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Back pain and UTI not going


Hi all,

Has anyone had a clear dip test but still feel really ill? I'm going back to g.p today. I feel v unwell with back pain, chills and sickness and have to pee a lot. Had one clear dip test but was feeling awful. Next two days after had a dip test and protein and leukocytes in my urine. I'm afraid I'll be dismissed by them if dip test clear although I feel awful. Wish me luck! Also has anyone had a kidney infection and what symptoms did you have? I've had two lots of antibiotics ( can't take penicillin as allergic as a child) still feel ill.

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A dip test is really not reliable, a sample needs to be cultured in the lab to find out the bacteria and the antibiotic that it's sensitive to.

Seahorse39 in reply to bantam12

Hi bantam 12,

Just seen a nurse and had another clear dip test. The blood tests I had also showed no sign of an infection so I'm back to the drawing board again. Going to see my own g.p next week as still in pain and feel unwell. Many thanks for your message.

bantam12 in reply to Seahorse39

I've had clear dips but on culture infection has shown up, you need to insist they send it off to the lab.

Hope you get sorted soon.

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