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cardiac ICD

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Hi im just interested to know how many of you with a Cardiac ICD still work ? And what line of work are you in ?

As ill be honest im struggling ! Xx

11 Replies
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Kristin1812Heart Star

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling. Do say a bit more about what you are going through, and the reasons for the questions you ask. . I think it will help people in similar situations, offer helpful ideas and share their experiences with you,

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Hi, I'm still working, but feel the stress is setting off A-Fib, although not confirmed by the hospital. I am 58 and considering any other options, too early to retire, but something less stressful.

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Feejean in reply to MickyTFP

Hi Thanks for replying i feel the same the end of my day can be so stressful i work in Chikdcare and i just think to myself what is this doing to me & is it really worth it.

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Hey. I'm 35 and have an ICD. I stopped working after my diagnosis and haven't worked since at the recommendation of my consultant. I know everyone is different though x

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Feejean in reply to Cherrelleford

Hi Thanks for your reply. Could i ask what you did as your younger than me.

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Cherrelleford in reply to Feejean

I ran a pub. And before that care work. My diagnosis makes me very tired and weak. As I say everyone is different I know people do go back to work etc. I was advised not too x

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HI there, I'm 45, still working. I work in education for 4 days a week and a local bike shop 2 days a week. I also struggled, but when it cam to a change of the ICD because of the batteries. It's easy to sit here and say not to worry, but things will improve, your ICD is a safety net so to speak, it shouldn't be a barrier to doing things.

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Feejean in reply to bikerider2022

Hi im also 45. Im a Nursery Nurse in the Babyroom so lots of lifting and the Babies weve got are not light.

So my ICD is on my Right side and im right handed. Im just finding things very tricky.

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Hi , I’ve had mine 7 weeks now , going back to work in October in retail, it is scary but ive just got to get on with it x

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Feejean, I had cardiac arrest in 2020 at age of 60 (ventricular fibrillation) and was fitted with ICD at time. I worked from home so gradually started working after about 2 months maybe two days per week, building up to full week after about 4 months. This was admittedly easier than commuting to work place etc and I did take advantage of having occasional lie dow during the day. I'm still working and I'm generally feeling good. I had blacked-out incident while out on my bike few months ago: I crashed but my ICD activated and saved my life, ok since then but no more cycling. We are all different and I consider myself very lucky - others have range of difficulties. Small steps as they say and you'll get there. An understanding employer is also a bonus and you have the insurance of your ICD.

Hi there, I've had my ICD for nearly 6 months. In Feb had a heart attack then went into cardiac arrest...dont remember a thing accept waking up at Harefield complete shock. I'm a personal trainer and spinning instructor. I've been teaching spinning classes for the last month or so. Feel ok just backing off a bit as it's very intense. So I think building your activities up slowly is the key. I look at myself as being cybernetic and my ICD is a little guardian. Stay strong xx

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