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Hi ive recently had an icd fitted. Im finding it very uncomfortable is this normal ? Also my Bra is causing alot of discomfort is this normal ?

Thank u

12 Replies
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I can't answer the bra bit lol as I don't wear one but it the ICD will feel uncomfortable for a while after. I wouldn't worry though as in a couple of months you will forget its even there. It will also give you peace of mind. I wear my ICD with pride and tell people that I am WiFi enabled 😂. Hope it gets more comfortable soon

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Feejean in reply to Hoocher

Thanks for that. Yes im so proud its amazing what the Drs can do 4 us. Good 2 know that ill get used 2 it in time. 😀

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I have a pacemaker and similar problems when first fitted. It does eventually become part of you-I was quite conscious of my scar but then thought of it as NHS body art-so many people pay a fortune to decorate their bodies. I found a comfy bra at good old M&S-their bra fitting service allowed me try various styles and settle on the best for me. Good luck in your search x

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Feejean in reply to Supergra

Yes at the mo im needing 2 leave my bra straps down as im finding that more comfy at the mo. But yes thinking a trip 2 m&s is on the cards. So ive already got a zip as i call it as ive had open heart surgery aswell but im not fussed without my scars i wouldnt b here so im just so thankful. 🥰

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Good morning Feejean. A few women have said about this. If you have a soft piece of material or a handkerchief to put under your bra strap to make it more comfortable until it heals and feels better. Also if your a passenger in a car and the device is on your left shoulder you have to be careful with the seat belt. It will settle down in time we all seem to adapt to them differently. I was fine and sleeping on my side after 4 weeks. Take care and hope the tip helps you Brian

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Feejean in reply to Bingo88

So i was born with my Heart Condition my condition was i think still is so rare that theyve put my icd in as a precaution. Because of this also my icd is on my Right side i havent drove yet but certainly not looking 4 ward 2 it as the thought of pressure on the icd makes me feel a bit urgh if totally honest. 🥰

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Bingo88 in reply to Feejean

To be honest I don't have any problems at all with mine. You can still do the same thing with an handkerchief on that side as well. Good luck with your driving. Brian

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Hi Feejean. I had the same problems after my ICD was fitted. I put a folded up flannel under my bra so it wouldn't rub on the wound. I stuck with non wired for a while. It will get easier hun x

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Feejean in reply to jowalk6

Ahh thank u 4 your reply. Im still early days so i know its time. Its not my wound tho its the edge of the ICD on my bra strap. Do u find that ?

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I did. You can try the flannel trick. I used it under my bra strap and also if I had to go in a car I used it when having a seat belt on.

I've had an ICD for over a year now and had quite a problem with bras to begin with. I found some in Asda called comfort bras. They are very soft with no hard seams. They have an adjustable fastener at the back and wider straps which adjust at the back, so no sliders to rub near your scar or device. Not very glamorous, but comfortable and practical.

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Hi FeejeanI had a pacemaker implanted 18 months ago. A couple of ladies on Health unlocked suggested Sloggi zero feel bralettes which are soft, wide straps and pull on. I have used these since then and find them great. They don't impinge or catch on the 'device' . John Lewis Anyday range Anya padded seam free bras similar.

I don't find passenger seat belt a problem but Halfords do seat belt padded covers but they are not very soft.

I bought a foam wedge (Dunelm) to prop me up in bed a bit to make sleeping more comfortable to begin with.

Good luck.

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