devils can't. Bobby x


That's cheap for a return in a taxi. It's cost me £20 just going one way 6 miles into the nearest town! So you can imagine how much it would cost for a 25 mile return journey! I haven't made that enquiry - I know I can't afford it! LOL

As for patient transport - I've to book it 4 weeks in advance of the appointment.... But, the appointment was only requested last Friday, and the appointment I've been given is for this Monday, so, all in all, I can't really complain.

Hope your hospital appointment goes okay for you Tatteka x x


I feel very lucky that I have a car also a bus pass.


Cheer yourself up with a bit of humour




That taxi fare does sound cheap, the fare to my nearest hospital is £17 -£20 one way . To the walk in clinic its £10-£12 one way and to the other area hospitals its around £30-£50 one way. Some company's however if you book regular trips sometimes give you a reduced package price.Not sure what the criteria for patient transport is these days as the rules are very confusing even for the staff who grant this service. I feel very sorry for those who have no choice but to pay for a cab


That was my reason for putting this comment here there are an awful lot of people struggling , add to this the number of people who still have to pay prescription fees the dire straights of disabled people is mind numbing.


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